Um got on the mound again today, for i think i threw 13 fastballs um and then getting on the mountain again tomorrow. So everything’s in line um, i think just uh as long as tomorrow goes well, should be in line and hopefully uh start opening day. Did you lose anything at all in your ability to stretch out and prepare by having that one any stock, or does that could be uh? I mean you just had so much little time in spring training generally or is that something that, by the time you get to opening day it won’t matter um? You know i kind of wish i would have had uh. You know i threw 60 the other day. I think that may put me in line for 85, i feel like if i wouldn’t have come out in the first i could have been in line for maybe 100 pitches, but that’s something we’ll, discuss and just kind of see how the game goes. How i feel i feel like my arm’s in good shape, so if things go as planned, maybe see if i can stretch it up to the 90 95 mark thanks. Our next question is from justin tostano, hey jake as you’ve done it. How would you describe getting the ball on opening day and pitching um? You know it’s it’s, an honor it’s awesome.

You know to be out there for the first game and it’s, something that um means a lot um and definitely something that um i enjoyed doing and you know hopefully get it this time.

Do you think it’ll feel a little weird to get out there and not kind of feel that palpable energy from the fan um? I think for me when you know when somebody steps in the box, i want to get them out. Even in the sim game. I threw the other day, those are my teammates, but i wanted to get them out um and you know that’s kind of it. Definitely you definitely feed off the fans it’s going to be a little different, but um. You know. I think that i think that um, just being out there competing is what we want to do so that’s the main thing. Thank you. Our next question comes from tony the cuomo, hey jake. Obviously, you know you want to do well, every start, but to what extent will you be cognizant on friday and really every start going forward of the fact that this is a 60 game season, you’re the eighth of this staff? They need a good one from you. Every single time, yeah um, you know, i feel like in a um a regular season. I feel that way i feel like i need to give our team a good one. Every time give them a chance to win and that’s my goal, that’s kind of how i take the mound you know i i don’t like giving up runs and it does really bother me.

I lost some sleep over some starts that you brought up last time um, but you know it’s it’s.

Definitely in a 60 game, you’re, probably going to feel a little more pressure. You only get so many times out there and you feel like you need to be on your game every time. How well suited do you feel like you in particular? Are you know, having obviously accomplished what you’ve accomplished the past few years, um yeah yeah that’s, a tough question. Uh every year is different um, you know you coming into it in spring, felt really good um. You know felt good so far until this one little hiccup, but you know felt good the other day so i’m, pretty confident um, i feel like um i’ll, be able to go out there and give us a chance and that’s. You know what i’m trying to do. Thank you. Our next question comes from tim healey, hi jacob in this weird season. What are you most looking forward to um just getting back out there? You know uh as players. This is what we love to do. You know do it for the fans and for people to watch the game and get out there and compete with my teammates that’s what i’m most looking forward to. Thank you. Our next question comes from zach brasler, hey jake. What what’s gon na be like on the mound, and you see the cardboard cutouts over there – i mean what have you thought of them so far and just what? How different is it gon na be when you know you’re not really hearing anything? And you know there are no fans in the stands and yeah it’s it’s.

Definitely gon na be different. Um the car, the cardboard cutouts, are actually pretty good. You know walking in uh the other day. I was actually looking at him looking around but, like you said, not hearing the noise from the fans, you really feed off that and you know we play this game because we love it and for the fans so it’s. Definitely going to be a little different, but you know we i get people be at home watching. So knowing that and then just going out there and competing is the main thing. Our next question is from steve: gelbs, hey, jake uh. You know just talking to tony a little bit before about about the sprint of this season uh, given the fact that it is so different, and you know you you’re not going to reach 200 innings you’re, not even going to come close to that um. Is there any part of you that that wants to do things a little differently? Do you want to try and push past the normal 100 110 pitches and and see if you can go even deeper, just given the fact that the possibility for innings is going to be so much different than in the past um? I haven’t put much thought into that um. You know, i think the goal always is to go out there and try to complete a game and around 100 pitches. So um, you know that’s how i take the ball.

I want to be out there all nine um, and you know it doesn’t always work out like that, but haven’t thought about that too much um as far as where pitch counts could go due to you know less innings. You know, i think that’ll be a discussion to be had as the season goes on. Our next question comes from mike puma, hey jake, just uh wondering how do you think you’ve uh, adjusted working with wilson ramos after you know last year, was that initial kind of breaking in period i’m, just wondering where you think you are now with him. Um we’ve been on the same page, you know kind of since that little break in period last year. You know it’s tough. When a guy comes over and he’s trying to learn everybody, you got a whole pitching staff you’re trying to learn starters relievers what they like to do. You know and getting to work with him more and definitely late in the season. Last year we were on the same page, almost every start, good meetings before the game going over how we wanted to get guys out uh how we wanted to approach the game just in game stuff talking to them like hey, you know this pitch doesn’t seem to Be working too good today, but we’re going to stick with it. You know little things. You know him telling me different things that he sees uh in batters and you know different things that he knows from people he’s faced or played against, and you know, he’s been a tremendous help and, like i said kind of i felt like in spring, we kind Of picked up where we left off and looking forward to getting out there working with him.

Our next question comes from jerry beach: hey jake um. Can you hear me? I can hear you obviously a lot’s gone on since you’ve uh taken the round in a in a game that counted is starting a season in july with all that’s going on as surreal to you and your teammates as it is to a lot of us on The outside um, you know, i think, everybody’s just excited to play baseball and be here. You know there was a time where i think we were questioning if there was gon na be able to be a season and um we’re just excited to be here um. You know, like we said, it’s unfortunate, that there won’t be fans and what all’s gone on with the pandemic and stuff and um, but we’re we’re. Hopefully, here you know kind of for an escape for people to uh watch some sports. Our next question is from tony dicomo jake. When you first came up, you know it was you, it was harvey, it was wheeler, it was all of those guys. You know, as these have gone by and those guys have left you’ve accomplished what you’ve accomplished, how much more of a responsibility do you maybe feel now for the fortunes of this team overall than you might have a few years ago, um i feel like it. Hasn’T changed too much for me um. I feel, like i put a lot of pressure on myself to go out there and perform like i said: i’ve lost a lot of sleep over some games, dwelling on them thinking what i could have done different.

So i think it’s just kind of the way i approach it i’ve, always kind of put pressure on myself to go out there and and perform, and when that doesn’t happen, you know i’m pretty disappointed with that, and i think you know just having that mindset and Throughout my careers kind of helped me to this point um, but you know i don’t feel like there’s any added pressure. I look around the room of the guys we got now and um you know, would feel comfortable with them in any game. Thank you. Our next question is from d chef, dozar, hey jake, um i’m, just wondering how can you kind of make sure that you’re locked into every start instead of focusing on maybe winning your third tie, young and kind of not repeating maybe what you did last year, which Is like trying to repeat your your outings from the previous year and just focusing on kind of being locked in yeah. I think kind of what you said there, knowing what i did last year and was dwelling on kind of you know the year before. Just knowing that that didn’t help me much last year in those three starts, so um just go out there, every every every game and give it a hundred percent um, you know, go out there and compete um and do the best. I can you know as long as i can look myself in the mirror after the game and say i gave 100 and not dwell on what happened in the past.

Then i i feel like i’ll like where i’ll be at at what point in the season. Would you say, like kind of winning that third saiyong would start, maybe trickling into your mind? Well i’ve been asked about it a couple times, so i guess it’s already trickled into my mind. Um, like i said, it’s, definitely a goal um, you know that’s the the that’s, the goal you know as a starting pitcher that’s a personal goal. You know team goals, most importantly, is to win a world series, but along the way you set personal goals as well. So um, you know, i’ve said it in years past and it’s still a goal of mine. The next question is from zach brassler hi jay, not not sure. If you saw the last night, the giant players and their manager took a knee. You know as a sign of peaceful protest. I was wondering if that’s something you could see any guys on the mets doing and what you would think of it um. I honestly haven’t really talked about it too much. You know it’s it’s everybody’s choice of what they do. I respect the decisions of of what people decide to do and you know i think that’s that’s, the beauty of this country, you’re allowed to make choices, and you know, like i said i respect my teammates um. You know those guys are like family um you’re around them a lot and i respect all their all their decisions, and you know just look forward to getting out there and competing with them jacob.