Bell baseball is back presented by taco bell by northwell health, who believes that wellness is a journey we take together by geico. Geico is now offering an extra 15 credit on motorcycle insurance visit for more by hyundai, bring on the epic summer savings now at the hyundai epic summer, sales event and by spectrum spectrum. Mobile has unlimited talk, text and data save up to 40 go to Today and a plus a good afternoon everybody and welcome to city field, it is a pleasure to be back with you for the 2020 season 299 days since the mets last played a meaningful game. Gary cohen ron, darling keith hernandez with you, as we will be for this entire unprecedented 60 game season necessitated by the pandemic, sweeping sweeping through our nation it’s, had effects on baseball off the field. There will be new rule changes on the field. There will be a new playoff system, but, most importantly for the mets fans. The mets are a contender this year, they’re a contender for a lot of different reasons, starting with their ace. Jacob degrom will be on the mound this afternoon, but ronnie as we head into this 2020 season. The rest of the mets rotation is a significant concern. You know gary going into spring training 1.0. It seemed like they had enough, starting pitching really six uh bodies for five spots uh, but what happened was injuries noah syndergaard, of course, with the tommy john surgery and just recently, marcus strowman went out with a a bad calf, an injured calf.

So now they’ve got four spots. Luckily, this winter, the signing of michael walker and rick porcello gives them a better shot, but that fifth slot will be wide open and the bullpen that was 25th and era last year. They’Ll have to get better too, but on jacob degrom’s day it doesn’t really matter, because you have one of the aces. Maybe the ace in baseball going coming off his second consecutive cy young award last year. He ended the season with 23 consecutive scoreless innings. He tries to add to that this afternoon. One thing about the mets: this year they can’t afford to have a losing record in degrom starts, as they have had each of the last two years. He’Ll have a terrific lineup to support him. The mets top to bottom keith have as good a lineup as they’ve had in many years. Well, i tell you what gary this is. The lineup i envisioned coming into the spring training way back in february, speed at the top a balanced lineup and power and speed mixed together and also because of the dh this year. It opens up elena sespatis to come in and be the dh. This ball club and it’s a you know, it’s a question mark whether he can play the field, but now with the dh. He provides that second power, bat in the lineup to go with pete alonso. If you look at the top of the lineup, you’ve got nemo and mcneil with speed at the top and then from that point on it’s left right left right, left right with power.

This is a phenomenal lineup. I love this lineup and when you got ramos hitting eighth that says that’s all you need to say that will be staying east all year. They’Ll start off with the two time defending eastern immigrant champion braves on opening day at city field. First pitch coming right up to let them play at home, hyundai epic summer sales event starting lineup for the atlanta braves, the two youngsters of cuguna and alby’s 22 and 23 years old superstars. Already in this league marcelo zuna the new acquisition a one year deal after playing the last two years with the cardinals matt adams, who was in camp with the mets until last week. He is now back with the braves for his second tour of duty, freddie freeman. In the lineup and after a bout with kovid and jacob degrom set to bid for a third consecutive cy, young season, 11 wins last season with the second best era at 2.43, 255 strikeouts for jacob degrom in his second siam and the met defense brought to you By lexus – and i think you all are pretty familiar with this group – to get used to them – they’re, young and they’re – going to be here a while mcneil is going to get a lot of play at third base this season and out in the outfield, of course, But the dh jd davis is not going to have trouble getting a lot of playing time.

Terrific year last year, brandon nemo and center and of course, conforto and wright. Geico met starting lineup for opening day nimo and mcneil won.