Applause first pitch one. O’Clock Applause swinging strike and now it’s owen too hey. I noticed pitcher’s getting ahead right here. He’S got the hitter down 0 2, but to this guy in the box might want to just live on the corners a little bit more. You keep missing down the middle something’s, not coming back, fastball swung on and missed, and the leadoff man has gone on, strikes to start the afternoon and now here’s the starting nine for the visiting atlanta braves. Who are you focused on dan? Please act! Well, matt i’m excited to get a chance to see that left handed hitter, freddy freeman this guy hit over 300 last year and man it was impressive. Just hitting over 300, is really something special to look at he’s a consistent hitter. I love watching his approach. He doesn’t make a lot of mistakes he’ll, be there again this year if he continues to stay within himself. One out. Nobody on Applause, grounded back up the middle and that’ll find its way into center field for a one out hit there’s a hard hit ground ball. Pitcher not able to get a glove on it. Hard single up. The middle yeah watch your lips right. There dad set it back right where it came from Applause here’s, the first baseman freddy freeman, as he’ll watch, one miss down and in for a ball. 1. 0. First shot for him here with a runner at first now, and one away the set and the 1 0 pitch pitch inside the throw offline throw, but they still got him good job of getting the tag down there.

Well so much for that. First, hit of the game tried to press their luck and move them up to second with a steal, but it didn’t work out. Applause bases are empty here with two men out: Applause, two balls and a strike now hitters count now here’s the two and one sent fouled again and after being way ahead now it’s, even at two and two a swing and a miss as he chased with two Strikes and that will retire the side braves go down quietly, braves, nothing mets coming to bat you’re watching mlb network mike soroka gets the starting assignment for the braves. What do we need to know here? Danny soroka has a chance to be a really good, pitcher you’re talking about raw stuff. A big dude too, with great leverage throws a ball on a downhill plane upper to mid 90s fastball good hard breaking ball. I see him as a really premier starting pitcher down the road another in the list of long guys that we see in the game right now, power, arms all he’s lacking is experience, first, delivery to him on the way good swing, but a late one as it’s Fouled off to the left into the wind up here comes the owen one now a fastball gets the upper part of the zone for strike. Two fastball strike three called on the outside corner and a pretty generous corner at that as that’s. The first down of the inning with a moment here in flushing meadows let’s meet the mets thoughts dan who stands out.

Well, you better keep an eye on robinson canoe as this game moves along this guy hit over 300 last year and man, it was impressive. Just hitting over 300 is really something special to look at he’s a consistent hitter. I love watching his approach. He doesn’t make a lot of mistakes he’ll, be there again this year. If he continues to stay within himself. Here comes the first pitch scorch to third donaldson’s. Up with it and very quickly, there they’re too gone to start the inning batting third, the center fielder michael conforto, so striding in michael conforto. First cuts for him here with the bases open and two away. Infield shifted well to the right here’s. The first pitch. First pitch is a curveball that’s inside 1 0, and there are the umpires assigned to this. One calling balls and strikes is mr mike fillmore. Hey you know. D, roll mike fillmore he’ll give a little bit off the edges, but he gets the respect not only from the pitchers but from the players, because his zone is consistent, yeah as long as he’s consistent dan i’m, okay with mike fillmore’s zone. If a pitcher’s pounding that zone, he wants to give a little bit off the outer edge i’m. Okay, with that Applause chew out, nobody on curveball, just about rung him up but it’s to two and two tried to work in the back door: breaking ball there for a strikeout, but he just couldn’t quite get it to come back to the corner.

That’S. A really tough pitch to hit, if you can spot it Applause here now, the 2 2 had to sit back on the change up and it did a good job to get the bat on that one. The 2 2 one more time and a good fastball swung on and missed for strike. Three and the inning is over down in order. Go the mets still no score Applause, so here’s the cleanup hitter josh donaldson get us started in the top of the second donaldson. First pitch coming here, it is, and a high strike to begin the at bat it’s, 0 1 there’s a cold strike on a fastball up in the zone we’re seeing more of that from pitchers nowadays with the launch angles. Guys are looking for the ball down in the zone. If a pitcher can pitch up in the zone like that pitch right there, you can go ahead and make some hay behind owen two. Now: Applause swing and the miss on the slider and that’s out number one. Here’S, the defensive alignment for the new york metropolis and guys. The thing i want you to take a look at today is in today’s game. The new age everyone wants to move around. This manager does not like to shift a lot, maybe a step to your right or left, but there’s, a lot of trust that the pitchers are going to execute, so let’s see how it works out for them in this one, here’s nick marcakis.

Now the right fielder in previous duels with the grom he has an even 10 hits in ‘ at bats. He’S taken him deep once first offering on its way and here’s a fastball called for strike one. The grom has both great strikeout stuff and exceptional command on the mound to go with it, a rare combination, but one that makes him one of the best in our sport matty v, you talked about it. He doesn’t walk a whole lot of guys. Well, if you don’t walk a lot of guys, that means you have to throw the ball in the strike zone and when you do with great stuff like this guy, has he racks up the strikeouts there aren’t a lot of guys that get strikeouts by throwing the Ball in the strike zone, this is one of the few that does it. Applause and marcakis lays off here it’s two in one i’m, pretty surprised by the location on those last three pitches. The book on him is that he hits the weight pitch pretty well and he just saw three in a row out there. So does he go back out there again, no matt, i expected to mix it up. Most catchers won’t call for the same location over and over and over well. This has been a good job to work. The count from owen one to three and one and now he’s, really in the driver’s seat, to see a heater that he can do something with all right and there’s a called strike at the knees, as he was hoping for a base on balls there.

But it’s a full count now three and two no score here, as we play any number two yanked hard but foul to the right, hey. He looked like he was a little bit out in front on that breaking ball right there. The body can go a little bit if he was able to keep his hands back a little bit. He might have been able to do some damage with that pitch 97 that time as this is fouled away line to second, where it’s caught there for route number. Two, that is it the left, fielder number 11. ender inciarte Applause, here’s ender in ciarte, as he swings and lifts it in the air out to left field cespedes.