Talkman will score easily and it’s going to be an rbi for labor tourism. Just like that, the yankees are up one, nothing 2, 2 swing and a miss alonso down on strikes the confident looking fastball there looks like he might have gone cross seam with that fastball up to the accident on the uh on the ranch, slow roller to third Charging urchella fires the first, not in time. Suspenders ran well enough to beat that out. You see geo nice play bare hand. Everything he did was as good as it gets. Just bang bang – and this is the key watching cesares – try to get down, not full speed, but just enough – and he is out so a good challenge by aaron boone and a good play by george no runs in the fourth time. He gets himself a home run. So you wonder if that will benefit some players, that one’s lined in the left center field. It’S gon na be a base hit, it gets past davis and it goes to the wall, as stanton will pick up a double here, leading up clint frazier with a fly ball deep to left field there. It goes see ya, a long home run for frasier a two run shot and the yankees lead three nothing reach the second deck at citi field.

Yes, this is no joke. Citi field more of a pitchers park, they’ve moved in the fences, see they’re 370, but no fence needed here.

Second deck. Second row: a massive home run on a hanging slider canoe at second, confer to it first with two out and jd lines. One of the left front base in that’ll bring home the mets first run of the game. Kanoa is in to score: conforto stops at third j.d davis with an rbi double, and the yankee lead is trimmed to three to one jd who owns citi field last year puts another marker up. He got himself a hanging slider right there and pete lies one to center that’s gon na fall for a base hit nemo around third heads for the plate. The throw by tockman is not in time alonso drives and run with his second hit of the night to cut the yankee lead to three to two well it’s, a sinker down and away good pitch off the end of the bat after he’s thrown him. Two breaking balls one and he chased down in the dirt the other one he took over through the cutoff man nemo right. There steals a run and there’s speed at the top. That pays off line drive a base hit the left field scoring easily as duffy and duhar will try to score.