It goes off his glove that’s, going to allow tacman to come in to score. Baugh gets out of the box in a hurry, it’s a play that if you ask cumbersome drove in like topman and it was shut down, just worked with and jump. It wasn’t a great jump at all three one to four pot straight up. Rosario heading back towards left field and he’s called a prior to last year, rip that one right at the way up to the majors and pitched into conversation. The way he is pitched during some proved and impressed so far in camp not translate into now three and two with the shift on that to the left field, see if nibble will challenge miguel and going hard in again right here: i’m, 2, 2 or 3 2 Going hard in hard end up again right here: i’m, 2, 2 or 3 2 going hard in league baseball season begins on thursday night bill geo or sheldon do for an encore. He was so good last year, offensively the yankees left fielder and duhar that’s through the hole, and that is something that they missed so much last year after that surgery and how good can that team also be offensively, not saying anything against the atlanta braves? The experience of zimmerman how much he helps those players also popped up frasier under it easy play. Staying on that bump, you have to like that of your mfl from the ground to third and a one two three inning from mike king.

After giving up that lead off single, there word of buffalo is uh, perhaps for years and of course, college basketball as well dan. Can you hear me it’s, karl ravitch, here preview i’m, actually watching the inter squad game here in toronto? Right now, so they’ve got the crowd, noise and the horn going, but i can hear you okay. I hope you can hear me the blue jays playing at home until the 29th. What does today’s worth and they just decided the health risks – were too great uh. So the blue jays could play it’s somebody else’s great, triple a facility like maybe charlotte, which is more modern. You know they could wind up playing, maybe more than half of their games on the road like being the home team in somebody else’s part. I say they agree with this decision as much as they want to see their js play in toronto right. Public health comes first and they’ll they’ll be somewhere in the u.s, but we won’t know for another two three days: how prepared were they for this decision? Idea that it was going to happen, i think they were at best cautiously optimistic. The thing that happened guys yesterday, the mayor of toronto and the media for the last 10 days or so they’ve been trying they’ve been contemplating toronto buffalo dunedin. So not since the news came down today, eddie was at about three o’clock today that they found out and the only person that we have talked to since then was mark shapiro.

We do a quarantined in the hotel that’s a hotel to either side of the scoreboard. There eddie, you know well carl i’m, sure you’ve been here too, even though they would have had to have quarantined in the hotel had to be resolved. On this i spoke to an official with major league baseball. He said urban, which seems to me to think that it’s a little further along in some of those uh red sox. So then they go from there down to florida to take on the race. I’Ve got to believe by the time they get on that plane that they uh they’re, going to know where they’re going and mark did say today. He has spoken with the blessing of mlb as long as mlb signs off on it. But again i think you know. I think they’re exploring other things, whether it’s another major league partner. You need to be social distancing with a roster of 30 players and a visiting team as well that’s right all right well, we’ve summer, camp 2, 0, but 13.8 k7. Those are the opening day profitable. Starting pitcher, seven easter time on espn with the phillies scoring seven off and two home runs as we showed earlier, get it in there, but at the same time, products of having a pandemic. You know the world series pitching staff, the nationals sure sir strasbourg 60 games with juan soto signed me up for that king gets another one, a 60 game season that you wouldn’t really consider in 162 game season, but that would leave the door open for, for many Teams that wouldn’t be considered contenders from the league west anything can happen in 60.

. Are you tipping your hand? There are you holding some rocky cards? No i’m, not i’m, actually high on them. It’S, a difficult division with the dodgers there there’s on the diamondbacks, but still another ground ball out and for king, be working on his fastball trying to get it in there, but at the same time and again one of the products of having a pandemic. You know the world series hangover, that’s, not sure sir strasbourg 60 games with juan soto signed me up for that off to such a brutal start, 27 and 33 through 60 games and then of course, went on to win the world series championship that’s why there are So many teams now just for the 60 game season that you wouldn’t really consider in 162 game season, but that would leave the door open for for many teams that wouldn’t be considered contenders this year, nationals turned it around. I mean you look at the colorado, difficult division with the dodgers there, arizona diamondbacks, but still another ground ball out, hey. You know what you got a multi task and it’s a it’s all about perception. I guess that’s what my players do you’re in los angeles. Now you got kershaw opening day against the giants given where we were about a month ago, uh all day before i could ask you guys i might have to stick around the ballpark, so there’s there’s, no one on the road. Your observation has been about the team.

You know what i’ll tell you right now: it’s been great, you know, he’s talking approach with the hitters and helping the young players right all right. So i need you to rank something for me who, how would you you could have seven number ones? Oh absolutely i mean we have. I mean i was like you’re killing me so uh. I went with the double western bacon, cheeseburgers and french fries. You know, then it kind of perpetuates other things as far as the dopp we’re back so is pete alonso first pitch rips, this one to left field and it’s going to get down in front of miguel and duhar and the polar bear puts the brakes on at First Applause lead off man aboard for canoe, who rounded out the second his first time, and this has got double play written all over. He beat it out good hustle label on it before he fired to first 60 game season. All part of major league baseball in 2020 expect one two to conforto after getting hit in the head by uh. Mr bagley, you don’t see that trajectory going into the dirt opening jd davis, 0 1 rips one into left field. That’S going to get down. Kendo is going to come around he’s, going to score Applause. He was and what dj lamehi was for the new york. Yankees jd davis was for the mets Applause. The catcher ground ball easy one for ahmed rosario, one down, wow was dialed in thinking.

Maybe five games. Last year, center field we’ll talk with a forum in exhibition, games and inner squad games and regular season games. There’S. A lot of this is going to be a field uh. Knowing your players are going to spend about two weeks together and be expected to play as a unit and that’s going to be challenging yeah, so a lot of teams built themselves differently this year in a lot of years. That makes a great turnout. I know if you see it on your screen, i don’t know if you can see the game. I believe right now, the yankees psychologically with him, but he’s a different guy. Now, he’s mature, you could play ten of them in the end, but except the short stuff they’re in great shape or whatever he went all team cup yesterday eddie he was on a. What was amazing was the determination if you watched it, if you watch it play, how do the yankees not win the world series? How do they not get to a world series? You know, carl. You can look at teams that are going. What am i missing? What am i doing, he’s talking to his double a triple a managers about this transition to do it? I think the players after a while are going to get used to it. Um i’m actually wondering when those fans, because you think you think of everything you are on plays you have to communicate. I just take houston out of here right, but uh yeah it’s, just who controls the volume level it’s, just a competitive players that’s one of the things that spring training helps you with.

You know bangs that went on the ground and if, but if familiar with edwin last year, struggled early on a lot different, they have done a great job. Staying in shape and that’s uh that’s came off the bat 112 miles per hour. His car highest of his career since his first year in the league that’s, the slow roll of the third, and that is a rochelle struck out and popped out to left top of the strike, falls into the category of gets it. And he jumps to the front of the line. Davis already has one of the mound in this rare keep against max scherzer tonight advantage going deep, also get clint frazier tonight going deep with his mask on and other technology to try to get. It is familiar as you are with. I have so many screens open as this ball is driven to right and it is conforto. I got one two family, so we are missing tim in a big way. Look out, tommy kane. They sent that one almost to the backstop, that is, that a mask, or is that sort of an extension of a sweatshirt? Did the yankees come up with a way to do that? Having your players back easy stay focused on what we’ve been doing here from home uh for the last two and a half three months, but from the front office, and in that clubhouse it was excellent for the yankees rick porcello settled down after giving up a run In the first inning how about the hustle of alonzo, though he goes right after this i’m telling you he’s, like oh it’s me, and no one else, to get this baseball? Oh my god, Applause there, he goes alonzo chasing a nasty slider from out of aravindo.

For the first, this is luis guiorme. He looks at strike. One want to welcome in marley rivera and just exudes this happiness of even just facing haters. It doesn’t matter that there’s no players in the stands i’m. Sorry fans in the stands. It doesn’t matter because they’re a little tired of the interest squad games and now they get to face a lineup. You know, even though the yankees queen and aaron judge and gary sanchez remaining back in the bronx it’s, been really interesting to the plans for both of these teams. As best you know, with regards to, when we’re going to make some final decisions, i mean the season starts thursday and friday. You know at yankee stadium and yes, and then that one because we didn’t see some of the big boys for the yankees here right. Like i mentioned before sanchez and judge, they should be in that lineup tomorrow then we’re, all behind home plate at the mets uh. Hopefully, maybe you’ll be better at yankee stadium if they do that with a few uh of the fans but yeah in a very hot quiet day at city field, as you can tell, i keep adjusting my math and it just seemed he was so nasty in 2018, Especially against people have seen it, but misty has spent about seven years out of baseball because he was dealing with the yips functioning mechanical adjustments. He made the rockies roster, which is just a wonderful story for a guy that was a couple time all star when he wore the red sox, uniform and he’s coming back as the yankees looked to tack on, but the bases now loaded, because the child in carolina Throwing the baseball was the easiest thing that he could do and all of a sudden he couldn’t do it.

Then it would say to him: you still got it like, like you can do this. Eric cracks is actually pinch hitting for higoshi aka and he delivers with four errors in this game to go over.