As you can see, five and a half not his best year by an errant ground ball, he was lying on his back ten to two about the trainers, as he strikes out for the first out. What is it jim lyrics swing and a miss? He got him and for solo has his second strike out of the inning. This is right at you here by porcello slider up in the strike zone, but gets it by frasier runner goes swing and a miss. You strike him out with a change up. Third strikeout for porcello, and that gets him through the third, but that changes the equation somewhat out to center and nimo. Is there and it’s a one, two three inning for corcello, his first of the night he’s the yankee shortstop, that one is grounded up the middle and off the glove of a lunging canoe and it trickles into left center field. Talkman will score easily it’s going to be an rbi for labor tourism.

Just like that, the yankees are up one, nothing clint frazier, with a fly ball deep to left field there. It goes see ya, a long home run for frasier a two run shot and the yankees lead three nothing and jd lines. One of the left for a base set that’ll bring home. The mets first run of the game. Kanoa is into scoring conforto stops at third j.d davis, with an rbi double, and the yankee lead is trimmed to three to one jd who owns citi field last year puts another marker up.

He got himself a hanging slider right there and pete lies one to center. That’S going to fall for a base hit nemo around third heads for the plate. The throw by tockman is not in time. Alonzo drives a run with his second hit of the night to cut the yankee lead to three to two after he’s thrown him. Two breaking balls one and he chased down in the dirt the other one he took line drive a base hit the left field scoring easily as duffy and duhar will try to score. He does ahead of the throw by milky cabrera and a two run single for eric kratz, as the yankees lead six to two that’s, a base hit to left field wade rounds. Third he’s coming home, the throw is cut off, throw to second, not in time it’s. An rbi single for talkman it’s, 7 2 yankees third hit of the night for talkman.

You can almost see the relief on talkman’s face as we he’s been looking for.