That’S being somewhat compromised and i’ll explain more now, uh, as many of you may know, um, j rod and halo are one of the uh groups that um made it to the second round of bidding to purchase the new york mets um. They, along with um, steve cohen and another group, are the three leading contenders. I think the j rod, halo group um the a ra j lo group um and the other group that i can’t remember right now are at around a 1.7 million uh bid. Um steve cohen, is reportedly has his bid at uh, two billion um uh, reportedly uh. The people that are investing with jlo and a rod may be willing to up their uh bids, but that means that um those same people may be the principal owners or the uh control person of the mets. If they’re, the leading bidders of that group and i’ll explain more like they say that j rod and halo’s bids right now, um as part of that 1.7 billion, that j rod and halo together have put up between 225 million and 300 million. As a part of that bid, but that whole group combined have put up 1.

7 billion the people – i guess the other leading bidders or the other leading um contributors in in that group are uh two gentlemen: by the name of vincent viola and mike ripoli. They combined have also contributed 300 million now. Those two gentlemen that i just mentioned – vincent viola and michael poli, are reportedly willing to put up more money, but the rumor has it that if they do put up more money, that one of them is going to be the uh the head honcho of the mets.

Rather than uh j rod and aylo, i mean a rod and j lo, but they say that in a situation like that that j rod may still be have a big role in the mets like ceo or president um, but may not be the the last uh. Where the buck stops as far as decision making, they say that sometimes people who aren’t the leading investors could still control the teams, namely the braves, are in a situation like that, where their leading investor, i think, is called liberty group, but the guy who’s in charge. Wasn’T, the guy who put up the most for liberty group and his bid yet he’s in charge of the braves another uh example uh the giants. The giants, um head honcho, was uh, also part of a group bid, but he wasn’t the biggest bidder. But those are like more anomalies, usually the guy who invested more. I is usually in charge and you lead and it’s also the case where it’s, usually one person that’s bidding on these things, uh outright or you know for the most part um, like i said uh.

My my um stance has always been that i want uh, steve cohen, to win this bid. Um the fact that uh mike viola and michael bully, maybe jockeying for a control position with the a rod. Jlo group kind of um, makes me more pessimistic with that group. Winning i mean it seems like j rod. I mean a rod and j.