Therefore, with the Red Sox moose I’m, going under who’s, pitching exactly for this ballclub that you trust, take it on the Rays and the Yankees taking on the National League East a bunch of time. So I think it’s gon na be a tough schedule for both these divisions. I, like the Red Sox with that good, specifically with their pitching staff I’m gon na go under that number for the Sox all right, moose staying in the American League. A lot of people are high on Tampa Bay over or under thirty three and a half wins for the Rays. Where are you going with hey man, I’d take the over. On that I mean you can pound it with the fact that I grew salad. Think it’s gon na be a down here for the Boston Red Sox. You look at the Baltimore Orioles. The Toronto. Blue Jays are a young team, so you don’t exactly know what you’re gon na get so really the mainstay is the Yankees and with that being said, you look at the temp, a race team. I mean they do it differently than a lot of other organizations and Major League Baseball, but no Charlie Ward is gon na get the opening day start.

We know how good Blake’s smell a former site. You have Award winner. We know how good that starting rotation is and how dynamic is their good defensive team. They don’t beat themselves they’re good, all offensively as well.

I don’t think 60 games is gon na, be an issue for the Tampa Bay Rays and we would take over 33 and ass. Alright let’s go over to the National League East now Sal over or under thirty three and a half wins for the defending division. Champ Atlanta, Braves yeah, I think the Braves are due for here. I know they have a ton of talent in that lineup offensively already off to a shaky start, though you know you talked about Freddie Freeman with Kovac Nick Markakis opting out. I know Freeman’s back now, but who knows moves what kind of lingering effects there might be there? I just don’t get the feeling. This is gon na be the Braves year. Plus you look at the competition. I don’t love their pitching even want their bullpen. They try to revamp it. I don’t know if they’re pitching the schedule is tough. I think you’re gon na see other teams in the National League East, like the Phillies who will get to. I think the Mets will be a little bit better, maybe than what they were a year ago. I think those teams will be tougher for the Braves this year, they’re four step back for them. I’M gon na go under his wall with the Atlanta break, all right, Sal down on the Braves moose up next, the gnats also said at 33 and a half Lindsey going over or under for the champs yeah I mean and listen sour road sound.

I rode that Nats bandwagon last year in the world series, but I mean the very fact is now this year, it’s time to get off the bandwagon, the loss of Rendon in the course of the all season. They did not replace him. I think you look at a team that finally accomplished that goal with the driving Dave Martinez did a great job last year in that dugout managing that team. Would that being said? Yes, they still have the three dominant starters at the top, but the very fact is, I think, they’re gon na take a little bit of a downturn, the loss of rend own and Harper and back to back walf seasons. Give me the under on the Nats road. The bandwagon oh say Sal, the Mets are a notch below at 32 and a half while the Phillies are at 31 and a half Sal over or under for the Phillies this. This is one that I love. I think the field is gon na win the NL East this year. I think they’re gon na do some damage of the postseason. I think Bryce Harper is gon na have an mvp type here I like their pitching staff. A lot when you talk about adding wheeler NOLA Velasquez will good against the Yankees. We know he could be pretty good Joe Girardi there DD those are much improved. I think the Khloe’s gon na go well over that number and win the National League East Sal.

All in on the Phillies, luckily for Velasquez there will be only three outs in real baseball games. Alright, last one for you, moose over under forty four and a half wins for the Orioles and Marlins combined yeah, I mean I’m gon na take the under. I mean it: listen you look at that. National League ease the Braves, the Mets, the Phillies and obviously the Washington Nationals. Even look at the American League East, even if a little bit of a downturn for the Boston Red Sox still there’ll be a competitive team. This year up there in Beantown you’ve got the Yankees in the Rays I’m, taking the under forty four and a half for those two teams combined moose and Sal.