Talking about how i believe in the team. Now and everything but that’s all that’s, just raw emotion. I know still deep down internally that this team sucks when it comes to starting pitching when it comes to clicking with the lineup. When it comes to the bullpen there’s, still issues with the team. However, they didn’t they managed to pick up the win with some issues today, of course, jacob the grom throws uh really well, and you know no decision again, but it is what it is, but i can’t believe i get to make one of these videos, because baseball Is finally back and it that that was good in itself, so in terms of what happened in this game, jacob degrom threw five innings solid innings allowed. I believe, just one hit yeah one hit in five innings, so really good outing from him. I would have liked to see him go one more inning just to give the bullpen some rest, because then you go to wilson and then you have potantis diaz and then you could have lugo get the six out save because we all know steven matt’s tomorrow is Not making it past five innings, we we all know he’s, not making it past five innings, no chance, no chance at all he’s, not making it past five.

So it would have been nice. But now we’re gon na have to rely potentially on familia, pitching two innings and then we’re gon na have to rely on potanza’s, maybe pitching an inning um and a third and ending in two thirds we’re gon na have to rely on too many things tomorrow, with The bullpen, but the focus was to get the win today and the mets did that over the braves and we start with first place in the division.

Obviously, with the nationals losing and then we beat the braves and then we’ll be tied with whoever wins the philly’s morons game tonight, but it doesn’t uh, it’s one game, obviously, but uh a winso win and it starts somewhere. So, in terms of a couple of notes, um brandon nemo good picked up two hits. Today i went two for four. You had jeff mcneal, who went uh. I believe one for four today he picked up a hit. Alonzo was silent in terms of the bat. However, he wasn’t really given good opportunities today to do anything he because there was a lot of times when he would be up it’s two out situations and he can’t really do much anything he’s got to take pitches just drive the pitch count up, because at that Point you might as well just get it to the next inning until unless you see the pitch that you like so uh alonzo, not having a good day same with conforto.

But then you have joanna suspenders who went yard today. Joanna cess was back for the first time in two years and that that was something special watching that home run. I went i went insane. I went insane that was really cool to see your ancestors get back in the lineup as the dh and do something he was productive. Today, uh, he went one for three robinson canal went uh, one for three. He actually picked up a hit today, which surprised me, but i mean this opening day, just kind of seemed repetitive to last year, which is kind of my fear about this game.

My fear is diaz, got the save which he did opening day last year to grandpa solid opening day last year, but i mean the ground was good all year. Alonzo didn’t have that great of a day opening day last year. I think he got a hit or two i don’t really remember, but he wasn’t that great and then you had davis, who had a rough day also went over. Three ramos went over three and rosario picked up a hit today. So not terrible, not terrible in terms of okay. I that’s kind of a lie. The bats were way too quiet, but again it’s opening day. But this concerns me going forward specifically going into tomorrow’s game, because steven matt’s is nowhere near jacob degrom and the bats have looked horrendous. Ever since the beginning of that yankee series that we saw and even in the inner squad game the bats they scored.

Four runs against your against your own team. We should be scoring more than four runs, so the bats being quiet concerns me uh, i like cesar, says the dh, though love it love him as the dh and he picked up a home run, which was like, i said, cool to see, but tomorrow, going into Tomorrow’S game: okay: we’ll talk about tomorrow’s game; later; actually, sorry about that, but seth lugo, two solid innings, let up a hit, but i got picked up three strikeouts by the way. Degrom got eight strikeouts, but we go with three strikeouts uh in two innings of work and allowed one hit so seth would go similar to last year.

Picks up the win. Justin wilson in an inning of work, allows one hit, gets two strikeouts who had he had a filthy pitch. Was it against ronaldo cunha jr? I believe it was where he got him looking and that pitch was filthy. Justin wilson looked amazing today and then it went to edwin diaz, and this is where i got nervous and i’m like it’s, a one run game. This is way too close, but diaz comes in and does it he did freddie freeman got a really solid, knock off him. It went foul obviously, but it was way too close to me and it was nervous. The entire time watching diaz pitch is some of the most nervous one of the most nervous things ever as a met, fan it’s, complete torture and it’s, not fun.

I was shaking the entire time. I was praying the entire time that he would actually get it done and he did i’m told the mets only allowed three hits today, which is really good, really really good uh, but yeah. They limited the grom to five innings which, like i said i wasn’t huge on because he was at 70 pitched 72 pitches to be exact and the deal was. They said that they were going to have him throw 80 and at most uh like 85 or 90.. I would have personally let him do that because, like i said, then you go uh potatoes. Instead, then wilson then diaz because i like or you go familia wilson diaz, because i like having lugo back there as another closing option.

I guess potanzus is going to be the closer going into tomorrow. I, unless they work familiar back or not familiar diaz back to back days, which it could be, could be possible. Uh ximena’s got into action for some defense. He had a pretty good play. Actually he one of the like the first two or three at bats him into the play. He gets a ground ball to him and feels it really good so i’m, not much to really say about him. Arizona didn’t get any action center field when he came in, but really good. Uh really. I don’t want to say a really good game because deep down it was crap offensively. The offense was horrendous awful, but it’s.

One game like i said, but what like i was gon na say going into tomorrow tomorrow we need better performances from the bats. The bats cannot be this quiet again and my one fear now that cano actually got a hit versus alonso and conforto is uh. Rojas is going to move, know up the line up a little bit, so hopefully that doesn’t happen because we all know what happens when robinson knows hitting third or fourth somewhere up there in the lineup. Just please don’t do that rojas don’t. Do it i’ll? Do it um tomorrow matt’s pitches against max freed, so you got two lefties on the mounds and i’m nervous about tomorrow’s game because, like i said, the bats were horrendous. Today there is no offense at all, except from for uh from cespedes.

You got a couple hits from nemo. You know, like i said, but obviously had that one knock from cespedes. That was the game. I mean jd, jd davis got robbed of a home run from a great catch from ender in ciarte, so davis, despite him having an over three day almost got a home run, but the bats need to wake up tomorrow. No question no question about that and i’m. Just worried about the bullpen, also tomorrow i’m worried about the bullpen, because, assuming obviously lugo is not available tomorrow, there is no chance he’s available tomorrow, wilson and diaz could be, but the main guys that are avail that are definitely available.

You have tantus i’m. Looking at a list right now, by the way you have the tantus, you have familia, you have um seawalled, you have shreve smith, uh strickland and those are your options outside of it. So matt’s assuming he goes five innings. This is where robert gazelman would be perfect because you haven’t piggybacked the two innings and then you go to familia betances to finish up the game. However, we don’t even know if we’re gon na save – maybe we don’t – maybe the bats, actually explode tomorrow, and then we could just go to guys like shreve go to smith. Uh i mean smith is solid, but just get him back into real game action. A little bit more and then you could throw in strickland throw in whoever seawall throw in all those guys, instead of wasting your good arms.

Hopefully that happens and we could save potantis and familia another day if an if amelia could pitch uh two innings like he did against the yankees this weekend go for it uh. If i’m, the mets go for it. Why the hell not if he’s, pitching well like that’s, my fear, is familiar gon na be able to pitch well, but the bullpen today, like i said it was just really good, really good if the bullpen pitch is this way all year, it’s the biggest. If but if they can at least pitch somewhat decent the entire year, this team could go far.

Obviously they could win it all if they pitch like this the entire year, like diaz pitches, like he did, because that means no hits or anything but realistically it’s not going to happen. We need better years from the bullpen. I don’t think i even have to address it.