Well, not the inner squad game, the scrimmage game against the mets today, it’s gon na be really good, so let’s get into it okay, so the first thing i want to talk about is how dj mayhew and luis sessa tested positive. Actually, a while ago, like two weeks ago, um but they’re good now, they’re gon na join the team sometime this week and yeah that’s, really good news for the yankees dj mayhew helps the team so much. I don’t think they have a chance of winning the world series without him and louis cessa. Now, you might just say ah he’s another one of those relievers but he’s, not he’s, actually really good dude in openers, when chad green’s starting then you’d go with sassa. That is outstanding for the yankees you’re, not gon, na go and waste. One of your starters, louis cessa, is one of those guys that can help the team a lot and you don’t realize it now we’re going to talk about how aaron judge and jean carlos stanton have both homework. It was actually in the same game as a few days ago, but i’m going to show you that clip right now of both of them going yard. When judge hits one. It goes a long way, the victory he knocks that one out to center field and that one is gone into monument park kenny.

Did you want to call that one there we go kenny, look good right.

There, yeah, that’s, dancing home run. That was ripped. I want to know how how hard he hit that cuz man. That was something now we’re gon na talk about the yankees inner squad game and the lineup is talkman torres mike ford, bennetts, giancarlo, stanton georgella, then it’s clint, fraser, tyler wade, kyle higashioka and the starting pitcher will be michael king. I don’t know what the match lineup is. I don’t know at all, as i checked the lineup it’s brandon, nemo pete, alonzo, robinson cano, joanna suspedus, michael conforto, jd, davis, ahmed rosario, max moroff and then thomas nedo, with rick purcello as the starting pitcher um. They will be playing two nights in a row tonight and tomorrow night so make sure to watch those games. They don’t count they’re just playing each other for fun. Um.