Obviously so the yankees end up playing the new york mets today, they’re gon na be playing two games against the mets one uh here at city field tonight, one at yankee stadium tomorrow, and then we play, i think, a game at citizens bang park in philadelphia against The philadelphia phillies three, you know three games that’ll, be very exciting to watch i’m, so excited that baseball is back and uh. We have a roster, we have lineups well, i don’t think the yankees released their official lineup yet, but they did release their roster. So i did post out on my twitter. I said that i would uh start this video when they get when the lineups get released, but i decided to just do it anyway, because the roster is out, i think, that’s. All. I really need to talk about. So the yankees and mets rosters are out for this game. Who’S going to be, you know, who’s going to be going to the game. Obviously they’re going to try to keep the rosters down, so we uh don’t have as much you know. Don’T have as much players in the same dugout, so we can social distance and all that stuff. So the roster is going to be a lot smaller than a normal roster would be, but the yankee new york yankees played the new york mets today and i’m, going to go over the new york yankees roster.

So i have it on a other phone right here and i’m going to go over the roster, so the pictures for the yankees are zack: britton, chad, green ben heller, tommy kanely, michael king, adam adavino and tony zick.

So those are the pitchers that will be at the game. Obviously not a huge la huge amount of big names. You got out of vino, you got kane, you got, you know zach britton and chad green. Besides that not a lot of players. Most of them are probably going to be aaa players, players that probably won’t start with the team, and now we have three cadgers on the roster don’t know why there’s that much we have kyle higashioka eric kratz and josh tully. Those are the three catchers. Obviously we don’t have sanchez on the roster, so not a lot of big names on the hitting side of the ball, so we won’t, have you know the big stars aren’t really going to be in the lineup, so those are the three characters for infielders. We have miguel and duhar matt duffy, who we recently signed. Tyro estrada mike ford, gleber torres who’s kind of the really only big name, georgella and tyler wade. Those are the infielders for the yankees. The outfielders are esteemon floreal, clint, frazier zach, grant john carlos stanton and mike talkman, so i actually didn’t notice. Stanton was in in the uh on the roster until right now, but john crowler, stanton and gleber torres are really the only big names that are on the roster, obviously not not a lot of uh.

You know big name guys around russia, like no garrett, cole, no um. You know no aaron judge no aaron hicks, no gary sanchez, not a lot of big names.

No luke voight, like not a lot of big names, no aaron hicks, not a lot of huge names, but we do have some guys that we, you know, sign in the offseason guys like matt duffy, and we have some guys that will probably start the season in Triple a guys, i guessed him on floreal and all that stuff, so we do have guys on from the triple a squad. We have guys that played with the yankees last season. We’Ve got a lot of players that uh will probably make the team um. We do have some guys that will make the team in 2020. We do have some guys that won’t, but they’ll probably all be on the 60 man player pool that they have for this new season of baseball, so that is the yankees roster and now quickly, i’m. Going to go over here and try to find the mets lineup um, i don’t think the mets are playing any big names either but i’m going to try to just click on that right. There um, i actually don’t, think the mets have the life released, but the mets. I think the message should have a line about pretty soon but um. The mets should have a lineup pretty soon we i all, i know i know who’s pitching.

I know for the for the mets it’s rick porcello, starting the game right. Obviously, rick portal was a pigeon for the red sox and we rocked rick porcello.

Last year we owned that guy last year and we always thought we always scored a ton of runs off him. I expect probably the same thing tonight and on the mount for the yankees is the very impressive young pitcher in michael king, and i would be surprised if michael king gets a spot in the bullpen and maybe gets a spot on the rotation. If montgomery goes down with an injury or half goes down with an injury, paxton goes down with an injury. Maybe michael king gets a spot at the rotation at some point in this season. That would be great because michael king has been a very impressive young, pitcher and i’m very excited to see what he can do for the yankees. If he does get the pitch this year and um, i i’m very excited to see how he can do tonight and uh. Obviously we’re not expecting a win. I don’t really care if they win or lose it’s it’s, only technically still a spring training game. It’S going to count for the yankee spring training record so that i think they were 11 and 8 uh during the spring training last year. So if they win they’ll be 12 and eight and uh. If they win all three they’ll be 14 and if they lose all three they’ll be 11 and 11.

. So we’ll see what happens with these three games, hopefully we’ll see, maybe garen judge get a couple games. I don’t think eric cole is going to start because garrett cole, pitched in the inter squad game yesterday, looked great by the way and garrett cole will be starting opening day against the nationals, so he won’t be pitching um uh.

He won’t be pitching in in the exhibition games. Obviously so he can be well rested and he also has extras for opening day, which is great and um i’m. Very excited for that game against nationals. It’S gon na be a very good series, great pitching over there down in washington once again, they’re defending world series champions we’ll see what happens and the nationals are a good team and uh. But i do i do think we can win that series. I predicted of the yankees 2 in that series. In my you know my schedule prediction video, so i think the yankees will beat the nationals and uh make sure to stay tuned on july 22nd right the day before opening day i’m going to be doing. My new york yankees season preview kind of talk about the expectations of the players, talk about how i think the team’s going to do. Obviously, i think the team’s going to win the world series this year, so you can kind of expect what i’m going to say in the expect in the um. You know in the season preview video make sure to stay tuned for that on july 22nd.

Uh the day before opening day i’m super excited for baseball to return i’m. Definitely gon na be watching the yankees mets game tonight and i’ll also be doing the post game.