The final score here’s. The updated brackets in the eastern conference anyway, keep in mind just over a month. From now the nba finals are set to begin. Hey everybody welcome back into our nba tv studios. This is playoff central live i’m kristen, ludlow he’s, the hall of famer carrie payton. Am i right in saying that some of the the pizzazz that game one possessed, or at least perhaps the trash talk off the court? This one just didn’t quite have it well yeah. You know this was a slow game and it was like that from dave from the beginning, because you’ve seen uh indiana come out, miss a lot of shots get out, and then miami uh hit some shots and then the second half was just a. I don’t know this game was just not there. It might have been too early that’s what it probably was it’s just too early. It could be right. I mean what time is it where you are it’s like still morning, isn’t it yeah it was morning. They called me, you know he called me early at six o’clock in the morning. I do know that, because we were looking for you, but that is okay and you’re a hall of famer. You have no need to have to set an alarm in the morning. So i’m glad you’re joining us now, if at all, will you break down for me, though, what was working so well for duncan robinson, he led the way, with 24 points on seven of eight from the field in this game.

Well, you know what what was happening there was indiana can’t leave a great shooter like that over all year, he’s been making shots. You know – and you see here, okay they’re trying to play a black hole to match up zone depot is not paying attention to him. Look he’s been such a butler now he’s too far from me, and this shooter can shoot that basketball and that’s just too much space. As you see it comes here, get a rebound where everybody’s sucked in where is he. There goes robinson, he’s, wide, open and indiana can’t. Do this and again watch him all suck in everybody sucks in line. Look at robinson, he’s, wide open. You can’t give a shooter this kind of type of freedom and look he’s gon na make shots. Then all of a sudden you see him coming here. Nobody is picking up the ball, so then robin does and watch what robinson does he’s wide open. They fall down bang and that’s. It now here again he’s good at this he’s, almost like a reggie miller right here now watch he’s going to come off the pick get behind people gets behind. He pulls up bang and that’s. What you can do against this guy, when he’s hot you’ve got to give him attention and when you don’t, give him attention a little air space he’s going to make one thing that jimmy butler said after game. One is that he did want to be more of a facilitator.

He did want to get some of those shooters involved. That was going to be indicative of how his team could be successful in this series, if they’re playing the way that they are playing. Do you see this series as being over in a couple more games? I think so. If indiana doesn’t pick it up what’s, the problem is they’re missing some bonus. Now what miami is doing is they’re playing a match up zone they’re, sucking it in and they’re trying to and they’re making this indiana team shoot jump shots which they’re not making the shots right now they took tj warren out of his game when they penetrate all Miami players come to the basket and then bam is getting blocked after blocks and then they’re making they’re making them go one and done and they come back down and miami is making shots and if indiana doesn’t um figure this out they’ll be gone in the next Two or three games what then, as you’re watching this film, do you think the pacers can do to to combat what the heat have done defensively? Well, they got ta make shot. If they make shots, they can open it all up, but if they don’t make shots, miami is not going to get out of that zone and when you don’t get out of that zone and you come down and you get stops and then you go down and Get the buckets that makes it builds up leads if indiana does not penetrate this and then kick and get a wide open shot like miami is doing and then knock them down miami will not.

I mean miami will not get out of the defense and then indiana is going to be in trouble. Victor oladipo was questionable to play in this game. Ultimately a game time decision and did play and led their offensive effort with 22 points. How important will he be? Moving forward will his all star level play be moving forward. Well, that’s, a big question because i don’t think he’s the same kind of basketball player. He was um before he got hurt. You see he’s taking a lot of jump, shots and things like that, but he had a spurt in here right here that he plays very well, but he has to do that all game and he has to be uh to become this person that’s going to lead His basketball team, like he did before he got hurt, and he has to play all game long around up like this, not in spurs he’s got to play it multiple minutes for them to be good, especially without saboni. Well, for those who missed the heat and pacers in game, two let’s go ahead and roll the highlight, so you can catch up on exactly what it is now in the last let’s see that second half of game one and both halves of this one has been The leader that this team has needed. Well, you know what jimmy butler is doing, what he’s supposed to he’s, taking these young guys and he’s, giving them courage and he’s giving them a lot a lot of confidence.

If your guy comes to you and say i was stinky in the first half and then all of a sudden, he comes back and gives you 20.. That is without something that these teenagers do and everybody is making everybody feel comfortable, so they they think that they got to put theirselves accountable for what how they play and that’s what they’re doing they’re coming back and they’re playing better when they know they didn’t play. Well, in a certain a certain step of the game, and then it comes back and plays well. How important will this goran dragach jimmy butler uh duo be for this team moving forward it’s going to be big if they can play like this, and then whoever comes out of that indiana uh indiana orlando series are going to have a problem with this young team. I was saying this all year long. This team was a surprise team to everyone. This year they didn’t think they were going to be this good, but jimmy butler did you never know he’s, not surprised, he’s, not surprised. He said that when he came in there he said these young guys are hungry. They get in every day to work hard, they come in early, they leave late and they got to work and that’s why they were having so much fun and when you having fun like that, you got young players that can play that want to play like this And be hungry, then you’re going to have a good team and it’s showing right now in this playoff and when you say they come in early it’s earlier than any of you watching.

Think early is early like when jimmy butler says early he’s talking to 3 30. In the morning, he’s already out there sprinting early is very early in jimmy butler’s work, which is one of the reasons gp why the miami heat had been such a good fit for his work ethic yeah. As soon as you remember, he said him and pat riley came in pat riley, took him straight to the scale and said: oh you at 206. You got to get leaner than this. You know so this is a fit for him, because what pat riley nell and eric spokeshow have done. They have just said basically here butler we’re gon na appreciate you other teams, haven’t appreciated you so we’re going to make you that leader, you can say things in practice. You can do other things that you want. You can come after players. The way you want, but as long as you lead us and get us the wins, we’re going to be happy with that and that’s. Why he’s so comfortable with this team that he see him? You see him over there on the bench he’s having fun talking about tick. Tock is your mom on tin top the hero and all that this is what you want from a basketball player and a leader to keep your team to keep your young fellas wan na play and to be hungry to try to win a championship. All right, you brought up pat riley, i didn’t.

So if i were to just ask tell me a favorite pat riley story, what’s the first one that comes to mind. Well, i got a lot of vodka. Well. That is something that you know what butler said. He did that same thing to me. He came in and i’m at 37 years old and he said your body fat better, be at six percent. You know what i’m saying – and i was like i’m 37 years old – that i didn’t come in here to practice. Every day you came in here to let me mentor jason williams, but i’m gon na get on this scale, and he kept it every day coming into the gym, walking to my bike and say: oh fella, keep it up, keep it up. You are a leader, you are a leader, you keep doing what you have to do and he motivates you to to that point where you want to do that, and we were doing that and it was a great feeling for me: did you get down to that? Six percent that season i stayed at six percent because we get fired all the time right and you know he don’t want you to eat nothing. He started because everybody was going out at night. He started having practice early at nine o’clock in the morning, so we would have to come in and because he knew what we were doing so you know he was always on let’s.

Go ahead and hear from pacers coach nate mcmillan they’ve done the stretch there felt, like the outfits, got a little flat, not a lot of movement. What did you see that happened there again and how can you get guys to run stuff get that office moving? Well, i thought we settled uh, you know for uh long contested shots and uh. We didn’t do enough uh drive and kick attacking the paint forcing their defense to help uh collapse. We pretty much settled on the perimeter with the long. The three ball, the third quarter. Uh they got about 37 um defensively, it seemed like they’re getting a lot of loose balls and i guess also the turnovers kind of contributed to that. Well, you just said it: you know they got hot uh. They were knocking down some threes. We had. You know some turnovers uh in that quarter and uh they were getting to the free throw line. You know we got to be physical defensively, but we got to defend without fouling and uh, robinson and and and and those uh dragons uh. I thought those guys really uh kind of took over. I thought dragas took over in that third quarter. Uh uh, the fourth uh made some big plays for them pretty much control uh the game, but you know they were uh got. They got free behind the three point line and they were knocking down threes tonight, specifically with robinson nate. What did you see there from an offensive standpoint that he was able to get loose a few times? Well, we we knew that they were going to try to get him involved.

You know we was really set and uh and and talked about uh. The first play of the game we knew it was going to him and sure enough. I went to him to try to get him going. You know he’s a big part of what they uh do and he was able to knock down that first, three uh and just stayed hot from behind the three point line all night. You know he got loosed a couple times. I think some of it was on offensive, rebounds and kickouts broken plays and he was you know, just uh nailing those open lick looks uh tonight you know seven and eight from the three point line uh. You know, and we know he’s an elite uh shooter laser out there on the perimeter uh and he he made us pay uh each time that he had an open look hey. What do you think about um? You know when they were able to get out. Early. Looks like you guys were playing a lot in traffic with the movie at times. It seems like a lot of people do it, even though you only had 16 turnovers. You know there were other positions where you came up with tough contested shots when playing in traffic and how that contributed to this outcome. Well, that’s, the key to to this game. I mean if, if we continue to play in traffic uh they’re gon na they’re, going to that that’s what they do, they’re gon na show a tight paint uh their team that uh pretty much their man.

Defense looks like a zone uh because they’re so tight and you have to get into your penetration and kick i think when we, when we got into that action uh we got some open looks we was able to knock down some shots, but when you’re trying to Force uh force it and trying to split the two defenders. They have great hands: uh they’re gon na make you pay for that and uh you’re exactly right. You know last game: uh, 15, turnovers uh tonight, 17 uh, turnovers boss, and you know until we penetrate and kick uh and and attack their closeouts uh. You know they’re gon na make you pay and uh. They did again tonight, please winning after the first quarter and then losing at halftime and uh. Ultimately losing the game is something happening. You think playing the first or the second that’s, causing you guys to fall behind. You know – maybe i don’t know we’re not getting enough stops we’re, not getting execution, i mean that’s. Just you know you don’t, you don’t win the game in the first quarter, so it’s a 48 minute game and uh. You know what we talked about is you’re. Having to play all 48 minutes and uh uh, you know so yeah we won the first, but you know uh. There are 36 other minutes in that game. In the first half you guys kind of turned it into a track meet and had a little bit of success.

Is that favorable to you guys in the long run? Is that ideally, what you want to do, because what it means for miami’s defense? Well, i think anytime, you you’re playing against a good defensive team and you can get out and transition space the floor and and try to play before their defense gets set is what you want to try to do. But if that defense is recovering, then you have to play late. You have to get organized and uh. You know execute execute your office in situations like that. I thought at times we were playing in traffic and just uh, not being patient and allowing the spacing to occur so that we could attack this team again. If you’re continuing to try to just play with your head down uh, the the defense is going to be zoned up they’re going to be tight in that paint and uh you’re gon na they’re gon na force turnovers, so uh yeah. We wan na play fast. If uh, we have the numbers, if we have the spacing uh to attack, but if the defense gets back then we want to get organized and execute all right. Thank you guys.