Brooklyn will hit the wall at some point. They can’t keep this up the outclass, the outplayed the outmanned they gon na crack real soon game. Three will be a blowout by toronto. Brooklyn is holding on for dear life. They’Re doing everything they can to hold on toronto is just keeping pace. They haven’t even gotten hot. Yet this is toronto lukewarm when they start to heat up it’s gon na get real real ugly, who got my broom, though i got ta find out who got my broom because toronto need my broom. You know i got ta find my broom. I got ta find who got my broom. You know what the buck’s got. My broom, i had linted the honest because i thought they was gon na need it. He asked me for it actually, so i gave him the broom. You know i mean he took it with him, they playing against orlando, so i figured that he could use my broom, but they having trouble with orlando, so it’s, looking like you, know, i’m gon na need that broom back bro. You know y’all having problems with the brooklyn nets of the south. You know any. I see you understand. I think i need my broom back i’m gon na need that back bro uh toronto needs that broom asap. You know i mean a couple more days: they’re gon na be sitting here waiting for the second round, they’re gon na need that broom bro.

They might not need it for long, because you know they got ta play against boston. You know what i’m saying matter of fact: you might want to leave the broom with them because they might sweet boston too that’s that’s a possibility, a gentleman’s sweep nothing ugly, just a gentleman’s fault. I think they could sweep boston. I think toronto can sweep boston. This is general it’ll, be a gentleman sweep it won’t be no blowouts, which is you know, we’ll beat you 16 quarters brooklyn on paper, look real dominant. When you look at the stats, they look good on the court as well. You know they tried the small ball money, ball shit, it almost worked too almost worked. You know, i mean 41 threes made 14 that’s 42 points you know unaccounted for, but they made five less shots. Totaled, and this is this – is what a great team does. If they know you’re gon na shoot that money ball they’re gon na they’re gon na come at you from another angle and bridge that gap and get the victory. The margin of playoff victories is, as slim as a five shot. Lead toronto made five more shots. Wow. You know brooklyn had more threes and they and toronto shot 25 from three. You know i mean this game could have got away from them, but you know champions do what champions do they made? They made up for rebounding points in the paint and then they won the fourth quarter, 30 to 19 or 31 20, or something like that.

They won the third quarter by. They won the fourth quarter by 11 points and that’s. What decided the game? Because those four those 14 threes were a factor like, like, i told you, when a team shoots more threes when they shoot four i’m saying 53s, but a lot of teams average like 45 46 threes, if you’re getting closer to the 50s and you hit 30, you Run a chance of winning had they shot 53s and made the same percentage of threes. They would have won this game, but they shot 41 threes and they fell short and they gave uh toronto opportunity to make up for lost time. By simply, you know crashing the boards and getting more buckets in the paint getting to the free throw line you know and they won the fourth quarter by 11.. So it was it. The threes really were a factor until they lost the fourth quarter. A good team is going to figure out how to shut you down so we’re, seeing 40 41 like 41 threes, and they really want to hit no threes. Like we’re saying in the fourth quarter. They were just missing shots because they were getting defended. Well, when you’re a good team like toronto, you find a way to combat another team’s strengths like pulling up and shooting multiple threes, because that’s everybody’s, new philosophy, when you’re out and outmanned and undersized you’re gon na, have to shoot from three and it almost worked until The fourth quarter, that’s just what it is toronto – is going to win this series, they’re – probably going to sweep this series.

So if you’ve seen my broom at axe giannis for my room, so we can give it to toronto, give it to pascal and van fleet and let them niggas use my broom because uh they bout to sweep they’re about to sweep brooklyn they. They definitely need that, because you know the bucks ain’t sweeping nobody. They fuck around. They lose that shit.