You got ta, add a bio off the floor. You were able to come back and get to this game and take the lead. Why weren’t you able to hold it um? I think they had a great third quarter. Uh we didn’t really get the the we didn’t really make the shots that we wanted to make uh get the stops that we wanted to get so we had to go, have to go back and look at the film um and and just be better honestly. You know so series not over man, obviously they’re up 2 0, but we just got to go, make adjustments, um and then we’ll give ourselves a better chance to win next game kevin bone. Think any issues with the eye um. No just i got ta adjust to light, obviously um, you know getting poked like that. They say it’s gon na take a couple days for it to be. You know completely clear so um but it’s getting better, so uh greg doyle, hey nate twice mentioned uh playing in traffic and he wanted to see more driving and kinky and whatnot. As you look back in the game, what do you think of decision making and so forth? Um? I just got to look at the film again. We got to do a better job of just taking care of the ball overall me included. Um just pick my spots: better, read the defense better um that’s, going to come with film, film and uh, and just you know applying it to the game.

You know it’s time to find that oh that’s, one more big on tv quinn, buckner, is saying you look really explosive and it does look that way. Uh. How do you feel? How close are you to 100 i’m? Not sure you know um, i felt pretty good it’s today process, though obviously i don’t think i’m there just yet quite yet as far as explosion and athleticism goes, but i feel like i’m getting better as the days and weeks go on, so i think eventually it’ll All come back and i get back to feeling normal again, but at the end of the day i’m just going to go out there and do the best. I can obviously just get lost in the game. Don’T even think about it. Just play my game. Do whatever. I can to help my team win and everything else will take care of itself kind of to the previous point: you guys have had 15 turnovers, at least in the three meetings, with the heat in general, just what kind of disruption. What type of things do they do that make it difficult, including their length? Obviously um? They just do a great job loading. You know they they they do a great job of being. At the four spots on the floor, the elbows, the in the blocks they’re in the gaps – and you know obviously they’re long and athletic, so we just got to do a great job of just reading it making the right play.

I mean you know just trusting our judgment, not overthinking um and then everything else will take care of itself. I think at the end today we can’t get discouraged. I think, as the series go on we’ll we’ll figure it out, but we just got to continue to be aggressive, continue to play with confidence, um and it’ll open up for us Music following up on the turnovers. How much are you viewing at what they’re doing defensively versus maybe a guy’s being free and easy with basketball um? I think it a lot of it is either just either rushing or you know getting too excited um. I wouldn’t necessarily say anyone has the intention of being free and easy with anything. I think you know. Sometimes there is such thing as trying too hard um, and i think you know even myself included. I think we sometimes get in that in that window, where we, we we’re, trying to make something happen so much when there really isn’t anything there. So we just got to be smarter, um just go down and then take what they give us and you know just make the right play and trust that play at the day. It’S not always going to be perfect. So, but we just got to make sure that we we have the right mindset and the right intent: hey um. What does this team need to get iron in this series? Um? I think we just need to make the right adjustments.

Um just need to make sure that you know we do a great job of rebounding. I think offensive rebounds have killed us a little bit in this in this series. They’Re kicking it out, making big threes. Obviously you know duncan robinson had a really good game today. Shooting the ball, so we got to find him myself included, but overall i think we just got ta got ta keep pushing man keep pressing toward uh, every game is gon na be different and every game is, is, is gon na come at you different there’s gon Na be different scenarios and we got ta, adjust and and make the right adjustments and and attack. You know stay on the attack, so series ain’t over man we’re down 0 2, but it’s a seven game series for a reason. Anything else. Thank you. Victor thanks ben let’s take a look at the series schedule in this heat pacers first round match up now the heat taking the 2 0 series lead over the pacers game. Three is saturday on tnt at 3. 30, then game four is monday at 6. 30. Of course, this point games five, six and seven are all as necessary: Music, good what’s up duncan nice job today. Okay, questions for duncan. Please raise your hand Music. First question ferdinand rivera, hey don’t, come um. John players, like you, have shown enormous confidence. How positive is this for the team going forward? Um it’s huge, you know there’s, obviously, a huge difference between being one and one in a series and two and oh so we wanted to just come out with a really high sense of urgency.

I mean i thought we did, that i thought we made some good adjustments. Uh game three is going to require more adjustment, so we just got to continue to adapt but still play with that that same level of passion. Next question david wilson, hey duncan uh. What was the biggest difference for you personally from game, one to game? Two um, i felt like i was kind of just going through the motions out there in game, one um wasn’t as aggressive as i should have been um. You know just felt a better rhythm in this one, for whatever reason, but uh that can’t be the case. For me, i got ta kind of assert myself and, and not just have the game necessarily come to me, but uh, but be more aggressive. So i thought that was big and then obviously you know you see someone go early. The hoop starts to look a little bigger, that’s, just basketball did anyone kind of say anything to you between game, one and game. Two uh before the game. Jimmy was telling espn like they really want to make a bigger, concerted effort to get you going in this one. Was there any talk in the last couple days of what you needed to maybe do differently? Yeah, absolutely. You know uh after game, one we sat down and just talked adjustments, um things i needed to do from a personal standpoint, especially uh, offensively and defensively and there’s a couple assistants that i i joke around with um, and they basically told me i wasn’t there at Game one, so i needed to assert myself in this one and uh.

Fortunately, my teammates found me in good situations and i just try to do my job next question. Manny navarro, hey duncan i’m, wondering if just from a defensive standpoint, did they pretty much guard you? The same way they did in game one or were there some things you were able to exploit in this one? Just from a strategic standpoint, i was it was pretty similar um. You know similar to what i’ve kind of been seeing recently. So i was able to get freed up a couple times just off of good plays by my teammates finding me in situations so um. Nothing super different between game, one and two, but uh i’m. Sure there’ll be adjustments for three and that’s where we got to adapt as a team, and i got it at that person and then and then this is a quick follow up uh, you know, goron was just in there talking about having fun and how that was Really a big theme, i guess you know making sure you guys are enjoying yourselves. Can you talk about that? A little bit just being able to enjoy these these first two games and it’s, not just stress it’s, actually fun out there yeah absolutely um. You know. Thankfully, we have veteran leadership to remind us of that. You know. Sometimes, especially the stakes are so high like they are, it can feel like life and death and uh. The reality is we’re at our best when uh that’s a staple of this franchise um, like i said, it’s when we’re at our past, so we just tried to do that really in game one, but also here tonight again thanks.

Okay next question: shannon irish ducking going off of that um similar question. Your guys bench support was very loud on tv. You guys could hear each other. Everyone could hear you guys cheering on each other um. Why is it so important whether you’re on the floor? Getting at support or whether you’re on the bench supporting your teammates in that way huge um, you want to be connected one through and we really feel that that’s a strength of ours. You know i mentioned it earlier, but really enjoying each other’s. Success is something that we really prioritize, and you know you come to learn that when you start to enjoy other people’s um but it’s, your turn to kind of have your moment. That moment is is more enjoyable as well, because you feel, like you, have your whole team behind you, so um it’s something we’ve been building and growing all year, but it’s. Definitely you know coming to fruition here in the playoffs next question david wilson, hey duggan, um there’s, been a lot of talk about playoff jimmy butler i’m. Just curious: do you see anything like tangibly different with him, either with his preparation or the way he’s carrying himself on the court or in the locker room, or anything like that? Probably just a heightened sense of urgency uh he he plays the game with so much passion, and i think you guys all see that uh. He did it during the regular season, but i will say it feels like it’s taking up a notch here.

He wants to win, he loves to win and he holds people accountable and uh. You know us, as his teammates need to learn that not to take that personally, but uh just to be all the way in with them and buy in and do our jobs. Next question dave: hyde, yeah, uh duncan. I i got here a little late. I hope this wasn’t asked. Do you feel any different today when you’re making shots, you hit your first four than any other game play off and all that or is it just uh? You started off well and it kept going um. Nothing really jumps out of me is being different. Obviously you know when you see the first couple go. You know the confidence kind of starts to build, but uh that’s you’re, not always gon na, have that luxury. So i feel like i’ve gotten, better and i’ve learned throughout this year to to learn um to play through misses and still be aggressive and still have that same mindset. So uh credit to my teammates for finding me in situations and getting me next question david ramil. Hey duncan uh, when you see a band pick up those two early fouls. How does that change your perspective, uh from an offensive standpoint, knowing that he’s such a focus as smart as creating place for you and for others just next man up um, you know there’s there’s, no can’t hesitate, um and worry, or anything like that.

It’S it’s just got to be mex man up, and we really feel that the depth is a strength of this team. So when he goes down, we hate to see it because, like you said he’s such a big part of what we do but um i thought guys came in and just gave us life off the bench which was big next question. Tim reynolds, hey duncan i’m. Sorry, if you were asked this already, but the only other guy to go seven for eight uh for the heat in the playoff game was mike miller in the game that clinched the finals in 2012.. You’Ve had this whole year, where you’re in the class with like wayne ellington, and you know mike on a bunch of stuff, when you hear your name like every other game getting attached to one of these lists, does it start to sound normal after a while? I don’t think it’ll ever feel normal um and, to be honest with you, i like it that way. Um. You know it’s incredibly humbling just to be mentioned, like you said, in the same sentence with some of these guys, just because what they’re able to do uh in this jersey specifically, so i just try to to be the best version of myself, um and they’ve. Certainly inspired me in my place, um, particularly mike. You know he he reached out to me. Uh over quarantine and we’ve, been able to connect and he’s been huge, always been in.

My heart been texting me since i’ve been down here so um. You know he’s he’s been like a great vet to me so just to be mentioned in in the same sentence. Obviously he did it on it on a significantly higher stage, uh so there’s a lot more for me to go that’s for sure.