Let’S take a look, though, what a player bam punching at home, damn man up top wow bam, we’re, still teaching our friend kendrick perkins, how to say your last name. It is a work in progress, but you know, since you’ve made the all star game, it is a necessity. Welcome back to the jump, it’s always so much fun when you’re with us here with scottie, pippen and chauncey phillips, and we loved hanging out with you in chicago. You were a first time all star this season, you’re also a finalist. Now, for the most improved player award joining brandon, ingram and luka doncic, what does it mean to you when they told you you were on that short list uh just because you know everybody’s, just realizing how hard i work to improve my game and just be one Of those top finalists, so you know it’s a pleasure and i’m just keep working bam. How have you been able to prove so much from this from last season? I mean what what’s what’s the secret, i would have to say opportunity. I got an opportunity to just just be myself and you know i got the minutes i didn’t have to i wasn’t stuck in this short minute role, and you know coaches really emphasized just letting me. Let me go and he he’s figured that out. He just he just lets me hoop now bam. I wanted to ask you: how has jimmy butler’s present changed the heat and he he he’s brought this? He can be his self.

Actually. If, if i want to be honest, he’s just being himself man, you can you can see that on both sides of the floor, you know – and i it really put him in more of like a leadership role where he can get guys in certain situations and certain Schemes like he comes up to me sometimes – and you know, he’ll he’ll call up a play for me because he knows the high hand or anybody that has a high hand, and you know he’s just been a great great person on and off the court. Jimmy said a few times, he said it again a version of it last night. He said i love that i can go curse. Someone else out, they can go curse me out. We all know it’s just because we want to get better and the fact that you, as a young player haven’t, had your confidence shaken by that, but in fact, have have really fed into that and been energized by that is so impressive. I know you’re head coach, eric spelstra, one of your biggest fans, also after game. One of this series. He was asked about you playing well after a couple of down games in the bubble, and i want to play you bam his response. Listen to this he’s, a winning player and uh. Look. Nobody was paying attention three years ago to how bam was playing. Now. Everybody has an opinion on whether he needs to shoot it where he needs to shoot how aggressive it needs to be he’s.

Doing the right things for our team that’s, the only thing that matters uh, everybody else can just uh. Stick it up. You know where is it more? People have opinions on how he needs to play, but he just continues to to play how we need him to play uh as our all one of our all stars and and a winning player bam that was that was uh for spo. That was that was a lot right. We don’t hear him like that that often when you heard that what’d, you say, um it’s it’s, just the utmost respect. We have for each other, and you start to realize how much we we come in contact and really talk to each other and got to know each other, so just for him to say that he realized like when they drafted me. Everybody thought i was going. I was just some random big that everybody like what are they doing drafting him, and now everybody has an opinion on when i should shoot or when i should be aggressive or when i should pass so so it’s kind of like you. You get tired of hearing what what everybody’s opinion is if they didn’t have an opinion about me in the game, yup man. Let me give you a little advice right. There stop listening. Young pump stop listening to him, but but let me say this man, i i’ve been a big fan of you, guys team. I love that y’all play so unselfishly on both ends of the floor.

Y’All floated a little bit under the radar all season. What are, what are you guys, expectations throughout the playoffs this year, you’re trying to win that’s it’s bottom line? You know we’re, trying to we’re trying to build back this. Miami heat, this hot miami heat mode that we had when d wade and lebron was here so we’re just trying to be one of those teams where, when you play us, it’s it’s a headache you hate to scout for it and you hate to play against the Miami look bam. Jimmy told me that he thinks and you guys think that you can win the title this year, not be contenders or not be. You know, get to the eastern conference finals, but actually win this year. Does that belief go through the whole team? Yeah? Absolutely i mean it, it should the way we’ve been playing it should it should. It should wake everybody else and make us realize, like we have a chance. Well, if things go chuck, the bucks will see you next and i know they are playing paying plenty of attention to you bam, always so fun we’ll talk to you in the next few rounds, thanks for joining us best of luck, thank you. Coming up we’re going to have jay bilas join the show he’ll discuss the results of last night’s wayne wade announced the launch of the social change fund. It is dedicated to investing in supporting organizations that advocate for communities of color through long term policy solutions through community representation and narrative change, so salute to mello.

Cp3 and duane mello told me they challenged all the athletes at the espys now it’s time for them to walk the walk too now it’s time for we’ll make or miss cue me and do the clapping and be like action, it’s a make or miss league. Maybe a little more funny than that, i don’t know what the i don’t know. What am i making missing it’s a make or miss lee cut that jimmy jimmy jimmy make footwork check out giannis yesterday with his signature, spin and dunk over gary clark. Oh all right! Scotty one of the greatest defenders the league has ever seen: how would you stop that? Oh hard file on catch hard, foul own cat, give him two wide open shots at the free throw line that’s it that’s? How you do that, and that is how it was done old school, ladies and gentlemen, miss there’s, nothing more to say than that. Miss ceilings lakers always bringing out the stars to the game, even when it’s virtual lil wayne sitting courtside again last night. So i i don’t know they’re doing pretty well with him sitting in that virtual seat. Chauncey give him a season ticket give him a digital fan season, ticket what’s up, wheezy, f, baby, all day every day at the games for sure he should be there all right. All right i don’t know scotty, do you want a virtual lakers seat? Uh i’m gon na take a pass.

Maybe in the finals yeah there you go well we’ll see who gets there, make swag russell westbrook rocking this maiden cut off while being extremely active on the sidelines during the game yesterday seeking the vibe here. What do you think scotty? I love that coaching outfit great. Okay, brody, oh, i love it. That’S that’s, so russell westbrook right there he got his guns out. He’S flexing coaches feel that they are now in a muscle, competition with russell westbrook. This is not good for some of the coaches at the nba. I don’t want to name names but i’m, just saying they’re going to lose that one race there’s been a lot of discussion about the coaches, coaching and the polos right in the restart instead of having to be in full outfits. This may be a little too casual for the other coaches of the nba to pull off. I think this is a rust, only sort of bubble, bubble rules, that’s all i’m gon na say bubble roll’s a little different, miss close range, so espn nba twitter posted this hypothetical contest of 30 foot shootouts between dame lillard and steph. This was after kenny, smith, went on tv and said that he thought dame had more range than steph steph responded. Are you kidding and then trae young joined in saying? Can i join so scotty? Would you like to see this happen? A 30 foot plush shootout competition between trae young dave, lillard and steph.

Oh, i would love it. I mean, please just tell me i’m, showing up virtual whatever. I want to see that all right, so you got scottie pippen. What about you trey? What about you? I love it uh. Would you go for it? I love it as long as trey young is not shooting on his home court that the horse competition was on, like just i like the one i like him, he’s gon na be shooting that from half court. We know dame is pulling from half and steph come on. We already know so who wins: ooh that’s, a tough one that says the tim i’m gon na try to sign up i’m gon na get it how about that get in there we go make trolling. The new york knicks landed the eighth overall spot in the draft lottery yesterday. They actually went down in the order, some expected a top pick for them, but not darren fox. He had some fun with nick’s twitter posting. A few digs then a clip of his windmill dunk in msg earlier this year. Did they pass him up or something like what’s up, what’s what’s what’s, going on here d fox? They did. I was gon na say i don’t know everybody at the knicks man, former team shots uh, one of them one of about 25.. I don’t feel bad for him at all. You were in demand. I don’t feel bad for your knicks. No at all.

No no! There. You go some someday, something good will happen to that team, but it just it it wasn’t. Last night, let’s stick with the draft lottery results, though the timberwolves won the lottery and the right to the first pick in the draft. So the wolves ended the season with the league’s third worst record, they’ll be followed by the warriors, who had, of course, the worst record. I want to take a look at some more lottery results. Chauncey there’s been some discussion about how the warriors should approach this. Second. Overall pick: should they trade it or keep it so put on your gm hat here? What would you do? They should turn over every single stone to see how sexy this number two pick could be. Who could we possibly go get out there and worst comes the worst if they can’t get what they maybe would value take wiseman? If wiseman is there you get, the warriors are going to be really tough next year, but you you have your your guys coming back. You got wiggins there and to have a athletic big that can catch, defend the rim, be a vertical threat and maybe you know, help defensively in pick and rolls they’re right back in the mix. I i think it’ll be a great choice for them to try to get younger out of the giraffe, obviously wiseman them needing a big inside. He seems to be the guy that sort of fit the criteria that they need.

So i i like them trying to get better out of the draft, but it also gives them a chance to get a little younger as well. I mean look adrien murzanowski, said last night that in his latest conversation with bob myers, they had talked about the window right. The window for the warriors is right now, the way those guys are on that roster and their age. So the idea of having a youngster that you got to bring along a 19 year old didn’t sound that appealing, if the number two pick on its own wasn’t enough to fetch he wanted chauncy. Would you package that, with someone already on the roster and try to really make a move for for a guy who’s more in their window on timeline, you have to you have to think about that rachel? You have to think about it. You know again, you have to turn over every stone, but i like the leadership there yeah i like them, bringing a young guy along scotty and saying: listen. You only have a couple things to do: go, get every rebound and block shots clean up. My mistakes we’ll bring you along the way slowly, but i i love their leadership there with coach kerr, and i i like it. I really do all right. Well, we will see what they do. We’Ll be watching that over the next couple months. Coming up on this show, you don’t have to wait that long.

We will be joined by all star heat forward bam adebayo. He is up for most improved player of the year and he’s a lot of fun. You don’t want to miss.