Interesting toronto is better without kawhi, leonard they’re, actually better. Without him, nothing changed. They got better without him. How like, when lebron left cleveland, they were cross. Eyed they’ve been crossed out ever since he left cleveland both times the both times. The both times that he left cleveland was eligible for the number one pick both times their soccer team cleve. The cleveland cavaliers are a soccer team. Now they play soccer now, kawhi leonard leaves toronto and they get better. They were going to have a better record than they had last year. They were winning games while low managing kawhi. He came through in the playoffs, and the team didn’t get the credit they deserved. I didn’t get. I didn’t even lie to you like i. I thought it was all about kawhi because that’s all the media talked about, they didn’t speak on the other players. They didn’t speak about. Kyle lauren speak about van fleet. They did at one point, have the best bench in the nba. I remember them talking about that. Averaging 40 points a game, but as far as giving the respect to the team as a team, they didn’t get that it was all about kawhi. That was the main story that the media and i listened to the media i’m. Listening what they’re saying on espn? They really don’t show the games in america like that and when they do i’m at work, so i’ll be missing a lot of the games, but this year i kind of i locked in on them a little bit, because i noticed they did something that caught my Attention and i’m gon na speak about that later, they’re, better without kawhi, they’re, better off without them they’re more dangerous without them, because you don’t know who’s going to beat you or how you’re going to lose that game.

Anybody on that team can beat you and they all follow that person’s lead. Whoever has a hot hand. Everybody knows the role of play, no matter what that’s hard to deal with. Normally, when a random player outside of the the number one or number two player has a hot game, it throws off the offense a little bit. They just feed them until he gets cold and then they go back to regularly schedule programming. But with what we’re fucking toronto, you don’t know who’s going to beat you van fleet, vodka, inoby and obi uh sayaka kylari, like they got options, they got so many options to beat you and the team just follows that lead and it’s still great together and they Still know how to beat every team nothing changed, they can still beat everybody without kawhi because they were beating people without kawhi. Last year. Nothing has changed, they can still beat everybody in the east and some of the teams in the west matter of fact, every team in the west they can beat every team in the league. They can still do it, they were doing it without kawhi, and this thing, like normally you were expecting a drop off. There was no drop off that’s. What we can’t wrap our minds around, how does a team who loses their superstar michael jordan, left chicago? They was shit, they looked okay when scottie pippen and tony kukos in 93 94. It looked interesting, but we believe that shit.

We don’t believe when the superstar leaves that the team’s gon na bounce back like toronto. I think toronto may be one of the only teams that bounce back immediately after the star leaves proving that the star wasn’t really a bigger factor. Maybe we made it a bigger deal than it actually was. Boston is still boston that sixers are still the sixers. Milwaukee is still milwaukee. Miami is still miami, nothing changed in the east, the lakers are still the lakers utah denver houston, pretty much small changes, but pretty much the same. The clippers made, the biggest change of all toronto can beat everybody on any given night, and i want to apologize. I’Ve been, i was talking shit about toronto throughout the year because they had made this leap, and this is the point i was talking about earlier, and they made this leap to the second spot in the east and i’m like how the fuck they get there like. How the fuck did they get there, because i knew seattle was hurting van fleet and everybody was in and out and everybody was out, but they were winning and the craziest thing. Somebody had to point out to me, and it was actually a toronto fan that they were winning with injured players. Nobody with the team was never healthy until now. This is their first time being healthy, together or healthy, ish, together they’re as close to 100 health wise. As they can possibly be, and and the people in the comments section who are toronto fans were absolutely right – they got to the second seed with the unhealthy roster.

Just imagine what they’re going to do now that everybody’s 100 fucking percent like this is they’re better than any superstar that they can land. This is a team, a complete unit, 73 points and a half fuck outta here in the playoffs they’re a problem. They are a problem 73 points in the play. Listen. This was a statement game and i’m gon na talk about the game right after this, but they’re bigger than kawhi leonard they’re, better without koala in it the media fed us kawhilin and kawalin and koala in it. While the team was pulling more than their own weight, everybody made it seem like they were new addition and kawhi leonard was ralph tres van and he was just the lead singer and then bobby brown go solo, he’s a star, bbd gets busy there’s stars, ralph’s treasure And does what ralph transferring does johnny gil goes solo, he’s a star, and you realize that they had a team. It wasn’t just one person. It was the unit that made it look great it’s. Just the person in the front got all the attention the league put kawhi in the front he didn’t want to be in the front. They fed us that storyline of kauai, being the leader of the team, kyle lowry, was the leader of the team. Every player on this team got better. The brooklyn nets are food; they’re, not playing, listen, they’re, not playing with their food sharks. Don’T play with their food alligators don’t play with their food.

Crocodile listen dinosaurs, didn’t play with their food predators. Don’T play with their food. Raptors are predators the greatest of predators, predator greatness and they don’t play with their food. Look at what a raptor does watch fucking jurassic park. You see, though, the whole shit was about raptors the whole jurassic park movies. All of them were about raptors, that’s, there’s. A reason for that, the smartest of them all and the most dangerous being tyrannosaurus rex is bigger, but he’s, not if a fucking raptor was bigger than the fucking was the same size. Wouldn’T stand a chance. T rex would be extinct just off the raptors, destroying them alone and they multiplied faster, but enough about the scientific shit. They almost had nine players in double figures in game one. They almost had nine players in double figures: that’s, crazy, that’s, that’s, that’s, grown man. Business toronto is a legitimate problem for everybody in the playoffs. Do not take them for granted fuck that kawhi leonard was the man allegedly that’s what the media fed us. They made us look past the team and think about one player. Kawhi is not here now and they look better than when he was there fellas. You have a date, a woman and she look i with you and you leave her for whatever reason and she takes that pain from the breakup that you left to win and she turns it into beauty and growth, and you see her in your regular spot.

Looking good good than a motherfucker – and she know it too, because she got better without you, she was good with you. She got better without you, everybody thought she was gon na fall off after you left. She got better. Maybe she was better while she was there with you and you just got most of the attention, because you were just a little more extrovert more of an extrovert than she was and she sees you at the spot with the same old shit going on. Looking the same, but she looked like a snack finger, looking good, fresh off the showroom floor and that’s how toronto looks without kawhi leonard they look good. Then a motherfucker fresh off the slope, the showroom floor. They look ready like i’m telling y’all right now. I understand what the media told us about milwaukee i get it. They fed us the milwaukee giannis hanso. If i got a question what they did with kawhi and the toronto raptors i’m, so i’m questioning this whole milwaukee thing now giannis is the best playing nba. But if you take giannis off milwaukee, they ain’t shit. Toronto beats them every time without giannis giannis has to be mvp giannis to get past toronto. I’Mma say it again. Giannis has to be mvp giannis to get past toronto. Now, how good is toronto in if he has to be at his mvp best in order for them to get past them? We’Ve been lied to people espn fox sport.

They lied to us with this marketing bullshit about. Let us decide who the best is. Motherfucker. Stop telling us who the best is we’ll tell you who the best is stop telling us, because it makes you money fetish that zion bullshit, instead of luca luca doncas, is the. Let me stay with this toronto situation. Toronto is the best team in the east until milwaukee beats them. Toronto is the best team in the east until milwaukee beats them and the fuck would nobody say i don’t want to hear no milwaukee shit. I like milwaukee, but until they beat toronto toronto’s the best team in the east they’ve proved it they’ve proved it without a alleged superstar i’m out of here, i’m nba show don’t forget to hit that like button to my toronto fans, i want to apologize. You were right the whole time and to the toronto fan. I wrote in my comment section years ago and said that toronto was going to win the title that year last year i had somebody say that at the beginning of the season they were going to win. The title i thought he was fucking crazy and they won the title he’s a fucking genius. I wish i remember who it was. I tell him that he’s, a fucking genius, i’m nba, show don’t forget to hit that like button and subscribe. I apologize to toronto. Toronto. Raptors are the shit they deserve all the respect that they get and more they’re not being marketed by the machine they’re not being pushed by the machine.

I don’t want to hear what the mission from now on, when the machine pushes a player i’m gon na walk the fuck away i’m gon na decide, who, i think is the best.