I bet he’s going to say. It’S close, i knew it. I was nice, or is he just having a good night he’s nice now he’s averaging, like close to 20, a game like he’s, a good player he’s, a very good average 18 in phoenix back to back years, no 21 year in phoenix and now he’s a very Good player, i don’t think he’s better than jordan butler. No, he can’t, i think. It’S close, i don’t know what he’s talking about. I didn’t see him he’s, not better than him he’s, not better than being about you know they don’t play the same position, not he’s. Not you know what sabonis is not playing right, he’s been out done, i don’t know who else for the season that’s dude. If they had some bonus, then i might pick them to win just with the way tj warren is playing. I mean you got malcolm brogdon. If oladipo can play pretty well miles, turner that’s, really not a bad team at all. By any stretch of the america, i feel like bam, can take sabonis out the game pretty easily. I don’t know damn is pretty physical nah. He can, i think so today. I think he’ll get him. I think he’ll really take the bonus. Who’S, better who’s, better, like what, which is offensively bam, is a better player. I think it’s really close. Well, i mean sabona’s got good, pretty good jump shots. She has a good post game.

I think he’s gon na put together all 18 points. Rebounds five assists, i think bam at about average is like the same but like like fuck. The stats, though, is better, like i mean better, better, like better, like way better way better but he’s better. I would definitely he’s better he’s going to lock him up. He would have locked him up by the way i got. We got to see what bam does in the playoffs i got. I think his defense is always going to be there, though, and his play making that’s big, like i feel like tj warren is gon na. Do what play an egg bro like oh yeah, he’s, not no he’s, not playing with him right now. Game time i got heat in six yo. Is it finally time to admit that, like victor oladipo was just a one year, wonder bro? No, we have to wait and see like i get that he got injured. I don’t think he will ever have another like all star esque scene. He had like an isaiah thomas he’s, like danny granger. Danny grazer had like two of those i’m, not gon na lie, and then he broke his time. I’M. Not gon na lie. Danny granger was way better than that he was better, but now he’s way better. You know danny granger, i would say this: we got ta wait and see because oladipo he’s got ta get more time. He rushed back into high intensity basketball at the end of the year.

There’S a playoffs it’s not going to be he’s, not bro like two years bro two years last year, his percentages weren’t that bad and he made it all defensive. First teams. I know what he’s talking about before the numbers, like you said: bro, look at oladipo’s numbers right now, bro like oh right now, it’s, not all of his years like after his all star year. I think he’s really good, though like he’s, a good player he’s, not this like best player on the team guy, i think he’s a third option on the team, so who’s the best player, 10 0 right now, it’s, 10. 0. Anything can happen down four. So what do you want to hear the last one three or four years, not at just after the okay here’s, where he got all star with indiana after his first year in indiana name, oladipo, stats, okay, his splits so i’m, not gon na do okc. So you know his first year 23 points for yeah. That was good the next year. He averaged 19 points. Five assists two steals: six rebounds, but like numbers field, goal percentage, so field goal uh from the threes 34. still goes, 42.4 uh, 42, 4, and then so i mean he didn’t. Have that good of a season right here, but it wasn’t bad. How many games did he play, though, that year he didn’t play a lot? He only played 36 games, okay and then 36 games.

This is a 20 2018 to 19. and then this year he only played 19 games not really fair to base, but he averaged like he’s averaging 14 points wait. Last year he only played 36 games right here. Look 36 games played, i thought last year was his all star year. No, the 23 points per game. His last all star year was one two like four seasons ago. Bro. Where am i bugging? No, i wasn’t it wasn’t. It was. It was like three years ago, it’s, 20 2017 – that was two years ago. So, oh he got hurt last year, yeah at the 36, so right now, he’s shooting ‘ from the feet. He’S coming off an injury, though bro and 32 yeah he’s really barely playing coming off an injury bro but i’m, seeing him play and i’m like. We was telling you to get poised it’s time when you just came back from the acl tearing you was like cooking now, look at you, you look stupid. You got ta, give it just came back from it, though, like poison, so now yeah, i was the difference. He’S, a bitch for him, no fuck, no it’s, not. He had a whole lot, especially because christopher found his Music he’s a shooter, but, like you still he’s, not it’s bad, i know but like he’s, 7, 3, so it’s even worse, because he’s not tall. He looks good right now, like he’s playing, he looks good he’s playing.

He loses. You got to give him some time, but i don’t know bro. I just think that no right now, he’s, probably the second but he’s a 30 year, one one year, wonder because he’s not good enough or because injuries or you just see him sustaining that he’s got the time a little bit of both. Like me, i think oladipo could be the third best player on the championship team. I don’t think he could be the second i don’t think he’d be the first. I think he’d be the third though that’s like that’s, not yeah yeah. You would call that an old nba third team player, no, i wouldn’t i’ll, call out how about the year he he balled out when he had like when he was getting three steals: a game averaging 24. that was a great year. So then, like that year, like what would you say, come on the second best player championship team? Are you still having no way no somebody’s? Probably still probably. Third still i mean okay that’s, just who i think oladipo. Is you look at his stats in orlando and okc they’re kind of like the same on what he’s doing now, like i just think he’s that 16 to 20 point per game player, but anything over that is like overachieving for him, okay, yeah. It makes sense. I feel you on this so who you got winning yo. I got miami, i think i’ll say six just because i think it’ll be.

I think my amy is six. I got my emails, we all got my amy and six great and grand series. I think miami and six butler is gon na really try to know what i the other day, and i don’t know if y’all are going to agree with this, but uh. Do you think that he like is a joke kim noah like a chicago joe kim noah, like a defensive player of the year, chicago yeah, like just a great defender, a good passer, but obviously adebayo is way more athletic, so you’re saying he’s a better joe kim Noah yeah or around you know what i see why you saying you know what’s crazy. I heard he has like a crazy, crazy work ethic. I could really see bam developing a jumper in like a year or two from the three point lines. No, no. He doesn’t look like i’m telling you in a year or two he’s gon na he’s gon na be a respectable three point: shooter it’s gon na happen. I wouldn’t doubt that’s that’s what you need today and, like i mean i hear a lot of janice’s coming reports. He better be able to shoot the ball yeah if giannis is going to come. I was looking, though, how are they going to have the money for giannis, because that’s the same year? They have to pay bam. I don’t think no. They said that they would not have gone goron’s, making a lot of money right, he’s, a free agent, though they’ll, probably trade, him jimmy’s making 36.

, but they already, though he said they have to pay. None that year duncan robinson that year bam that one of them walked for giannis let’s, be right back, they already said bam. They will they won’t resign bam. If john is going to come, i think, since i think pick him up, i think since duncan and none are rookies. They, like their contracts, are kind of weird, like they’re, probably still on a rookie deal, and none is not making that much money at all, because he’s not drafted, played kendrick nunn yeah. He had a solid yearbook, hey you’re, about to bring in jimmy you’re about to bring in giannis. You need you’re going to need duncan you’re going to need a shooter. You know he’s. Definitely true for miami jay, crowder he’s shooting live from the herald.