We will begin jason jackson. First question: we got a couple for you. First of all, just from a defensive standpoint. Both these teams obviously lead with that. Uh they got the defensive player of the year top ranked defense, but if you all have an edge it’s, the way you defend the three point line ranked six this year, they’re at 15. How important is that edge defensively in trying to impact this this this game? This first game in this series, uh that’s that’s, where we start at here in miami, is we pride ourselves on playing incredibly hard, um and locking in on the defensive end, making sure that everybody’s in the right position, um? Obviously they have a great offense and and jan is getting to the rim and spraying out to all the shooters that they have. But we went over it. We know we’re, capable of so as long as we. You know in the right spots playing hard or end up in a uh in a good position and speaking of giannis, if you’re defending well and obviously not giving away a whole bunch of other stuff, but having the right focus on him requires what defensively effort. Multiple efforts at that um, obviously he’s a hell of a player, not mvp. For a reason. I mean he’s mvp for a reason, but you can’t just get lost at how many talented players that he has around him as well and how he can score the ball and also gets everybody else involved.

Which is why they’re such a good team um. But you know it: it does start with him, so you got to lock in on him and then you know you take him out, and hopefully you take a little um of these other guys out too ira winterman jimmy. How much does this time off help you with your shoulder? Is that still an issue and sort of take us through the timeline of its improvement and rehabilitation? Please uh no it’s, not an issue i’m good to go i’ve been doing what i’m supposed to be doing to get it right. Still lifting still working on my game, um and i’m expected to go out there and compete at a high level, whether it hurts or not. You know that’s what i’m gon na do we’ve spoken about playoff jimmy before and how you lift your game this time of year. Does this feel like playoffs? Does this? Because this unique situation, i know you’re in the conference? Semifinals it’s a big game, a lot of eyes. How much of this feels like your other playoff, outings and and how much does it take to have to draw something, maybe extra from within without fans with the neutral setting it’s a little different? You can’t sit here and say that it’s not but it’s uh still competing at the highest level with that everybody’s fortunate to be able to play this game the days that we do play it, but uh we’re here to win man homer away.

I think this is the type of environment that we like to play in we’re, not worried about the fans in the building blowing us or cheering for us for that matter. Um we’re just out here playing a miami heat style, basketball playing hard playing with and for one another and that’s what’s been getting us these dubs, as of late tim reynolds jimmy how much of a priority for you was it this year to raise bam’s confidence level? Kendrick tyler duncan um. These guys have all i mean they’re, not the same guys. They were when you guys went to training camp 11 months ago. How how much of a priority was that for you and how would you sort of assess the job you did in that regard, um? I think it was key for me and key for those guys in the sense that uh i knew that i couldn’t get done. What i plan on getting done without those guys um, obviously goren, shut up. Nobody understand that um, these these guys are so important. What we’re trying to do – and i just and everybody else, constantly paying them confidence bam – is going to be bam and it’s funny, because we talk about all the time how nobody ever really cared i’ve already talked about bam until bam started, showing what bam can really Do um, but here we’re in each other’s corner we want everybody to be successful and the best part about it is um you’re, always cheering, and your time is going to come and whenever it does, all of our young guys are going to be ready.

Music, anthony chang, hey jimmy. I know you probably never enter anything thinking you’re the underdog, but you guys have become quote unquote uh. I guess a popular upset pick in this series. You i mean you liked it or you prefer it. The other way where you enter a series where you know people are down to you guys and look um, the group of guys. We have, i think, the majority of us, if not all, of us, have a chip on our shoulder and uh. I think that’s. What makes us who we are and what makes us click what makes us play so hard play together so much we get an understanding of that um. We don’t care. If you pick us to win, if you pick us to lose, you know, however, many games, we’re gon na go out there and compete man. We know what we’re capable of and, at the end of the day, that’s all that matters cause we’re the ones that’s here. We’Re, the one that’s stuck in a hotel room, we’re the one that’s out here practicing, but when i got ta go out there and compete. So you can pick and pretend, like you, you know what’s gon na happen, but but nobody does we’re the ones that control that david ramil hey jimmy uh. We all know how confident and capable you are and how much you love the game, but being here in the bubble and the difficulties uh going on around the world around you have you had any kind of doubts about your decision to enter the bubble and now That you’re in it uh, you know moving forward, no, not really um.

I think it’s a great job. What everybody’s been doing and raising awareness for what’s going on in the world um and as much as i learned as much as my guys get to learn each and every day about it as well. We get to compete man and we get to constantly shed light on everything. So no i don’t, i don’t regret it. I miss my family. I miss my people. I do that, but um other than that i’m, blessed i’m fortunate to be able to be here, clay, ferraro jimmy. You talk all the time about the confidence you have in your shooters, and this is a milwaukee team that does give up a lot of three point. Shots is part of their defensive scheme. How important is it to have those guys and then for you guys to have the confidence that they’re gon na knock down those shots, uh it’s, very important um we gon na play the same style of basketball. You know we get the the same questions in a different way, but we’re going to attack get into the paint, find open, shooters and we’re going to get pissed off if they don’t shoot the ball like that’s. The way that we play. We want our guys to be aggressive and then, when we run out here, we go guard on another end of the floor and we’re gon na see where we we end up at the end of the game.

But if we’re doing that i’m taking our chances nick friedel jimmy you’ve spoken all year about how tight the group is and how much you like playing with these guys i’m curious camaraderie wise how this group that you’re with now compares to those early bulls groups that You came in to the league with um i mean i was at a different place in my career, obviously, and i’ve learned so much in all of these years. All the different teams and organizations i’ve played for so i’ve got a better sense of what to do. What not to do, but with these guys here they just work so incredibly hard. They don’t really give a damn about what anybody’s, saying or typing or or any of the other stuff that’s on the internet. They just come here and work and i think that’s uh how i am in a lot of ways. So we just understand one another and um here: they’re buying 20 cups of coffee, so it always helps eric from the athletic hey jimmy um, between uj and wes. Marquette is about to have three dudes that are going to play before you finish. Your question rank those guys from coming out of marquette d wade’s out, so me jay and wes, who you got one two and three from when you came out or from now from now i mean i think man i mean i cover the bugs, but objectively, i Think i’d have to put you at the top, then probably less than probably jay all right.

Okay, go ahead! Finish your question. He answered the question jay i didn’t. I didn’t say that wait, a minute wait a minute! Let me finish my video. Let me be low. Go ahead, uh for you guys just what did it kind of mean to build off of each other, and why do you think it is that you know when a team gets a dude from marquette? They met like automatically no they’re gon na. Have a tough dude that’s ready to go that’s playoff, ready, uh. It means a lot, but i will say that that wes set the tone for us in the sense that he came into the league as an underdog and showed what it takes to make it um and he’s made a hell of a career out of it. At that, but you know going into marquette you’re going to get somebody that just played incredibly hard and definitely prides himself on the defensive end, and then they just constantly get better year after year um. So you know whatever rank that you put us three in you. You got dogs and you got guys that want to win and that are going to compete at the highest level, so um i’m fortunate for him, semitone i’m fortunate for jay being able to uh go to war with me every day and i’m um i’m gon na Keep thanking both of those guys for that. So then your ranking’s different, i guess, hey man, i don’t believe in rankings.

But since you just ranked that day, you last nothing all right. Last question: aj speaks we’re waiting on uh, the big face: coffee, commercial, but uh. In all seriousness. I got a question for you about the last 48 hours we haven’t had a chance to speak to you i’m, just curious, where your mindset was when it was paused and then how happy you are with the outcome and how you think everyone will respond to it. Uh, i think we’re going to respond to a great um. I love the pause because it was for a great reason and i think us as players handle it the right way, no matter what anybody on the outside thinks, but i think it’s time to keep doing what we’ve been doing.