Meanwhile, jimmy butler will lead a balanced heat squad that hasn’t played since sweeping indiana a week ago. Stephen. I cannot wait for this series who do you think wins it? I i acknowledge it’s a long shot, but i just got this funny feeling miami’s going to find a way to win this series. I really do. I just think that their perimeter, shooting uh the leadership of jimmy butler and the questionable shooting of milwaukee once giannis entertacumpo is neutralized to some degree, really really favors miami here i’m, a duncan robinson and tyler hero fan along with kendrick nunn it’s, not just jimmy butler, That i love so much it’s, not just out of bio, that i respect uh, but i love their perimeter, shooting the marksmen that they have willing to pull up from the parking lot. I love these guys and i think that they have a shot to beat milwaukee. Now nobody’s going to beat milwaukee if you can’t at least, contain gianni santa to come for at least when things get tight in the fourth quarter. You got to stop him from going downhill. You got to stop him from being able to attack the defense. The way that he does make him shoot a few perimeter shots if he hits perimeter shots there’s, no hope for anybody, because then it’s over for the world, because he has everything else, but i really really believe it’s still an impediment to his progress. I think miami is one of those teams that definitely could exploit it, and i just got this funny feeling that they’re going to take milwaukee out, especially with middleton playing the way that he’s been playing with the exception of the last game or so, but for the Most part middleton hasn’t even arrived in a bubble yet as far as i’m concerned, and until he does, i don’t see any reason to believe in milwaukee at this point.

Well, he got hot late in the game, but um look. Last year i looked at the bucks and when they made that deal for miradic miradic, who never really got going with the team, and you look at brogdon and everything else, you’re like this team can run the table right now. That’S, not this bucks team they’re thin at that second level of excellent player, there’s, giannis and there’s. Everyone else and everyone else really now consists. You know apologies to to bledsoe and others who need to have big games. I mean someone has to step up into middleton, but middleton is really in his own tier in that second category, so he needs to step up and stephen a i get it about the heat. You are not alone, brother, a lot of people like the heat, and this is not an easy pick. Um, the heat have everyone you mentioned like what do you other than size? What do you want from a team? You want the guy who can get his own shot with that kind of championship, style, heart and play defense on the perimeter and all that stuff at the end of the game, jimmy butler, you want that. You want another guy who can also shoot and get his own shot innocent in dragach. You want the veteran defensive guy who can hit a big shot in in iguodala. Who do you want? You want duncan robinson and tyler hero who can bomb from the outside everything? You want bam, who can play defense and rebound and all those things everything you want on the team is on the heat, but you know what’s, not stephen, a an mvp that’s on the bucks, that’s giannis and yes, we’ve seen that he can.

You can wall up against him in everything that toronto did, but they were doing that with ibaka and gasal and with kawhi picking him up early that’s, not this miami team. This miami team is going to have a hard time on the offensive boards against against the bucks and when you, by the way, even brooke lopez. You know one of the things that worried me was brook. Lopez, didn’t shoot it well this year, but since the playoffs started he looks like he did last year, shooting it from from outside. So suddenly you have a big who can space the floor and grab boards and defend the rim to go next to giannis. Plus you have some of the other pieces i mentioned. I think when you have a player as gifted as giannis that’s, the difference in a series like this. I know why you like the heat it’s, not a bad pick, but i i i think the history of the league says the team with that guy wins and that guy is gianna, sentecampo who’s going to be the regular season. Mvp you’re, probably right if i was just breaking down the basketball analysis of it all. I would say to you that milwaukee definitely should be the favorites and they’ll win this series. I just have a funny feeling about miami with this against this particular team and the two victories that miami had over them during the regular season they shot 31 and 20 percent that’s.

What milwaukee did in the two losses when they beat him in a bubble? They shot 40 percent from three point range i’m thinking. You’Ve got to do that against miami in order to beat them if you’re the milwaukee bucks, because they’re not going to just let the greek freak come downhill against them, particularly after watching how toronto successfully neutralized them. In the last four games of the eastern conference finals last year, i just don’t see that happening so again. I think that milwaukee should be the favorites, but i just got this funny feeling that miami is going to have the ability to take them out in the bubble. I just feel that way about them. It remains to be seen. We’Ll see what happens. No question can’t. Wait pat riley running the organization. Spoelstra is the coach with the championship, experience and all that stuff steven a i get it. I just want to say one last thing molly about this, and this may not come into play. I think one. I think one of the reasons people feel the way you do steven and i have that same feeling underneath like well. This miami team feels a certain way is because they have heart in a way that most teams don’t, maybe even the bucks like you’re thinking boy. If it comes down to a contest of hearts, you don’t want it with the heat, but and let me get a little deeper or maybe dumber like you choose what the bucks just went through and the decision they just made.

If you talk about coming through adversity, growing as a team coming together with a unit, phil jackson writes about this in terms of the stages of a championship team as a unit coming to that, like us against the world mentality, what the bucks did willing to forfeit A playoff game everything they did in the bubble takes on a greater significance if they, for example, win a championship right now, and we just talked about um chadwick boseman and how he felt how he went through what he did with the chemo and everything and how Maybe if he was attaching himself to something larger felt, a responsibility outside of himself to something bigger. This is something muhammad ali used to talk about when he fought george george foreman. He goes if it’s me against big bad george foreman there’s, no way i could win but i’m f, but he felt like he was fighting for oppressed people all over the world like he was fighting for something outside himself and bigger than himself something that george foreman Felt in his second career, having had a religious experience, the bucks may feel right now that this is bigger than just them and and whether or not that affects the game, it would affect the story.