One of the more interesting second round match ups has to be the one of milwaukee and miami, as in my eyes, a potential upset is on the cards in today’s video. I will be taking a look at the second round match up for the milwaukee bucks and miami heat and predicting the series, each team’s strengths and weaknesses, the players who need to step up the key to success. Every little detail before we start, if you’re new here and enjoy the video be sure to subscribe for more nba content like this i’m, trying to hit 15 000 subscribers by the end of the year, so all support would be greatly appreciated anyway, with that, all being Said let’s take a look at this second round: matchup Music lucas, the milwaukee bucks have been solid in the playoffs so far after a poor game, one where the magic managed to upset them. The bucks cruised throughout the rest of the series and ended up giving orlando a gentleman sweep janus was dominant as per usual and though chris middleton was struggling at the start of the series he’s starting to find his form after the long break. It’S. Fair. To say that the bucks haven’t been playing up to insane standards like they were prior to the break, but i think they are starting to refine that form as of late, which is good to see the miami heat have been amazing. These playoffs too, as they swept the fourth seat pacers jimmy butler, was just one of those players playing amazing.

That series averaging 20 points a game and playing very good defense, as the heat managed to lock up tj warren and victor oladipo, tyler, herro and goran druggage were also extremely good as well, and the heat look like they’re in red hot form. Right now, they’re, probably the most on fire team in the league. If i’m being honest, the bucks are going to be a challenge, but i think the heat can make this series a lot more interesting than it seems on the surface. So with that said, what are the strengths and weaknesses of each team and how will they help or disadvantage them? This round let’s take a look at milwaukee’s strengths, first milwaukee’s biggest strength that i can think of has to be their defense, though they give up a lot of three pointers: every game. They still have a top tier nba defense that shuts down a lot of teams and makes them so dangerous to come up against. Their defensive system has allowed janus to win defensive player of the year and again has kept a lot of good offensive teams at bay. The only issue that i have here with milwaukee and i’ll go over it more in a bit is that miami have the best three point percentage in the league as a team that gives up so many threes. That could be a problem, but we’ll have to wait and see how they go. Another strength for milwaukee is their rebounding due to their elite defense and pretty tall lineups.

Overall, the bucks are one of the league’s best rebounding teams, a top five team in rebounds per game against the team that was dominant on the offensive rebounds last series. This is going to be crucial for the bucks and their success, so those are the strengths of milwaukee, but what about their weaknesses? I know i said this was a strength of theirs, but the bucks three point defense in particular is a big weakness for them. Their overall defense is phenomenal, but, as i’ve mentioned, when it comes to three point, shots the bucks just aren’t good at defending that. I know they’d give up a lot of shots from there intentionally, but still, i feel like this could cost them this round, though, teams only make 35.6 percent from deep against milwaukee 2. The problem lies in the frequency. Not the efficiency teams, shoot close to 43 pointers. A game against the bucks, the most in the league and again against a team like the heat, the best shooting team in the league from three per three point percentage. This style defense may be costly in the second round series. So those are the strengths and weaknesses of the milwaukee bucks, but what about the miami heat? A big strength of the miami heat has to be their three point. Shooting the heat are tied first in the nba for three point: shooting percentage with the utah jazz on 38, and this is thanks to guys like duncan robinson tyler, hero, etc, shooting lights out throughout the season when the heat shoot threes, they get very good, looks and To have sharp shooters, like robinson, obviously helps too, as i’ve mentioned plenty times by now.

The bucks give up a lot of threes, so hopefully that percentage can stay the same for the heat, this series, as it could earn them the win. Another strength of miami’s is their team chemistry. The reason why the heat are so good. This season is because they mesh so well with each other. This team has probably the best chemistry out of any team in the league and though that is hard to measure you can just see it when they’re out there. I think this is enlarged thanks to jimmy butler, whose work ethic and leadership has inspired this. Otherwise, mediocre team, and now with their friendly banter competitiveness and, most importantly, respect for each other they’ve become a very cohesive team in a slam. Interview bam at a bio said. The heat in previous seasons used to have little groups of friends on the team, not really one big group that has changed this season and it’s pretty obvious on the court to me, which has hugely benefited this team. So those are the strengths of the miami heat, but what about their weaknesses? The biggest weakness i can think of for miami is their transition, offense and overall, fast break scoring due to their slow pace. The heat are one of the worst teams in the nba at running the fast break and that’s seen with their bottom. Five fast break points per game, i’m, not sure if this will have too big of an impact on them.

This series, considering in the playoffs the game, slows down a lot more, but we’ll have to wait and see, but this is definitely an issue for the heat nonetheless, so those are the strengths and weaknesses of both teams. Now let’s take a look at a player or two from each team that needs to step up this series in order for their team to have the best chance at winning we’ll start with the box. The player on the box, who needs to step up, has to be chris milton in the first round. Series against the magic middleton was playing pretty atrociously if i’m being honest, excluding a couple of games for the series. Middleton averaged 13.5 points per game. Seven rebounds and five assists and shot a horrific 34 from the field in this second round, middleton must find his groove because the heat are going to throw everything at giannis. So if anta de kumpo doesn’t have a secondary star to rely on to get his team out of trouble, if he is struggling, the bucks may be in deep water if chris plays well, it throws a spanner in the works of miami’s game plan, so he’s really A key piece to the buck’s success, this series, his play lately, has just been so poor. It really needs to improve as soon as possible, because otherwise, i really struggle to see the bucks winning this series, the player that needs to step up for the heat.

In my opinion is duncan robinson and it’s, not because he was playing bad, he just needs to take the opportunities he’s likely to be given and that’s in terms of three point: shots as i’ve mentioned many times already. The bucks give up a lot of threes. So is someone who is a very streaky shooter, but when is on fire can’t be stopped. Robinson needs to make the most of this series and punish the bucks. Make them switch up. Their gameplay we’ve seen what he can do versus indiana, so he just needs to continue that hot form into the second round and basically make the bucks pay for the lacks coverage. If he can do that, the heat are a real chance to disrupt the bucks and pull off an upset. In my eyes, the key to success for milwaukee is being consistent. I think, in their first round match up against orlando. Most of the bucks players really struggle to provide consistent performances and, though, that wasn’t an issue against a team like orlando, it will be against a legit contender in miami middleton lopez. All of them need to step up and help out janus because he’s going to have a huge target on his back if they can’t i’m, just not sure if they can win this series. I’M. Sorry, the key to success for the heat has to be shutting down. Giannis, the bucks don’t have any other shock creators, if we’re being honest, so if you minimize the harnesses impact, the bucks are basically done full.

I think the heat can do so without a bio it’s, going to be a very interesting match up, but yeah. The heat must slow janus down as much as possible; they cannot let them run rampant. So with that all being said, after looking at the strengths and weaknesses of each team, after looking at the players who need to step up and the key to success, it is time for my final prediction, who wins this series, in my opinion: well, i’m, really torn Here, i’m, going to be honest, my gut is telling me milwaukee and my head is telling me miami so i’m, not too sure to me. It really all comes down to how well janus answered akumpo plays and if the heat can slow him down. So i think i’ll go with this prediction. I think the miami heat will win this in seven, and here is why, though, my gut is telling me buxon 6, the more and more, i look at it. I think the miami heat are a real shot at winning. This series, the miami heat, are one of the best teams in the nba at shooting the three ball and the milwaukee bucks are probably the worst team in the league defending the three. They give up a lot of shots from there. The heat also aren’t a great team on the road, but they are now playing in a neutral environment which, as we’ve seen, has been a huge beneficiary to their success in the restart and against a team.

Like the bucks, i think, having home court advantage taken away. Will be huge in terms of keeping giannis at bay, though bam atabayo is by no means a yana stopper. He does possess the athleticism to keep up with him and neutralize his attacking drives on the rim. During this season, the heat held the bucks to their lowest point total on the season 89 points and were up by double digits on the box when they played in the bubble without jimmy butler and goran druggage, though, the heat struggle to hold on to leads. They do have a reliable closer in butler, which the bucks really do. Not with that all being said, no matter how much, i believe in the bucks and jarnis. For some reason, i just can’t see them winning this series. If you have them winning it. I can’t blame you. It could go either way in my opinion, but at the end of the day, i’m gon na have to go with the heat in seven games and that will conclude the video. What do you guys think of this? Who do you have winning the series, the box or the heat? Let me know all your thoughts on this down in the comments below.