They have the bodies of thor giannis and they have the best giannis defender in the nba. In bam, autobio and if you could stick bam out of bio on your honors for 40 minutes uh, you probably not you’re not going to neutralize giannis but you’re going to make him inefficient and you’re going to uh you’re going to decrease his ability to pass out. Um and that’s, where they kill you uh, because you pay so much attention to giannis that guys, like chris middleton, just just square up and kill you and what the magic did a lot of times. They walled off giannis, but they also trapped middleton and middleton. Don’T know how to handle that kind of pressure. So the thing is that he can guard giannis with guys uh individual guys, uh way better than the magic cam they have uh djj, which i don’t know. If he’s strong enough but he’s there, you got jake and andre iguodala, you got jimmy butler and you have the ultimate bam on about. You got five bodies that you could throw at uh giannis to to the point where you don’t have to triple team him. All the time you could send those uh very timely, double teams, with a guy like dragon, which was very good with his hands, who could strip the ball down low and they’ve done that very well. Tyler hero’s, really good at that kendrick nunn is one of the biggest problems because he’s not timely on the on the double teams and he’s not getting enough minutes.

But what i’m trying to say is that he are set up very well to either beat the bucks or play them very hard um. So i’m, like i said i’m, going to talk about this ad nauseam for a week on five on the floor. So i want to get your guys’s takes on this. So i’m, just gon na go around the clock right i’m, starting with matthew heat bucks next round. What are you seeing happen? Give me 30 seconds, okay, so going on what you said right with, we have so many individual bodies that can go at the bucks. Our closing lineup has about at least four people that can individually guard. You know giannis. So that means that if the game is wait, wait wait i’m, stopping you matthew, they don’t have four guys in that closing line. They can guard uh, andre andre jimmy bam. That’S a well, we don’t know we don’t know yet: okay, but no no you’re right. They go ahead, they have at least three. They have at least three depending on you know what eric’s poster does they might have four right, so i think that, like we’ve been practicing this to play the bucks. I know that we don’t like to look ahead, and i know that eric spoelstra says you know we’re focusing on this team, but i do believe that every team tries to get. You know some practice in before you play that next team and um i’ll be sad and angry if we don’t at least take this to six to seven games, alfredo bucks, okay, uh booting holes are uh, tries to find ways to initiate offense with with giannis and One of the ways that he tries to do it is try to set a bunch of picks at mid court and try to get him the ball at the top of the key.

So you can initiate offense. Most teams like to use a smaller guy, namely a point guard to guard the ball on giannis when he’s at the top of the key don’t. Do that just send your big guys over there and guard his hands, because the bucks are best when giannis it’s it’s. Very simple, he’s taller he’s longer he’s skilled. If he could pass over you, he could pass around you. He could shoot over. You he’s going to beat you, so you send your big guys, you’re, saying you’re, guys that have they have length to guard his hands and book ball pressure, constantly all game in his face and make everybody else beat you adam uh. To be quite honest, i think i don’t have the guts i think uh uh. I just think that the key to stopping the bucks is going to be bam and he’s going to be the key to whatever they do in the future, but i think bam is going to get for a few games he’s going to get into foul trouble. Little too many times during you know the over the course of the series, and i think that’s what’s, going to stop the heat um and going back from what you were saying earlier. I think overachieving would actually be losing to the bucks in seven uh as much of a downer as it is. I just don’t the one move that giannis has that nobody can seem to stop.

Is that that spin, right under the basket that nobody knows how to stop? I just don’t know what you can do about it, except for walling off guys and then then you’ll have chris middleton open for three. So i don’t know what the heat can do about it, but we’ll see i’ll tell you what they can do about it adam you need a drink. We could do. We could do what alfredo just was saying. I feel as if the key to success here, like you said, bam dj for alf’s point about length. Dj is a great one on one defender strength. Maybe not, but can he stay in front of giannis enough? The key with giannis? Is you want to make him dribble more than he has to he still can’t shoot? These are the facts that we do know he’s, basically, the same player from last year in the playoffs, maybe a little more aggressive, a little more seasoned, but he still has the same weaknesses. If you play him straight up and you cover those so he’s not driving and kicking to middleton and divincenzo – and you make him have to beat you just one on one, then we can afford to give giannis 30 points. You know what i’m saying the person who i’m really worried about is uh the freaking lopez brother, the shooter he’s, the one who, no matter what you do. I mean that he he’s a stretch, five that legit causes problems.

However, if you, i feel like, if you guard giannis 101 – and you just ask your best defenders to do their best job, don’t double off of them and make everybody else have to beat you like what alfredo was saying, i think you’ve got a chance to win That series so so here’s my thing who starts on giannis, because we’ve seen that that spoke is not expo is not comfortable with of four quarters with bam. Magnanis um, i think jake ryder starts on the honest and yeah on brooke lopez, because you don’t want bam and foul trouble. You just don’t like come on. Do y’all do y’all. Think spo is going to pull the zone out. I mean you got a team. Who’S been shooting eric bledsoe is a terrible shooter. Middleton is on a terrible little slump right here. Um giannis is not a shooter like that. Listen, i like the zone in in small doses right the problem with the season with the zone, it became like their primary defense until they made that trade, which is like a lot of people, were mad at me, like oh i’ve, been a justice supporter. How can i support that trade because justice wasn’t healthy, just as who justice, winslow, justice, wasn’t, healthy and and dion and jj, i mean come on, like they were unplayable yeah? It was zone out of necessity and because you couldn’t, you didn’t have the match. Ups now they put a line about they put.

I was watching today, like the pacers are looking for mismatches. There are none, no we’re talking about we’re talking about the books and i’m saying lopez is your biggest. I think mismatch that we have outside of giannis. Everybody else i think we can, we can square up pretty evenly, but uh robin lopez is a is a bit of a brook lopez. Is a bit of a robin off the bench, yeah i’ll say go ahead, i’ll say the one thing that he uh actually having a bit of an advantages. Is their guard play defensively because the guards on the bucks aren’t as explosive aren’t as good as the guards on the pacers, so we’re not going to see we’re not going to see all these blow bys that we’ve seen in this series? So i think that’s going to be pretty big for guys like tyler here or goron dragic adam. I think that’s huge, because we talk about on five on the floor. The point of attack defense on a heat is terrible, but you saw on this series. It wasn’t that big of a deal because victor oladipo doesn’t have all of his explosiveness and when he was when he did start to get his his act together, they put jay crowder on him and they also double teamed him and trapped him a lot so that Explosiveness explosiveness wasn’t as effective and the bucks don’t have those guys. My concern with the heat is when it comes to the raptors and the celtic yeah, when you’re going up against fredbear kyle lowry, kevin walker.

All these boys says uh stephen, a smith you’re, not in them boys and boys, like i that’s, why i get concerned about the heat um, but the problem with the bucks is giannis is a monster, so it’s yeah, but the heat also have the guys for giannis. I think we’re gon na and and i’m probably gon na end this here, because we’re at 40 minutes or 10 minutes over um, i think we’re good. I think we’re going to talk about this series or, of course, we’re going to talk about the series. A lot going forward, the most important thing is the i think the the thing that we have to look at is the heat in the second round is where we all wanted them to be at the beginning of the season, and at this point, it’s a win. I think a sweep would be uh if the heat got swept it’d, be a huge disappointing disappointment, but the heat taking the bucks to six or seven. And if the heat wind, that’s all icing on the cake – and we got to start looking forward to next year. But we will talk more about the heat bucks series on five on the floor or the heat magic series to be politically correct, but i want to thank everybody. For i mean the chat has been live. Man it’s extremely live like the the there’s, a million comments.