That is the starting lineup for the miami heat, the starting lineup for the milwaukee bucks. At guards we have eric bledsoe and at the other guard we have wesley matthews at ford’s. We have chris middleton and giannis attentacumpo and at center for the monkey bucks. We have brook lopez. Both of these teams go about nine to ten deep, so let’s go ahead and look at the key reserves for each team. We have andre iguodala, kelly, olynyk, derek jones and tyler hero, the key reserves for the miami heat and for the milwaukee bucks. We have george hill pat connaughton, robin lopez and dante divincenzo for the milwaukee bucks as the key reserves. We also have kendrick nine. We really don’t know what’s been going on with him. He was a key starter for most the season for the for the miami heat. Now gorham drawdrick has took back that position at point guard for the miami heat and kendrick nun has not been getting a lot of playing time. The espn espn website even has kendrick nunn is out, even though there’s no notable injury that i know of so let’s go ahead and look at the stats for each team. What what sticks out for us for milwaukee? We see that giannis is the team leader in points rebounds and assists as well as field goal percentage, jimmy butler leading the heat in points assists and stills and as well as free throw percentage. So we have those two players leading the league leading the teams, their respective teams in those stats.

We look at the offensive defensive stats. Milwaukee is a little bit better on defense and uh. Quite a bit six points a game better on offense, so i think they’re even re out, rebounding yeah they’re, definitely even out rebounding the heat. You look at that offensive, rebounds per game 51 to 44 and then defensive 45 to 42., so milwaukee’s. According to these stats right here, it does have a pretty big advantage over the heat now let’s go and get into our top 10 players of this series at number one. We have the defending two time league mvp, yantas attenti kumpo at number two. We have jimmy butler at three rising star bam, adebayo number. Four. We have two time all star chris middleton number five. We have three time nba champion former finals mvp. We cannot look. Oh, we cannot overlook andre iguodala in the role he’s going to play in this series. At number six. We have the runner up for rookie of the year tyler hero. Seven. We have the three point: sharp shooter duncan robinson at number: eight we have the former ncaa standout champion, dante, divincinso, number nine. We have the big man brook lopez and at number 10 we have emerging over the last couple with a couple weeks and he was former all stars as well, respectively, gorham dragic, so those are our top 10 and if you ask how do we figure the top 10 it’s, as simple as if i was at a playground – and you made me a captain, and i have to pick according to who i want on my team out of the players.

That’S left, i mean that’s, how we do it. The first player, if i was on the playground, according to this nba team, if i was at the bubble and had to pick a team from the nba bubble – i’m gon na – go with giannis, then, if, after that, jimmy butler and so forth, so we see we Do have a pretty good mix right here, though um you can’t, say either team has a signific significant advantage according to having all the players on this list now we’re going to see how good giannis can be in this series now let’s go ahead to get to The keys of the series for each team let’s go for the milwaukee bucks. First, we have that giannis needs to go off. He needs to be the two time mvp he. He must rise to the occasion of being in the playoffs for this. For this for the bucks to advance in this series, if he does not rise to the challenge that he does not dominate and force double teams, i don’t think the bucks are gon na be able to get past past the heat. Another key stay with the three point: shooters they have the they have the young sharpshooters in hero and robinson. They must stay with those three point shooters, because but much like the golden state warriors over the last few years, they can go off and get about four or five three pointers in a row.

Next thing, you know it’s about a 15 20 point game in just a few minutes. Buck’S final key to the series is take advantage of the glass. They have the rope lopez brothers. They have giannis, they have bigger bodies up in there, so they must take advantage on the glass. Do you see that when we went over the key stats for the season that the bucks were much higher on rebounding than the heat they must, they must expose the heat on the glass for this series now let’s get into the heat keys to the series they Have to get single coverage on giannis, make it difficult for him with multiple bodies. They have bam, they have jimmy. They have the the all time great defensive player, andre iguodala, on the team. They have jay crowder, they have multiple bodies, they can defend him with. They must continue to defend him with the multiple bodies make it difficult on him. Keep keep single coverage on him. Therefore, the giannis is not making all the other players that are on that roster that some were thrown away players. I mean eric bledsoe thrown away from a couple. Different teams – wesley matthews didn’t – even places were literally gon na wave him, but they got broad getting him did a sight in trading. The bucks took him, i mean middleton is an all star, but lopez. I mean he could be with the lebron james right now, but the lakers waved him so i mean giannis has been doing big things for these players and um their careers.

They may, if the heat wants to win this series they get, they got ta, they got ta make giannis a one man band by single coverage. Him make him worn out, make him tired, make it difficult for him another keys to the another key to the series. Easy offense with their three point shots. They got to get their three pointers in transition. They got to get placed and get these young sharpshooters duncan robinson tyler hero. They got to get those they got to get those golden state warrior like three point spurts as long. If they want to advance in this series and the final key, the heat must have the better bench. Both these teams go about nine to ten deep. If you look at the heats lineup, their bench could literally match their starting lineup. Either way i mean they. They are deep, the milwaukee bucks say they have the bench mob in this series. If the heat wants to advance, they must show that they have the better bench. So now, for my pick in this series, i am going to go with the miami heat winning four games to two over the milwaukee bucks, the miami heat winning this thing in six games. I think they will be able to throw the multiple bodies – jimmy butler jay, crowder, bam, adebayo, derek jones, andre iguodala. I think they can throw those multiple bodies at the two time mvp and i don’t think giannis is going to get enough help in this series.

I think, after this series, when the miami fee, the miami heat send the bucks home in the second round. This is just this just to me talking now yeah, i don’t know what it what the man’s actually gon na do after this happens, but i think he’s gon na try to force his way out of town and that’s when the golden state warriors are gon na Wave andrew wiggins and that first round draft that first pick second pick in the upcoming draft at milwaukee and we’ll see we might have giannis going over to the golden state in the offseason. If they do get beat four games to two, what do i? What would it take for the bucks to win this series, like i saw already said? What would it take it was going. Yawners is gon na have to be two times better than the next best player on in this series, which is jimmy butler uh tyler. Here, whoever you bam, adebayo, whoever you’re putting on him he’s, going to show himself to be a superstar in this series. This is when giannis is going to have to he’s going to have to make make the playoff giannis come out. They’Re going to start spawning play off giannis if he don’t come out. His playoff be honest in this series. The bucks are going home and he’s going to be looking in the off season like he might need a little more help.