He has the recipe he has the players, he has the bodies, we know defense win championships and that’s. What the miami heat hang their hats on playing defense. They got multiple guys that they could throw at giannis jay crowder, andre iguodala uh bam. You have all these multiple guys that you could throw at him they defend at a high level. When you look at their roster from top to bottom. You look at guys like kendrick nunn, going dragic. You look at guys like iguodala again and then all of a sudden, you have the splash brothers of the eastern conference, no disrespect to clay and steph. We know these them guys are future hall of famers, but tyler hero and uh and duncan you can leave them open. If you want to and that’s what milwaukee do they give up three point shots they. They stop you from getting to the rank number one and protecting the paint and protecting the rim. But what do miami ranked number one in shooting the three and they do it at a high level? And i keep saying this the steal in that andre eagle dollar trade was jake crowder. No one really talked about him, but he was a still a sleeper and now he’s been an unsung hero for this miami heat team that just upset upsetted a well coached, uh, indiana, pacer team by nick mcmillan, but listen jimmy butler didn’t even play well offensively, and They got and they swept their series.

So, yes, i am peeking the miami heat to upset the milwaukee bucks. They want all this smoke, the pacers didn’t have the bonus and oladipo is compromised. I mean i, i think the heat went anyway, but the reason they won as easily as they did is because that pacers team was not at 100. Well guys, i realize how good the heat are. They’Re the sleepers – oh stephen ale, come to you on this, but is this a must win for giannis? I think it’s a must win for milwaukee because if they lose and they bow out early, then giannis is approaching the last year of his contract and he’s going to entertain his options. I mean it really just comes down to that. The fact of the matter is, is that he’s, a superstar in this league – and we all know it to be true in all likelihood, he’s going to be a reigning two time – league mvp, uh, averaging 29 and 13 – a game even though you’re going to point the Finger at him and feel like he could have done, more teams would line up for him if his services were available and milwaukee would be desperate to keep her because it’s not like they’re in southern california or south beach. People are not going to be clamoring to go to milwaukee wisconsin, to play basketball, and so they must keep him as an organization. And if you show that you can’t necessarily win with him it’s one thing for you to try to buffer the roster but who’s to say he’s not going to be of the mindset that you know what it might be time for me to move on.

Particularly when you invested approximately 180 million dollars in chris middleton and he’s really not making that much noise, if you are the greek freak you’re, looking at that and you’re saying, excuse me what’s our situation moving forward. If i can’t rely on this guy, come post season time to pick up any slack that i’m lacking when we already gave him this boatload of money and he ain’t getting it done yeah you look at that bucks at milwaukee’s, roster, brook lopez, is not shooting it. Well, this year, especially compared to last year, they’ve taken certain steps back that you would think would hurt them in the big moment and what they really need is a kind of combination of bledsoe and middleton right, someone who can shoot and defend and maybe put it On the floor, a little more and and and play make a little more than middleton and bledsoe doesn’t shoot it well enough and has gone away in the playoffs it’s. Really they need to find the crime partner for ententa cumpo in these playoffs. I do think there are promising signs for middleton. He got very hot at the end of that game and he needs to continue to play like that. But who says he? Can’T middleton had a very, very good, regular season until the bubble and and he’s one of the better two way, uh off guards in the league. So i i don’t see why, like i don’t think that’s impossible that middleton plays well enough for them to win yeah.

It is impossible max because he’s going against jimmy butler one of the best wing defenders in the league, and i think what milwaukee took a step back at is by losing malcolm brogdon in the free agency. I thought he was a key piece that they took for granted or couldn’t afford right. So when i’m, looking at this yes giannis and the milwaukee bucks, they have to reach the finals or, in my opinion, giannis is going to walk straight out the front door. They have to reach the finals there’s no other way around it. No, no, no conference finals, they have to get to the finals i’m, not saying they have to win it, but they at least have to get to the finals.