This comes from the miami player that has the most 40 point games in heat, playoff, history, d wade, the best player on the floor. Talking about jimmy g, his fellow marquette marquette golden eagle. Speaking of jimmy buckets, we hear from him right now, congrats for the game. Uh. What do you think this game tells about your team and about what you have to win? It doesn’t tell us anything that we don’t know already um. If we play basketball, the right way not turn the ball over guard the way we’re supposed to guard. We can win any game. We can compete with anybody um, but i think there’s so many areas that we can still get better. Um we’re gon na go back. We’Re gon na study this film and be ready to go our winter man go ahead. You may always look at you as sort of a counter puncher, you sort of see what is necessary when you go from there. It seemed like when you stepped up with the first three. The moment was needed same thing with the second, when you had to attack and get to the foul line you attacked and got to the foul line. Is that sort of what you do in both a game and a series, you sort of feel it out and then find those places to sort of go in and counter punch? I guess you could call it that for me. I just i do what my coaches need me to do and what my teammates need me to do.

That’S guard i guard. Hopefully, if that’s make a couple shots, i can do that as well, but i really like to get my teammates involved, so i felt like we all did a great job of that tonight as well, and when you look at this team, i know some people would Be surprised, you’ve spoken nothing but confidence, especially since disney even before that. Does anything surprise you at all when it comes to this team’s success anymore, or is it almost expected? Thank you, uh it’s expected for us. We know how hard we work. We know how successful we want ourselves to be, and everybody else that’s on this roster and every day we go about it, it’s, so professional we play to win. We don’t take any of this for granted and we’re a really good team. As long as we stick together, there’s going to be ups there’s going to be downs, but we do a good job of just staying right in the middle reynolds. Jimmy to that what you just said about ups and downs, you guys gave up 40 in the first quarter. You couldn’t make a shot really in the first six minutes of the fourth quarter. Where does the confidence come from that you guys know that, even when things start to get away you’re going to get it back to where you want to get it? Confidence for us comes from what we do every single day. We we work so hard.

We practice like we’re supposed to practice. We study film like we’re supposed to do that. I mean that’s what we bank on every second of every game: there’s no nerves in this, because we’re so confident, because every single day, we’re working to be great, not just good we’re working to be great. So we have that in our corner. What, in that? Fourth quarter, you know you built your reputation as a closure. What changes in those moments agree, especially especially when you have it going like that for me, it’s, my teammates, you know, dre is coming to me up win the game. Gorham win the game duncan win the game and it’s not about just scoring it’s about guarding it’s about making the right play. Getting a 50 50 ball that’s, all part of winning the game, and i felt like um. I took it up a level in the fourth quarter. If that needs to happen every game, i got to be able to do it, but we got so many guys that are capable of doing that for us and you guys eliminated milwaukee 24 pain points. What was i guess, what was the key to that, and you know, did it go according to plan? I guess entering the game. I think so. Get back in transition make everything tough for ga in the paint and everybody else. I think we got to do a better job of getting to their shooters and making them put it on the floor.

But uh we got another one coming up, so just like they’ll be studying their film to get better we’ll be doing the same dan wiggy, hey jimmy um, you know, you’re, not a guy that needs outside forces to drive motivation or confidence or anything. But the camera has caught you at one point: yelling at video fans today caught you kind of staring down in a pretty empty arena. How much of that just has to come from within in such a sanitized environment uh a lot um, but i love to play this game and right now you really got ta bring your own energy. I think my teammates do a great job of hyping me up. Anyways we do a great job of hyping each other up but um. For me today was a a special day because it was my cousin cam’s birthday. He turned seven and um. I was talking to him and he said you know good luck for me. I don’t have my family here so for him to to tell me or go out there and hoot um that’s, all the energy that i need will nassau jimmy in those moments, and i know you always talk about just picking your spots and getting your teammates involved. But in those moments, what are you feeling? Because it almost seemed like the shot was going in before you even uh, i mean say what you will, but i told my teammates, i probably wasn’t going to pass the ball.

I made a couple shots and they said you know that’s fine with me. I don’t know if it’ll be like that next game. I hope tyler is the one that’s in a position. He feels that the ram is just so big that he can’t miss or going or bam um. We got i’m telling you. We got a lot of guys. We got a lot of guys and guys are so comfortable, so confident, we’re, we’re, okay, nick friedel, give me a follow up on that. Do you feel, like you, have learned to take over games late, or do you think that was always within you and the longer you’ve been in the league and played at this level? Um i’ve learned, but i’ve watched so many great players and it’s it’s great to have dewade in my corner i’m telling you he’s, always in my phone um telling me about the game. What to look for he’s been a huge help. You know he’s the first person that texts me tonight. Whenever i get back to the locker room, uh i’m learning i’ve been learning. I will continue to learn. I just want to win, though i can’t say it enough: jeff zilgan jimmy when you say you love these games. Are you talking these bubble specific games, playoff games in general, or what about the bubble? Do you really relish and enjoy? I love the hoop. I love to go to war with this group of guys that we have, i think, coach, pat and spo.

They do a great job of putting some some dogs out there on the floor. They just want to compete that are doing anything that it takes to win and understand that it may not be your night tonight, but in two nights and three nights it could be i’m telling. We just got a group of guys that want to win when everybody be successful, jose rodriguez. Thank you, um jimmy you limited uh milwaukee to 18 points in the fourth quarter. How much can you carry over to the next game thanks? I don’t know we’ll watch the film and talk about it, but we got to put this one behind us: uh fairly quickly enjoy the dub till i don’t, know 11 midnight and then get to work for them uh in two days. Something like that. So you know good dub, but we got a long way to go. Andres lopez. Thank you jimmy. This was a huge win for you as an individual, but also a huge win for the team as a whole. We knew that you guys were locked in from the second you set foot in orlando. You got that noise complaint that you were grinding out or work out late at night. How can you can you speak of that all the hard work that goes behind the scenes to be able to come out in the second round and perform with that in opposite number: one seat: um that’s, everybody that’s, not just me, everybody on this roster hell, coaches Included work so hard and study everybody’s game, including the opposing team, to put us in the best position to win.

I love that about this organization, about these guys is no matter where we’re hooping at we’re, going to give it 110 and we’re always going to give ourselves a chance to win and last question shannon irish hi jimmy. Can you talk about goron’s performance tonight? Obviously um. You guys have a great chemistry together, but you know at one point at the end of the third: you both had scored 52 of the 90 points.