The miami heat which swept the pacers in the first round faced the championship, favored milwaukee bucks, who eliminated the orlando magics for the one this set of siri, is not easy for the bugs. With the elite caliber talon forward combination, the heat is able to restrain giannis, who has them very minimal, shooting threats in game 1, the bugs lost the heat 104 115. There is one player who seems to be the biggest challenge for the bucks if they want to get closer to the nba title and that player is none other than jimmy butler. In today’s, video we’ll break down the entire game, one and discuss how jimmy butler and the miami heat successfully beat the milwaukee bucks in game one and without further ado, let’s roll, the intro Music yo what’s up guys jason’s here back with another video, if it’s your First time watching i do a basketball, video every monday, wednesday and friday, so don’t forget to leave like subscribe and turn down. The notification bell and you’ll be the first one in the future to see more awesome videos just like this. So the first thing i want to talk about is how the miami heat is able to stop giannis with players like jay, crawford, jimin, butler ben matabao and andre iguodala. They can create physical contact with giannis the entire game and restrain him across four quarters. Now, what i realized is that they always leave giannis with about two steps, because the honest shooting threat is very minimal and if jonas attacks the paint he always gets triple teamed, which is why only 18 points were scored by giannis.

This makes the bugs rely heavily on robin lopez and chris milton from deep, which can be inconsistent across the game before the miami heat. Jimmy butler played like the mvp. Now, when we talk about top tier player, butler is usually at the bottom of the list, but today he proved everybody wrong. In game 1 butler made 13 out of his 20 shot attempts with a hundred percent three point: shooting percentage and only 12 out of 13 from the free throw line during the regular season. The heat doesn’t need butler to score too much, since a lot of focus is on the rookies, which is why butler put his primary focus on the defensive end of the game, but in the playoff he knows what to do in the third quarter: butler scored consistently On the court and in the last four minutes of the fourth quarter, butler told everyone what a superstar looks like not only he stole from chris middleton interfered with the pass with the bucks and made janet’s travel at the last minutes. He didn’t miss a shot with the 40 points performance. Jimmy butler resets, his playoff career high to 40. game 1 was no doubt an amazing game for both parties and will dig in from the stats real quick for the heat. Jimmy butler has 40 points for rebounds and two assists bent out of buy, has 12 points, 17 rebounds and six assists. Draggage has 27 points, six rebounds five assists and tyler has 11 points and for the bucks, robin lopez has 24 points.

Chris middleton has 28 points. Six rebounds five assists over has 11, but giannis ended up with only 18 points, but tim rebounds 9 assists aside from the stats. The entire game is close during the beginning of the first quarter. Both teams are knocking down threes that maintain the game under a pretty tough situation in the middle ben mata, bayou and jimmy butler consistently attack the paint and the bucks can still balance the game under the leadership of chris middleton later on, with kyle cover and robin Lopez, throwing three pointer: the bucks left the game with an 11 point lead entering the second quarter with the continuing turnovers from the bucks. The heat are able to score using these opportunities and close a deficit to a three point game during the halftime and here’s, where jimmy butler arises in the third quarter, he is able to knock down threes and finish the ramp with a consistent rate without a question. The heat leads the game nana to the 86. Continuing the fourth quarter, butler appears again, floater threes faded with jumpers. Every single shot is falling for him and we all know the ending. So now after the game, the biggest question goes to the bucks. There are solutions of full; they utilize, giannis and shut down. Drinking butler will be some major factors that determine the result of game. Two, so guys this wrapped up the video comment down below which team do you guys think will win this serie and if you enjoyed the video don’t forget to leave that subscribe and follow me on social media, with all the link in the description down below.