You must be over the moon, yeah, of course, all over the moon, especially the way how i played, i think i was dominant. I did the right things at the right moment. My scoring power was there that gives you confidence also for the next upcoming days and, of course, it’s going to be tough with other players like anderson’s playing really well early on. Glenda is top of the table not now anymore, because we’re, one game less it’s going to be tough but uh yeah. I feel good now and uh yeah it’s uh. I i feel that’s more in the thing now after the match played. If you need a performance like that straight away, criticize your game and things like that, and now you put everything on the floor, you can move on and it’s good for myself good for my confidence and for yeah i just want to. I just want to get moving and uh yeah i’m pleased rob won leg three when you missed your doubles and he shouldn’t have. But you broke straight back. How do you feel his confidence going because he’s not not in the best of form right now? No rock off when you just said the rope is not the best game at the moment and he’s struggling a lot to find this not only his second or third game, even his first gear. Do you know what i mean, because you can see the the the weakness in someone’s eyes? You can feel it and he he was underperforming and everyone knows everyone can see that then then at that moment you need to take advantage and that’s not easy, but you still have to do it and yeah i’m glad i had it in me and i was Able to and yeah good tomorrow, glenn darren top of the table clash.

He’S beating you on tv he’s got a great record. 2 0. Is that something you’re looking to put in back in his box tomorrow? So it’s only two games. So i i lost two games to tune grip before and i’m too, not down to him as well. Do you know what i mean that doesn’t say anything that’s uh but of course still glenda is a phenomenal player. You have to play a game if you want to beat him and yeah he’s, not only a good player, he’s, a boring player, and he takes that he take. He grabs the energy out of you. Do you know what i mean that’s it’s tough, to play him because he’s he’s like like a silent killer or something do you know, i mean he’s, always doing something at the right moment and yeah fair play. It shoots his game, but why do you only need to worry about my own game and i need to beat him and if i do the same as today, i will be there. Was the world match play a little bit of extra motivation? You needed to go. Yeah the world let’s play was great motivation for me because i played so well. I played absolutely crap over there uh, but then to win here, gives yourself more energy and uh yeah. I hope from now on. I can do some more damage in this tournament. Gary anderson, a real statement performance: do you think he needs to go Music, of course, he’s a phenomenal player and i always say that he’s, one of the biggest competitors – and i know on his day, especially against a player like magda smith, where he can get in His rhythm, he can do things like that then yeah, i shouldn’t worry about it, but you have to worry about yourself, because if i play my own game, i will win this tournament, but it’s so far away, we’re still two weeks away so it’s a you need To do it day after day and it’s going to be a lot of pressure on my shoulders.

I know that, but i’ve shown before i can handle that. Do you believe that gay mcdonald’s is one of the more important games, it’s important, but every game. In my opinion is important, then vanderhand is a yeah it’s, a great player, a bit boring played to play against because he he doesn’t have anything in him. A lot of people say that all the time, but what he does and why he shows it’s phenomenal it’s phenomenal that player. We all know that, and that makes it difficult to play him and but to to to break that.