Are you disappointed with that result in the end from six far up uh yeah in a way, but then obviously i’m playing the you know, glenn who’s uh top league who’s, uh he’s done fantastic in the premier league this year, so uh uh, you know i’ve got Uh good results, uh against the second and third uh in the premier league i’ve, seen michael smith and nathan asman all right. I got points off for them uh. You know i was gutted uh, but you know if i, if i could learn the count uh. Maybe i might got a double there as well uh. Well, i did get a double but it’s the wrong double yeah. What happened there was that just a brain freeze at a crucial time that the missed camera yeah yeah it’s, just brain freeze – it’s, just like. Oh, my god, it’s like uh for some reason i just wanted to leave double seven and uh. I thought if i had 13, it leaves me double seven uh. Obviously it doesn’t Laughter, i missed double seven as well. Apart from that, though, he didn’t really do a lot else wrong. I mean 75 on the doubles. 100 average. You must feel that stand you in good stead for the rest of the week, yeah yeah right i’m. Quite happy. The way the darts went, uh there’s loads, more improvement to come with them, um that’s, the first time i use them properly and uh.

My throwing action was slightly different. Trying to make the dart go a lot straighter, uh, so yeah. I was quite a bit better. How did you find it out there with the the contact? Lenses got some sorry during the match player with the glasses on and off yeah. That was that that was brilliant uh that was uh, really good. Uh, obviously, uh went to the opticians afterwards uh after the match play, and i think, and you know said yes, they could do laser, but it could go the other way it could make. Because of my sport, and i think you know it could make things worse. So at the moment they said uh don’t don’t. Do that the advice, try, try contacts and if it does, your eyesight does get worse. Then you know we could look into liaison but uh. You know they advised me not to do it with that slight improvement to your eyesight, though, do you feel like you’re, ready to come out and do some real damage in the second half of the season? Now the events are coming a bit more frequently i’m. Not going to tell anyone no shh, yes, i will be. I haven’t talked to you. Since the world match player just got touched on dimitri vandenberg. He was very complimentary to you and your wife. Your hospitality and your advice, i mean, must have taken great pleasure. I’Ve. Seen dimitri win that trophy yeah didn’t, he do fantastic uh.

I think it was just down to uh. You know everyone kept saying all you guys kept uh interviewing. It was down to be it was you know what what did he say? What did he do and all this stuff? I think what it was when he come and stayed with us see what we you know, what we got on, what he could do for himself and uh, and i just showed him what i practiced and i said to him. This is what i do and he’s. If you take some of it on board uh what works for you uh? What might help your game? You know, but he was already a talent anyway, he’s double world youth champion he’s done fantastic in the world, uh twice uh the past two years. He got to the final, the german masters, you know, beating uh, michael van gaal and then gary hansen and obviously beat gary hansen again in the final. But he’s always you know he just he was just you know. He was always talent anyway, he’s uh, he’s, very talented guy. He works hard every time. You know he stayed at ours. He was still perhaps at a ten half ten at night and stuff like that and that’s. Just you know dedication though, and that’s uh. You know what he wants to do and he he proves that and you know he can go and win the world.