But it has been a major number of offensive categories, and that is quick work. The fastball gets the start. The brewers are 20 and one in the reds team with a near the bottom as well. They will draw their share of walks as castiano’s quickly behind if they had two strikes to castianos and he has back to back strikeouts, not a bad start for brandon. Woodruff has good numbers against wood rippled, with looking to put them away just upstairs with a fastball woodruff ready to deal, and he will strike out the side. Garcia will leave things off followed by christian, yellow tdhs tonight. Guest luis castillo yeah see his numbers 440.. Sixth time this last night and a ground ball as he steers it away from them right, the more so knowing that be ready to swing, this guy is going to throw strikes upper 90s with a fastball brewers fared well last year they hung will go down swinging And there’s out number one: you can see the rotation of the baseball going away from christian garcia’s running pitch, swung out and missed the throw down from barnhart’s right on the map. Hart’S, throw pretty good quick release easy out, so the percentage is very good as a high fastball we’ll get harris swinging, so brandon woodruff his second time way that he would like to so in between start swinging misses eight of them. Eugenio suarez, leading on his send over to eric sogar to third very pretty, to watch the six four three with woodruff ahead: one and two and there’s strikeout number four for brandon woodruff, much more download the emerald nine years professionally in japan, a 300 hitter over there.

Oh, my goodness, woodrow feeling good strike pitch on the way back. Here’S sogar, two scoreless at miller park has set down the first six reds hitters here tonight. Uh first in the infield to you know, kind of you know make the plays. I mean is your quick pace um if that’s hot garbage, that’s pretty good. I don’t know how long you’ve had that term. But first bullets are upper 90s, so uh y’all either figure out how to get them out or i’m sitting at home. Trying to take one of your guys, josh i mean last night. It struck me one of the reporters that no, you really just block it out. You want to put up a zero every inning because 22 year old from my situation and everything like that, and you can a little bit on a person to person basis but uh basis and limited as much as you possibly can. Now. How do you guys, handle day to day, i know the card? I mean that’s kind of kind of encouraging. I don’t really want to dwell on it, but we’re still in the thick of things and so it’s yeah it’s, just steel ready with the 2 2 pitch and tried the change and did not get it. That’Ll win the inning. This strikeout number is certainly playoff spots as you look at it now. Lobby garcia is right there for making his seconds 2014 as off with a mask for out.

This is your place right. Consider that devin williams of davis and mike mustackus and phillip irvin and another strikeout as barnhart loses the big woo and a change up gets barnhart still scoreless through two enough tonight’s player to watch brought to you by monkey knight fights orlando over to joey fatto. One of loading, his lineup up with lefties pitchers, who know how to deliver the change up just like that and a strike out of peterson other than the fastball card. That was funny, but justin smoked us a lot easier to get in there. Back when i was going that’s all you did yeah. It really is more the latter than the former a little stricter now spinning, and that is strike three called how about that made joey. Finally, look bad a couple of times tonight: bono had to can you get a lot of call and that one hit him Music he’s driven in 10. jace peterson, drifting back that’s when they’re not used to it? The runner at first 2, 2 pitch little check, swing and that’s going to sneak through and that’s how you break up a no hitter with a check swing single on a right yeah i mean so many things are working against you here. It comes and into the shift and dianos will score of the night. Yeah got a fastball got a fastball that he was able to handle and stock is waiting for it and beats the shift jump balls in play, which can speak to some bad luck, but one and two to shogua akayama, batter akiyama stays alive.

You know guys are always holding the dirt right before the game. He’S working on two seamer sails away full count now doing something right payoff on the way bogart nice stop and the long throw is in one hit down the left field line and a foul ball air power. 2. 2 again, oh that’s, freddy galvez in the ship got ta hurry and he knew right away. It was going to be a tough play for pretty close and it will be safe Music. The reds broke through the top half of this inning on it, and this is going to drop into right field of base so about making contact. Music Applause want to know the count to justin sutton and a turn to galvez, and he dropped here at a second here on galveston. Did it hit here as he’s going to sit on the throws it does hit here back, got him in the back of the bringing a good bat. The last two games of all two strikes to darvaya’s, and there was a strikeout for castile out number one. One of those strikeout victims, placement late last night and field castiano’s going back and that is on it and ganley – would have hit it hard off the wall and right just like thiano, second and third, only one out for every double the brewers hits argento donates pitch Number 23 on strike pitch ground ball through in third throw to the plates. Gamble runs well, but castillano gamble, throw it out at the plate, but the brewers grab the lead striking out six along the way.

So he turns it over to suitor here at the top weekend and he gets freddie galvez here in a strikeout bervin in the game now pinch hitting for mark payton and a swinger, as always with tempo and his 1 2 3 2 pitch and back to back. Strikeouts for suitor here in the seventh in the lineup last night, casalli was, of course, that pirate ball club pretty aggressive. We saw that didn’t we yeah, we did it’s the one two. He strikes out the side, change up the reds this season, lefty on the mound. Now and last pissed on the 21st, we have a pretty good understanding of his strike zone. Pretty good start changes now: philip irvin, the new left rio pitch to matthias and a fan goes to here: 3, 2 and he’ll get it looking instead for outnumber first time since the fourth inning that the brewers have not been able to get there so that hit The reds 5 4 2 2 pitch and he gets garcia let’s roll hard, but into the shift eighth inning facing the top of the order. It starts with bottoms and all three of them strikeouts, so craig katzen needed somebody to eat up the seventh inning with the side as a matter of fact, and that is strike. Three call o2 pitch change up and that’s another strikeout for williams, back tiffany, getting a tip higher than that when he needs to williams. Two strikeouts here in the eighth, tries this and miss bouncer over to justin smoke and a one two three that was part of the trade, the travis shaw trade to the red sox the following year, but not before early july here’s, a center field, who’s got it Mustacha skulls, hey eugenio, suarez drifting out there 2008.

, some guy named sabathia yeah; finally, love it there’s a curve against narvaez and time back to back for josh. In a safe situation, he was able to get suarez to pop up his suarez field. Long run coming on matthias for out came in and walked. The first hitter then was able to retire the side for the shift arcia there to gobble it up two up two who’s trying to make it two in a row here in this series: ball the strike to matt davidson swing, and he may finish this one off Tonight here it comes center field that goes garcia, got it all right. What a great game here at miller park ties tonight. Applause great council says yes, haters had some busy in the another win against the reds i’ll tell you that’s, pretty good contact by the reds.