Tim man striking out the yeah a piece of paper that somebody handed me said that the reds garcia rolls one to jose garcia and that’s his first stouting against the brewers. He did give up six hits, but it was just he’s giving his team some. This yelich sends one in the air to left routine for mark strike everybody out, but one of the things i think the brewers are going to do. Dh here in game, one double headers coming up a lot yeah brewers are involved in a fresher memory of how it works this season, seven and twenty twenty baseball season. Oh, how many innings are going to end up being played a position inside that can play different positions. Never have enough arms right i’m, saying that to a pitcher, of course, tim with us here payoff pitch to galves and bullying, as we know, but the pitching has been very, very good, ranked football there you go a swing and a miss yeah. There. You go yeah here. It is there’s that slider that’s, just a tough, now right, he’s old but say mature beyond his years, there’s a little tapper up the line and that’s a fair ball. Nothing sogard could do 200 pounds but 6 2. He was flying down the line. Yeah he’s here in philadelphia, get a rocket off the pitcher away. That’S it sharply through the hole, a base hits around third and he will score in the game’s first round.

Sally pulls the hands in squeaks it through the six hole. Stand by it’s kind of a sizable, we got to be careful with hauser when you, when you’re, given runner, goes here’s the throw down. He gets the hitter out it doesn’t matter where the runners are there’s, a young man getting right into the behind his way. To get stuff cranked up at this level, runner going there’s a ground ball over to sogard and i’m. Looking knife fights, justin smokes had a lot of looks swinging, a pretty good one or two yeah yeah we’ll bounce it over to mike mustakas rip us up whatever. It is a certain word that he has or heard the plate fielded it and threw a strike and hits a bolt that gets through the shift. A little top spin under the glass area. Say it firmly and then the summer camp, as he hits one on the ground into the shift that’s galves out at second and the throw goes to the field? Nobody knows just trying to be too quick. Now that was good. He could easily just you know: fires and smoke. They’Ve had a hand in this. A couple of years ago, narvaez on the move on the 3, 2 and i’ve not been a part of his i’ve, been a part of the resume right i don’t want to james. I don’t want to change 2 2, get that the middle Music. That kind of makes you kind of takes the wind out of yourselves as a pitcher.

You look only yellow chest drawn right on the pitching mound right. There he’s been out there for a chance here for the brewers is so guard sends one in the air to right field castiano’s on the roof him 98 pitches to get through it. So might he be able? He said you definitely can’t leave it over the plate to them, because they will turn it estiano’s, leading that is his tenth homer of the year and the reds now lead toxies. But you see a ton of home runs in this red steam sun. They may not hit a whole lot, but they can run into some numbers case even on tuesday. Nighter sends one deep to left field that goes christian yelling and the red opposite field, homer and it’s. Now, when the ball’s being put in play on the see right, ending double play, you can look at the numbers. Five home runs at the same time, 3 2 pitch and that is smacked into left field. A base hit well they’re square. I mean this wasn’t a bad two seamer a couple of weeks ago at wrigley field. The cubs got to him for, and it was after that mount visit from council at wrigley field instead of pitches ahead he’s looking for rca with the flip out at second and the turn, there’s down pulls six five. Three double j was kind of caught in a tough spot, bouncing ball over the mound kira.

Is there oh what’s, my whip percentage, there’s a drive in a right center field, drifting yama work, the count full and he strikes him out, that’s tied at the top each with seven. Just a sting that you hear about him before you even know anything else. They said right on cue, tim there’s, a base hit to left joker well you’re, trying to figure out his approach i’m still trying to figure it out, but he can do it. Two hits coming on breaking ball down in his first major league at bat. Infield single bowser gets ready for the one two and that is to play from mustache a ground ball to galves. You know, and i don’t think i’ve ever made anyone uncomfortable pitching peyton. Getting a workout in a skull third strike and but i’m with him, that’s that’s, tough from the box. Looking at it not a lot of movement, you know it’s how you catch payoff pitch again sharply over to smoke here’s his day at the plate, so far presented by wendy’s a let’s get what’s that, like just generating your own enthusiasm and we’ve, seen some teams do That certainly the brewers can 2 2 to nirvana sends one in the air to left. Mark payton going to battle, looks like the curveball just went and got it with the orioles last year for two and a half shot off. That is into left field and he’s. Like and here’s the throw and rocket that was gon na handcuff him that’s a good slide.

I think he got that left hand in there i’m. Not getting up. You know, and these guys are just diving all over the place. Nick castellanos saw him friday night at pittsburgh and he got nothing that’s. A tough life right. Baker sends one in the air to deep left pillage won’t get this one. Either sue run, shot and it’s, not reds. You hold your breath winners, i mean it’s. Almost the exact same pit, what’s interesting about lefty’s, hitting the ball out like that after the pitching change we were talking during the breakup. Sometimes hitters just need this many at bats or this many games yeah. I don’t yell at quarterbacks that much becoming true kansas city, royals, Music there’s, a strikeout for alex claude butterfly change up coming at him, trying to hang in there with his team as sends one into left field. Christian yelling’s battling this. That is a tough tough field. We’Re friends, good friends and again the 2 2 there’s your ground ball, sogar taps the bag. Ask and you he’s the new left fielder for cincinnati six games by the way in baseball postponed today and there’s. A fly ball head back into right field castillanos, and that plan is working pretty well this season and today, as a pop up, will be snagged by the same with hauser too. He had a single digit, here’s hira let’s, see if they can make that walk pay. One strike pitch to hiro and this is in the air shallow, writes it and it’ll be castiano falls.

Wisconsin jp fire risen now and now gets the opportunity. He was recalled. Sun it’s fun to watch these guys getting their 3 2 pitch to garcia and he lost him got the scoring started. It’S, not looking that way anymore. Fire, riser and ready with the payoff runner goes pitch is taking a ball good mountain visits. Let’S see. If you can keep that alive right here after the first pitch and a fly bubble and he’ll get the third i’m gon na get him out somehow i would just hit him in the foot he’s, seeing it he’s a triple shy of the cycle and there’s a Fly ball, drifting back is garcia, jose garcia will tag a good day at the ballpark here in this opener of the doubleheader for dick one up castianos. Today, a couple of solo, shots and what’s your thought right and walked bounced into a double play in the that’s. It in the air to left field yelich on the run, and he were the same. He has been a model of consistency. This worked on sunday and a loss to the cardinal they held him at bay, made him throw some pitches for five for a brewers pitcher for five, and then you deal with orange coming out of the bullpen there’s mustaches on assist to it at worst. To be a contender thing, with the shortened season, you get a hot week, 10 days, teams are going to be you’d like to think the brewers will be in the thick of opportunities and there’s.

A fly ball hit back in a deep right field cast for omar narvaez, and i guess in days a rugged start for another, probably one man i’m, making my own notes. What’S up. You look at the even flows of the game, and i see it goes. The other way and a base hit he continues always has been field. Medical center will receive that very ball fiddle comes out of the bullpen. He was brought up for the Applause bounced out the first. The novice, homer and rc is singled payoff pitch lost him. Jerko is on 97., if he tries it again: Applause, oh oh he’s, going to get the outside fiddle, gets the call on the outside edge. We move that stings. That is, you have veteran there’s bench as you looked over the alignment now and that is off the glove of orious and there will be once arced picking it up, see it more and more, but it’s not it’s, not something that’s been around, for example, ground ball. Here we go, who sends one in the air to center money for avi garcia with game. One at the ballpark fall third strike on rhyme and he gets Music, the garcia in the hole and that’s going to squeak through there as well.