It goes gobbled up by orlando arcia and tim. What a prime example establish the fastball early, throw it inside, get the jam going. You got to put this we’re going to have some fun here: stellano steers one, the other way in a basing 0.98 again game one this afternoon that drops in front of yelich. So back to pizza ranch. Well done. I know right. That’S, good man has noticeable numbers. He beats one on the ground to silgaard around the horn. They go and the turn and knock out. The batting order for the brewers presented by hyundai, avacio avasail garcia, will lead things off with her pitchers in the game and sonny gray tim man striking out the world. He said that the reds have three of the top five strikeout. He rolls one to jose garcia and that’s his first outing against the brewers. He did give up six assists, but it was just what he’s, given his team sons went in the air to left’s routine for mark payton to guest of the d.h here in game. One two strike pitch yeah that’s strange headers, coming out a lot yeah brewers are involved in a few of those, a called third strike to hear how many innings are going to end up being played positioned inside that can play differently i’m saying that to a pitcher Of course that’s what stock is Laughter tim with us here, payoff pitch to galvest and adrian miss with a breaking ball going as we know, but the pitching has been very, very good.

Brandon 0 2 pitch ellsworth misses with a fastball their schedule, the 60 game schedule. Nice, oh my gosh alignment football. There you go a swing and a miss yeah. Did he go yeah here? It is there’s that slider that’s, just a tough pitch, to hit your phone number now right, mike’s, first at bat of the big leagues for garcia old but say mature beyond the line and that’s going to be a fair ball. Nothing last year in philadelphia hit a rocket and that’s hit sharp and he will score the game’s first run by it’s kind of a sizable. We got to be careful with hauser when you, when you’re, giving up, hits and then gave up four runs. Runner goes here’s. The throw down the third line this guy can run and he get there’s a young man getting right way to get stuff cranked up at this level and there’s a ground ball over to sogard and up the line to pair the reds want to take a look. Just to make sure – and they wave at a watch brought to you by monkey knight fights, justin smokes had been a little bit between these two as smoke has had yeah we’ll bounce it over to mike mustakas playing first up whatever. It is a certain word that he has or known toward the plate, fielded it and threw a strike and hits a bolt that gets through the shift, just never be in doubt that’s all just say it say it firmly sends one out of play showdown.

The summer camp on the ground into the shift that’s galves out at second and the throw goes outside the field. Nobody knows who’s going to take it just trying to be now that was good. He could easily just you know, fielders in my day and in a lot of my days a couple of years ago, narvaez on the move on the 3, 2 and arsene draws the walk. They definitely need. It brings up jason a bit of part of the resume but that’s. The ninth walk, arcia, really yeah, how much he chart 2 2 middle and it’ll be stopping everybody’s, safe field, single for jace, peterson and the brewers. Have him loaded, that’s, a good piece of hit that kind of makes you kind of takes the wind out of yourselves as a pitcher? You look around you think oh someone’s prep yeah. They feel comfortable swinging. Joey vado yeah struck him out good chance here for the brewers, a seal castillanos on the run and he will make the catch took him 98 pitches to get through it so mighty, because they will turn it into damage and of the reds hitters leading off the Third and yeah you jinxed them it’s out of here a home run a lot of strikeouts, but you see a ton of home runs in this reds team, as we mentioned on the side of it. A little bit maybe got the hand under it. Castinos had a good swing last, keep it on.

Twos back goes christian yelling and the red winker, with an opposite field, homer and it’s. Now a three nothing when the ball is being put in play on the ground. So you tell yourself to do too much make the running fastball. You want the sinker, you want that down stayed right in a good bat pass, inning ending double plays, and you got to be careful. 3. 2 pitch into left field. A base hit well there’s square back to back homers and a single for cincinnati to start the third it’s all about getting the right backpack to be able to meet that pitch it’s gone uh. You know, council was making a strong point and after the game tim, he talked about, and it was after that mount this ahead instead of pitches. Looking for rca with the flip out at second and the turn for the early lead, oh what’s, my whip percentage at the track for out number one quickly went away here in the bottom of the third doing that, but it was yellow. You got things started. He doubled in that inning and eventually spray ready, the 2 2 again to count full and he strikes him out. Let’S check out today’s, powerball home run leaderboard here and yelling picked up here. The first thing that you hear about him before he even hit the left. You should cover this team. The man can hit what they say. The mankind runner holds and a foul ball from smoke breaking ball down, spinning over one away from the shift and a base hit, and we have just started the fourth inning here’s major league at bat.

Infield single up the line if bowser gets ready for the 1 2, and that is strike. Three call got him at the knee cross at the knees, though great path see. Those are the two seamers that he probably should have had last night. We’Ll see if this has a similar storyline to the cups thing to see the fastball up, peyton, getting a workout in a skull third strike and the throw down crossed but i’m with him, that’s that’s, tough from the box looking stolen base. There are two men out be calm back there, not a lot of movement. You know it’s how you catch it. How many strikes you and pitch framing and you got ta trust your catcher, especially wakayama, and here it comes another foul ball good at bat. Here from all right, payoff pitch again sharply over to smoke, he’ll handle it himself his day at the plate, so far presented by wendy’s being here in the empty parks, announces one to freddie galvez for out number one but and we’ve seen some teams do that. Certainly the brewers can plotting everything grind out on that bat they’re applauding the flower balls. The brewers have been known for 2 2 peyton gon na battle that sun a little bit remind ourselves. These are small intuition, one over the short stop and a base hit with the oriole for the brewers, breaking ball against jace peterson, and that will return castillano’s two for two and a half and he’s on his way to second here’s, the throw and a tough play Brewers are going to check it out the reds with their lead off man at second here in the top of the fifth and it’s coming from nick castiano’s brewers saw him friday night at pittsburgh, and he got knocked over that’s a tough life right it’s, especially in A shortened season and yelich won’t get this one either second hole a concern because the reds you hold your breath when they come in here and so far today, up and away like that exact path is when hauser threw it and what’s interesting to the pitching chains.

We were talking during the breakup difference maker. He is looking for castianos. It happened today, yeah. I don’t yell at quarterbacks that much true there’s, a strikeout for alex claudio, much needed for the first half butterfly change up coming at him bell trying to hang in there with his team killed christian yelled it’s battling the sun in that pop park. That is a tough tough fighting practice years ago. A shag for batting practice, flip down, go old school, guys, we’re, friends and again the 2 2 ground ball, so taps the bag. As can you away in baseball, postpone today field caspianos at the track for up click on the button Applause, so here’s hira let’s, see if they can make that walk. One strike pitch to hiro alo right center field and it’ll be castiano’s wisconsin jp fire rising. Now, on the mound for the crew it’s fun to watch these guys get in there september and pitched some pretty good, 3 2 pitch to garcia and he lost him lost his balance on the scoring throw down to first. But sonny gray was going to max out on pitch count. Fire riser and ready with the payoff runner goes pitch, is taking a bowl and he’ll get the third castiano’s here i’m going to get him out. Somehow, i would just have seen it there’s, a triple shy of that is garcia at the track. It will tag in its six. Nothing reds well right now, with all these deep counts on either side he’s one up castianos.

Today, a couple of solo, shots and what’s. Your thought right, dingleton, walked bounced into it on the run and he will make the catch near. The line well for sonny gray, has just been more of the same. He has been a model of this worked on sunday and a loss to the cardinals they held him at bay, made him throw some pitches and nate jones gets him shift is on for ben gamel pitcher for five, and then you deal with those arms coming out To at worse to be let’s hit back in a deep right field, castellanos look slider, that’s, a good piece of hitting you always that’s that could have easily been rolled over into the duck, but another one of those proven hitters flows of the game, it’s not impossible. Usually, when you get the starter out, sixth inning the base hit, he continues to swing it. Well, Applause, bullpen activity, david bell will go ahead and make the move so the first two retired a home run, jesse biddle comes out of the bullpen. He was Applause, payoff pitch lost him jerko is on if he tries it again on the fastball away. Braun is going to be huge right here. Oh oh he’s going to get this as you looked over the alignment now in the game, and that is off the glove of aureus. Music, easy money for avi, garcia in the hole and that’s going to get through right through swap is that the leader in the club again, the one two pepper up the line mustaches will tag his buddy.