I never thought we were going to be at this point at what at some time i thought the season was going to get cancelled. But here we are the nba. Playoffs are about to start in the 2020 season throughout the months of april may it just didn’t seem likely that the season was gon na restart. But here we are, we are gon na be making the playoff bracket today. Now i don’t know if you guys are seeing this on sunday or monday. There might be a play of game going on right now when you see this, but i’m definitely gon na get that this out fairly early. Also, this is just my prediction: to create a perfect bracket in any setting is very hard to do so. Don’T take my bracket too seriously, because there is a good chance that a lot of my picks aren’t gon na, be right, and i can only pick one winner so i’m. Sorry, if i didn’t pick your team to win, this is just my gun and then you guys can. Let me know, maybe your final four and champion in the comments below give me your eastern conference and western conference and then give me your championship teams and then who wins the championship so yeah without further ado, we can get into this we’ll start off in the Eastern conference uh, where this is a fairly easy one versus eight uh prediction, so i’m gon na go the milwaukee box in four games i’m gon na go in, for i think it’s gon na be a sweep like any of these.

I think a team could win like i do think. Orlando could get a win but i’m just gon na go for the sweep and try to get the numbers right as well in the games, and if i also predict a series to go into seven, that means it’s, really a toss up. So, hypothetically, if i had bucks and magic in seven and i had the bucks winning, i also think that magic could also win so we’ll get to a couple game. Seven series, so that is gon na, be my eastern conference pick there’s. Really not a lot to talk about. The bucks are just flat out better they’ve, the best player in the series they’re, a better coach team, they’re, better defensively, they’re, better offensively, so it’s, probably gon na, be in four or five. I don’t know how many but i’m predicting four. Now this is gon na. Be probably the most competitive series, maybe of the eastern conference round one indiana versus miami, maybe philly and boston, could be a little bit more competitive, but we’ll see i’ve been back and forth, but i think i’m going to have the upset that technically the lower seed. The five seeded heat beat the indiana pacers in six games. Now the pacers are still good, they’re, so respectable. They just gave nate mcmillan the contract extension. I just don’t know what we’re gon na see from oladipo in the playoffs. He averaged 16 points on not great efficiency in the bubble games he played and i believe he played like six games so i’m, not too high on indiana.

Miami definitely has the best player in the series in jimmy butler they’re. Definitely better coach i’d rather have eric’s bullshit wow. I just smacked my mouse, but i’d rather have eric’s bullshit over nate mcmillan, and i do like the complimentary pieces and how they’ve been playing especially duncan robinson he’s, been killing it. They obviously have bam and all star this year tower. Hero was killing it in the bubble as well, and i still like the front court of indiana, i like brogdon t.j warren, obviously is probably their number one guy. I just don’t know if he can carry them now. I could say seven. I could push this to seven, but i’m gon na go on a limb and say the heat are gon na win in six i’m sorry indie fans, let’s, move on to boston, vs philly. Now this would have been probably my favorite round one series ever i was so excited when i found out one of these teams. Uh was gon na get eliminated round. One that’s like insane because the celtics are so talented. Philly is very talented. Maybe they don’t live up to their potential, but they’re still very talented, and these two fan bases are gon na, go at it they’re one of the more passionate and vocal fan bases on social media, especially on twitter. So it would have been crazy, exciting if i think like if ben simmons was playing it sucks, that ben simmons is not gon na, be playing in the series and that’s gon na give me the pick for boston.

I thought i was gon na do in five, but i think i’m gon na say in sex. I still think philly could put up a great fight, there’s, still a very solid team, with josh richardson uh al horford to buy his hair, shake melton, matisse, the eyeball and especially joel embiid, but who is guardian? Kemba walker and jason tatum you’re gon na have to put thy ball, probably on tatum and then richardson on kemba. I don’t know how it’s gon na work out for them. Maybe this could go to seven. It definitely could, but i think boston is gon. Na pick up the victory and move on to the eastern conference semifinals and then our final round one match up in the eastern conference we’re gon na have the toronto raptors beating the brooklyn nets in five games. Now i think the nets they play hard. They do karis over been playing really hard in the bubble, joe harris air temple tlc. These guys tried. I think they could sneak a game and win one over toronto kind of like how orlando did last year in round one against the raptors. But like a lot of these picks, the raptors had the best player in the series, either it being kyle lowry or pascal siacom, they’re, better to coach. They have more teammate chemistry just because they’ve been playing with each other for so long. The that’s. How to pick up a lot of people and just kind of have a newer roster for the bubble, because a lot of the guys dropped out – and i think this is my like yeah.

This is what i’m gon na go with we’re gon na have bucks heat in round two and celtics raptors in round two. But now we’ll go over to the western conference, where the lakers we’re gon na do lakers blazers, as the blazers won the play in against the grizzlies today in a fantastic game. But the lakers have been scaring me. They have not been playing all that well in the bubble and i think lebron thrives off fans. I think, especially in staples center and it’s it’s different for them so i’m, not too worried, because it is new for everybody playing in the bubble, it’s a different environment, but i still think the lakers are gon na win. But i actually think that the blazers can win two on them, so i’m gon na predict it in six and if they sweep them, i wouldn’t be surprised. None at all. I do think there’s a very small chance. The blazers can get past lawmakers as if, unless damon load is averaging 55, which you could probably do based off what he’s been doing in the bubble in round one, i don’t really expect them winning the series, but i do have them winning two games, which i Think is still a great accomplishment, because a lot of us thought it was going to be memphis in round one and the blazers played grid in the bubble, especially game and melo stepped up at the end of some games and mccollum and yusuf.

Nurkic has been great as well, but yeah i’m gon na have the lakers winning in six. Now i really hope. Russ doesn’t miss too much time. Hopefully it’s like a game at most, maybe two but i’m gon na have the rockets i’m gon na have them winning. In seven now this is if, if russ was healthy, the whole series – i was gon na – have rockets in six over the thunder who i’ve been great this year. But if russ is gon na miss a game or two, but at the moment i think that’s what’s gon na be happening. I think it’s gon na go to seven, but i still like the rockets in this series. They definitely have the best players still in james harden. Billy donovan could make a run at mike d’antoni for a better coach right now, just based off the season, because donovan was great and the thunder still have a very talented, roster. It’S gon na be a great series. I could see it like win win, win, win for both sides and then they go to game seven. This is my first game, seven and, like i said in game, seven it’s pick em. So if this goes to a seventh game, the thunder could win, the thunder could definitely win so i’m gon na have lakers and rockets in round two and then moving on to denver utah, which these two teams are very similar, they’re, always kind of in the middle Of the pack and kind of overlooked by the teams, with higher star power, like the lakers, like the clippers and especially the rockets this year, but the nuggets have been really good.

The jazz were a little bit disappointing and it sucks that boy on bodenovich pretty much their second best offensive player is out for the playoffs mike comey’s gon na have to step up. Their bench is gon na have to step up uh they’re, a great coach team, but i’m gon na take denver i’m gon na take denver in um five or six i’m gon na take them in six. I could definitely see it in five. Denver is a crazy, talented team, especially with michael porter, junior kind of breaking out in the bubble and showing everybody that he can play. He’S healthy and he’s, really freaking good kind of what we saw in high school when he was supposed to be the top guy. In washington and then transferred to missouri, and then he had the back issues going into the drift the nuggets waited they developed them. They were safe with them and now he’s showing us why he was one of the top prospects going into that 2018 draft. So uh i’m gon na have the nuggets in six. I do think that jazz could force a game seven, but i do think the nuggets are gon na win the series and then our final round, one match up is gon na, be clippers vs maps, and this one is interesting because i think luca could win a Couple games i’m gon na have it to a similar series like the lakers. Like dame steals, a couple games i’m gon na have the same with luca i’m gon na.

Have the clippers win in six, but i think this could go to seven like. I think the series has a better chance of going to seven games than the lakers blazers, because luca is just that good and i think it’s gon na be scary for the clippers they’re gon na have their work cut out for them. This is not a round. One matchup that i would want uh none of these round, one matchups like actually, i think i’d rather face the jazz than the mavericks. Just so you don’t have to deal with luca. Maybe the jazz are a better team, but i just wouldn’t want to deal with dodge uh in the first round and the clippers are gon na have to do so, but i do think they’ll win. So here is what round two is gon na. Look like i’m gon na have the bucks beat the miami heat in some five or so i’m gon na. Have it in six. I do think bucks are gon na win this series. I think they’re a lot better than miami, but i think miami could win a game or two like i could see it being one one and then maybe milwaukee up three to one. Miami makes it three to two and then they end up winning at six. I could see it three, oh and then three two and they win. I could see them winning at five. I could even see milwaukee sweeping them.

I would be very shocked if miami pulled it off and beat milwaukee in round two and then down here. This is gon na be a fantastic game. This game is going into seven or in this series. Excuse me, he’s, going into seven games i’d, be so excited to watch this it’s tough, because these are the reigning champion, uh raptors and i feel like we overlooked them. Just because kawhi left, but they’re still so freaking talented uh, they have such a good roster they’re, so deep they’re so well coached they play so well together. So it’s tough, i don’t, know i feel like a lot of people are taking the celtics here in this series. Rightfully so like the celtics are really good, but i don’t know the raptors are the defending champions. They have more experience. I don’t know if they’re more talented, but oh man, i in my mind i had the celtics winning this series, but now i don’t know now. I really don’t know i feel like there is a chance. The raptors could end up winning this and i’m gon na go round those in seven. I don’t know this. One is tough. Like i said, if it’s in seven games, i think any team can win and going into this, i thought that the i was gon na pick the celtics, but now i’m changing my kind of mind on the spot. Oh, this would be such a hard series to predict.

I think these teams are so good, but i’m gon na give the raptors the edge so i’m, sorry celtics fans, i’m, sorry and the i did do a playoff prediction right before the bubble started. Uh on my podcast and i ended up having the celtics make it to the eastern conference finals. I definitely think they can so i’m sorry but i’m, going with the raptors here. We’Re gon na have bucks raptors, a repeat of the 2019 eastern conference finals and then here in the west i’m gon na have the lakers beat the rockets in six games as well, so back to back uh winning. Six, i think houston is great. I think houston. Could win this series? I think there is a small chance, it’s not a huge chance, but i think there is a chance that houston could upset the lakers in the bubble. I think anything can happen. I think we’re gon na see a major upset in the bubble, but i really can’t predict that so i’m gon na be safe with my picks, but i think there could be a year where the one seed in either conference or the two seed is out in Round two or even out of round one, i think we’re gon na see a crazy upset, because i think the bubble is just such a different environment where any team can win and then i’m gon na have the clippers winning in five over the nuggets.

The nuggets are great, but i think this is gon na make them rethink things i don’t know. I think this could be good for them, because maybe they end up making a trade here in the offseason i don’t know. If, if denver, i don’t know if they would trade michael porter junior for rally deal, but who knows who knows, i don’t know if they would but um. I think the clippers are better than nuggets. I think nuggets wouldn’t win this series, but i think they can make every single game competitive like i can see the clippers just pulling out by five by six. I think, like the same with the maverick series, because the mavericks really haven’t worn the closed games out yet uh and that’s, why? I think the clippers are gon na beat them, but i think in close games. I think this is five games for round two. For the nuggets first clippers, i think three or four of them could be within like 10.7 points, so i’m gon na have the clippers and no surprise we are actually gon na. Have i hate to do it, but one verse. Two in each conference – i don’t wan na – be that guy, but i, like all four of these teams, just a little bit more than everybody else. So the easter conference i’m gon na have the bucks winning in six. The raptors wanted six last year, but i’m just i’m, so high on the bucks this year they were so good and i feel like we underrate them just because everybody talks about how good they are and they’re not flashing, because it’s milwaukee, but they were one of The best defensive teams of all time this year they were on piece for 70, wins they the best player in the nba, because he’s going to win every piece so i’m going to say that they’re, the best player in the nba at this current moment now, who Wins the championship will probably if it’s lebron and the lakers kawhi and the club or giannis, and the bucks that player will probably be known as the best player in the nba uh, but i’m gon na have the bucks beating the raptors this year.

I just think they’re they’re, so good, even chad’s always been so good as well for them just kind of being a new spark uh who didn’t do much. Last year, giannis, like i said, it’s, so good, middleton, so good lopez, so good, bledsoe, very solid matthews. I just think giannis. He was so good in the bubble as well. You look at his numbers. He was phenomenal and i think he’s gon na put that up in pretty much all these playoff games uh, but it’s gon na be tough it’s gon na be tough. I could see, like maybe game, game five, where the bucks go up three to two, then winning by like one in overtime or like by two in regulation and then kind of game six. They put it away, and then here i’m gon na have the clippers and, like kind of the most anticipated series of the season i’m gon na have the clippers being the lakers in seven. I just like them a little bit more they’re, just they’re more deep. As a team, because who would you say is the third best player in the lakers, would you say it’s danny green or kyle kuzma they’re? They would be the fifth best player, probably on the clippers behind paul george kawhi harrell and lou will um, and then you aid in marcus morris, who is probably better than kyle kuzma as well um, and then you have enveka zubots. You have reggie jackson, uh they’re.

Just a really good team and they’re so deep they have and patrick bradley. They have so many guys that could do just different things on the floor that you really want, and then they have the reigning finals, mvp, kawhi, leonard uh. I think the lakers are great and, like i said, it’s seven games so there’s a chance. The lakers could win this, but yeah we got laker or excuse me. We got clippers bucks. My prediction: from december, my preseason prediction was clippers sixers, but i don’t think the sixers aren’t, making it to the finals, so clippers bucks, let’s go and i’m gon na have the la clippers winning in seven games. I i do think they’re just more of a deep team, a more well constructed, roster uh. They have a better top two than the bucks and giannis is amazing, he’s the best player in the regular season, because he’s gon na win mvp but kawhi is just a different beast in the playoffs. We saw him last year, so he’s going to get the better edge of giannis two years in a row. Oh my god, the conference, even the semi, the semi conference finals, are gon na, be so good. Lakers rockets you’re gon na have celtics raptors are just two phenomenal series and then you get like box raptors. If so, uh, then the la western conference finals, like that’s amazing those are like nba finals in their own right and we’re, getting them in the conference finals and then lakers or excuse me.

I keep saying lakers clippers bucks in the finals, man we’re spoiled as nba fans, but, like i said, these are just my predictions. Let me know your final four uh final series and then who wins it all in the comments below the odds of me. Getting a perfect bracket are probably less than one percent but drop like if you guys did enjoy. Thank you for watching. I love you guys and i’ll see you guys.