The formula is the same now win and repeat: never sleep on a man, that’s expected to lose with a chip on his shoulder and something to prove the bottoms full of wolves and they thirsty for blood. The mission is to catch somebody slipping above, but numbers don’t lie, i’ve heard them say it at times. Cream rises to the top is a favorite of mine, and the cream of this crap you’ll admit is impressive, but the quote: the boy hold got ta finish your breakfast and watch for the quiet ones they bring in a storm even with a man down. The show. Must go on no time for crying better pick up the slack cause ain’t, no guarantee that you gon ever be back yo what’s, going on y’all v, rob here today, as you guys can see by the title of this video we are. Finally, here, ladies and gentlemen, we are finally here the nba playoffs start. Today, now y’all probably been wondering: where have i been i’m going to tell you the truth? The nba is now blocking my videos – i’m, not an official partner with the nba. Yet because my channel isn’t big enough and now, instead of just c monetizing the videos they are now blocking them entirely so for my last nba videos have been getting blocked, so man i’m. Sorry y’all, like i don’t know what to do. You know i’m saying like if i take literally like three four hours to edit record a reaction.

Video then an hour after it gets posted, it gets blocked, that’s the situation i’m in right now. Bro college is starting tomorrow, i’m editing for clark, slash osn still, i’m. Collaborating with a bunch of people i mean it’s, just a lot of things going on got some personal stuff going on that’s really been affecting me: bro um yeah, but anyways i’m, blessed i’m thankful, and i hope you are doing well anyways. We are going to be going over the playoff bracket, y’all and i know y’all love when i go over or make predictions or play off brackets cause y’all. Then look at the video like three months later and say: oh v, rob you’re wrong about this or that but y’all never say what y’all thought so uh the blazers pulled up a good dub against the grizzlies. On sunday it was our saturday as a six win win mellow hit. The dagger mccollum played great in that fourth quarter. I think we’re gon na start on the east side of things, because we know we know what goes on. On the other side. Bucks magic magic have not been that impressive to me. The bucks obviously have been playing great, the best record in the league, even after returning they’re still playing at a high level. I got the bucks in four now the pacers in the heat y’all. This is gon na, be interesting, tj warren against jimmy butler, the game that they played each other last week.

Tj warren had only 13 points, his worst game. In the bubble i mean before, then, he was definitely in contention when mvp right in there with devin booker and damien lillard. But i really like the heat’s team y’all. I like the pacers seam too, but i feel like the heat has more depth. They have more shooting they’re, a better defensive team. I got the heat in six or seven. Next, we have the celtics and the sixers, and you guys got to remember this with no home court advantage or no traveling that changes so much for all these series. A team like the sixers who play so well at home, a team like the celtics who play so good at home and a lot of the veteran teams that you’ll see throughout the playoffs who play so good on the road they don’t have to worry about. Any of that everyone’s staying in orlando everyone’s going to the same arena staying in the same place. You know what i mean, but this series right here, y’all without ben simmons, without a hundred percent juan beat, i got the celtics and five or six celtics have been playing well. Tatum stepped up his game, especially after that first game. Then we got the raptors and nets nets have been playing well. Also, carousel vert has been playing great jared, allen’s been playing great joe harris has been playing well, but i got the raptors and five um. Then i think i’ll probably shift over to the west western conference lakers blazers.

Now this is the thing y’all y’all are. This is what people do right is that before lebron plays someone in the playoffs or he plays anyone, they love to hype. Dude up, you know i’m saying like oh, the lakers aren’t going to be able to guard them, which we won’t. I mean we probably going to start kcp and danny green. The first few games, so that’s gon na be pretty rough. Like i already know, the blazers guards are gon na outscore, our guards by a lot like it’s, just simple, it’s fast. The way mccomb and lord have been playing as of late they’re, gon na outscore them a lot, and our three point shooting has been terrible. This entire bubble, but you guys also remember lebron james anthony davis kuzma, has been playing great during the bubble rondo’s coming back. He just finished his four day, quarantine yesterday on sunday, so i got the lakers in four or five. If float goes off for like a 50 point game rockets thunder is really interesting. No russell westbrook for the first game, russell westbrook may come back for the rest of the series, but he’s been injured for the main majority of the bubble. The thunder have been playing great they’ve, had some really good wins so far this year in the bubble shake it was alexander, has been playing well calinari’s been playing well, chris paul has been playing great steven. Adams has been playing great, but um.

If westward comes back, which i think he will and the rockets have been playing pretty damn well, too, i got the rockets in six um next, but shout out to thunder one time thunder are doing a lot better than i thought they were gon na do this Year, man, the leadership of chris paul, how they’ve been looking on both sides of the basketball, even the three point – shooting has been great so shout out to the thunder one time. Next we got the nuggets and the jazz um. I got the nuggets in this one. Probably in five or six next, the clippers in the mavericks – and i i’m gon na tell you all this. I keep saying this. You do not want to play the mavericks in the first round. They have nothing to lose. Luca doncic is making his first playoff appearance at the age of 21. and he’s 100, one of the 10 close to the top five best players in the playoffs this year. Right now, that’s healthy and he’s, 21 years old – that that is unreal to me. But i got the clippers in six: mavs are still young, they might pull out a game or two just because of their three point. Shooting they’ve had a lot of good games so far this here in the bubble in which they’ve gone off for, like 15 threes mates per game, porzingis hit a lot of big shots towards the end of the game, um yeah, second round all right.

Second round we got the bucks and the heat. I think this game, or this year is going to be interesting. Y’All i like the heath, defense and the heat’s match. Ups against milwaukee, i mean we know. Milwaukee is the best offensive team in the league. Three point: shooting mid range, you name it um, but the way giannis has been playing bro. I got the heat or the bucks, not the heat, the bucks in five game in six games over possibly giannis future team. Next we got the celtics and the raptors. I think this is going to be a very, very interesting series. These teams are really similar similar in the sense of they play really good team basketball. They can be a really good defensive team. At times, players like ciaco and jason tatum are the leaders of the team from an offensive standpoint. Um damn i don’t know bro. I really don’t know because the games i’ve seen of toronto they’ve really impressed me. Toronto has really impressed me so far y’all, but the celtics played really well against them in the bubble. I know we shouldn’t be going off regular season or playing games whatever you want to call them, but i got the celtics. I got the celtics winning the series in seven games. Next, we got the lakers, we got the rockets. This is gon na, be a really fun matchup. The last time these two teams played the rockets beat them back in february.

They balled over them, and this is when they even still have their still small ball lineup. They still do and they still have a pretty damn small rotation as well, only eight players but lebron james. I just i’m picking lebron james and anthony davis over russell westbrook and james harden and what will be a lot of close games in this series? I got the lakers in six games. Next, we got the clippers and the nuggets. I think this game is going to be interesting. Well, michael porter jr has surprised a lot of people the fact he was 14th in the draft when he was drafted. I get that he was hurt in this and that but it’s unreal i mean he’s. Already a 20 point per game score: he’s. 6. 10. He can shoot three ball. He reminds me a lot like i don’t want to say young kevin to ramble like a carmelo anthony somewhere in that stretch um but he’s taller than mello for sure. But within the series y’all, the white kawhi, the way paul george has been playing the laker or the clippers are going to be fully healthy. I got the clippers in six games eastern conference finals. We got the bucks in the celtics now. Obviously, if you guys remember last year after being down 0 1, the milwaukee bucks then won the last four games against the boston. Celtics, obviously, is a much different time with kyrie and everything, but i worry about the celtics matchups again, some milwaukee bucks they played um.

Just looking at i mean, if he honest, which i think he will play like this in the playoffs, if he just lowers his shoulder and goes to the paint and goes to the basket whenever he has a match on the top of the key on the left Wing on the right wing and sets up spot up, shooters such as brook lopez, wesley matthews, chris middleton and others for three. I think from a matchup perspective, milwaukee blows the celtics all across the board. I got the box in five games and now i know y’all wanted this turn on the intense music y’all. You know it’s like Music, i feel like we all know. Whoever wins this series i mean we’ve all been wanting. This series, we’ve all been imagining imagining the series ever since paul george and kawhi went to la in the middle of july last year, just a few weeks after ad went to the lakers. This, in my opinion, decides the championship, the whoever wins. This series will win. The nba finals that’s just my opinion, i think, from a talent perspective. The clippers are the best team in the league from a depth standpoint i mean they are unreal. They are definitely a much better and much deeper team than the lakers, but their second best player. Paul george is kind of scared if kyle kuzma can play the way that he has been playing as of late. If the lakers can step up their three point, shooting which i think they will shooting five for 37 in a two game stretch, you can only improve from that and we’ve seen players like danny green over the last couple of years, javel, mcgee and others step up Their game during the playoffs, i think, dwight howard, is going to play a huge role in some of these series.

He’S determined he wants to win a chip, especially in orlando um. I got the lakers in seven games, Music, all right y’all. We got the nba finals, the two top teams in the league from a record standpoint, the milwaukee bucks against the los angeles, lakers lebron james gianna, something cumpo the way that the lakers matched up against some back in march right before the league shut down man. I was so impressed on how they played them from a defensive perspective. Obviously giannis finished with 34 points, but you could really tell that what they did guarding him y’all and really just wore him down. It was really impressive and they really go to the perimeter really. Well, i was really impressed on how they played, i think, lebron’s, going to be very determined during these playoffs. I think you’re going to see another level of lebron james throughout this bubble. Yo, we have not seen the best version of lebron he’s only been averaging 23 points, a game. I can promise y’all he’s gon na step up his game to another level for the playoffs he’s done this year and year out with the cavs the first time with miami with cleveland. Again, this is like a normal thing for lebron and then, as for the box y’all, i think it’s gon na be a good series. I mean they match up very well. They have a lot of depth, they have a lot of shooting. I got the lakers in six games, so yeah yo as to wrap it up.

I have the los angeles lakers, winning their 17th nba championship, lebron james capturing his fourth nba championship and bringing home a title for kobe um. Obviously this is such a weird time. It does not feel like the nba playoff should be starting on august 17th, that feels so weird to say, um, but there’s a lot of stuff going on man. So i apologize that i have not been uploading and that my videos have been getting blocked. I, like literally, do not know what to do about that. Yo, but i’ll i’ll be contacting some people this week. I start college today, um yeah, just a lot has been going on within my family bro um. So just please send prayers, send love man and uh. We all gon na get through this man. Thank you guys. So much for watching y’all stay blessed all love and it’s. Only sports y’all. You know i mean like take care of yourself. First that’s for sure. That is for sure, y’all but say bless you all of 2020.