It was good. It was good, seeing chris uh like don chad. Just being himself, i told him when he came out, i think, at the end of the third quarter, i think at the end of the third quarter. I just told him, i said, shoot the ball until your arms fall off, like just keep being aggressive. If he does much shoot it every time, you touch just shoot it every time, it’s eventually gon na go in. I know you know that’s, not the solution but that’s, something that you got ta tell to a guy like chris, because he gives him confidence. He knows that we believe in him. We believe that he’s gon na come on the beat be aggressive, make that our play get uh big buckets for us uh, and we needed to do that. All you know this game, the next game, all season, long all players long. So just we want chris to keep being aggressive. I know chris is so big on making the right play that you know if they blitz him he’s going to dribble out he’s going to make the right pass or if a double team comes he’s going to make the right pass. Do you sometimes like there? You kind of told him hey man, it might not be the right play, but we need you to shoot. Is that kind of a message every once in a while? You have to give to chris. I think the best you got to give to chris because chris is a basketball player.

You know he’s a great scorer, but i don’t think he’s a basketball player he’s going to make that play um. The message you got got ta give him is that, like, as i said earlier, is that i told him to shoot the ball every time he touched like you got ta. Let him know that the team needs him to be aggressive. You know you got ta, let him know that we are riding with you. You know we um miss or make. This is what we’re going to live with. You know uh and especially like a guy like chris, that gets horrible like he’s capable to score the ball at any point you go, you got ta, you got ta tell them that matt, the last guess, hey honest uh. You know in some ways this game felt a little bit similar to game one and that the magic were playing hard. They were playing really well shooting really well, and they were sticking with you guys, uh, and then you guys were able to finish it off. Unlike game one, so how far do you think you guys have come from game one to now and the way that you guys are playing and approaching and handling these games? I think we’ve found our identity again, which is play defense. You know no matter if we score the ball or not we’re just going to keep defending you know. Obviously they made a run. They made a lot of threes, but we just tried.

We tried to make it as tough as possible for them and we never lost our composure. Um mother, defense event. We never like took a step back when they started making shots. We just kept our energy high and uh. On offense, we we figured out. We played together, you know, i think, uh. When you play defense and uh, you get that energy from the whole team. You know guardian uh, i think officers become becomes a lot easier. Everybody here yeah honest before the game: they’re, not really basketball related. You know in wisconsin it was protest. After you know, a black man was shot there. You know by police uh just kind of your thoughts on that situation, because you get a chance to check out the video. I know locked in the playoff mode, but you know has that affected you in any way, just seeing that situation? No, i haven’t seen it at all i’m, not on social media um, not on my phone i’m, not aware of it uh. But obviously you know i’m not aware of something. So i don’t want to comment on it but uh. You know, you know you guys told me, you know i’ll, try to process it and see what uh happened. Uh did happen last time. You have it last night, yeah yeah last night he was he was. He was shot by the police there and uh. Oh yeah, nice chatting back in the car. You know uh, i got ta, you know i got ta go back and uh look at it and uh.

You can ask me the same question next game and uh. You know i have asked for you. I appreciate it now: lori nichol, hey giannis. You know, george hill has had a knack for knocking down the timely threes, but what about the addition, this year of kyle, korver and wesley? What have they meant to you guys, especially since they’re newcomers? You know trying to come up bench mob or starting from a starter. What do they meant from the three point area? It’S, big big. Both guys can knock down the shot. Three shot they’re playing great it’s, easy to play off them it’s easy to play with me, but it makes the game a lot easier for me and bled for chris, because if you have great shooters uh in the triple line waiting to knock down shots, you have So many driving lines it’s just harder harder to uh. You know for the difference to cars, so you know: they’ve been playing, amazing they’ve been knocking down shots, but the most important thing that both of them do and the rest of the team does – is that they play defense like it starts from defense. You know they compete, they compete really hard and uh on offense. They, you know spring spring to the corner space, the floor for everybody and now they’re ready, they’re, ready all night and when you pass them, the ball they’re ready to knock it down and they’ve been knocking they’ve been knocking down shots uh four games now last one To king pittman, hey, honest uh bledsoe again had a really important stretch and felt like in the second quarter, where he was scoring.

He was being aggressive. Obviously, he’s he’s had an interrupted preparation with the with the covert situation, but how important is it for you guys to continue to keep him aggressive and attacking the way he does, because it does feel like it takes you guys to another level. It’S important wait hold on what the cove ignite anything had to do, with the lead being aggressive. No, no i just mean i just mean that his preparation’s been interrupted. He’S coming from behind you guys, uh, okay, i think i don’t think anything can change right now. Yeah, okay, i i got you so it’s it’s bled is being big for us, especially in the second quarter. He was talking to everybody. He was trying to go downhill uh he was calling plays, he was knocking down shots, he was making the right, you know pass and that’s that’s what we need from that uh this game, the next game. Until the end of this, you know uh playoff, uh he’s playing amazing, and we need him to do that.