The loss of hall of fame coach, lute olson, who made a significant impact on countless current and former nba players, as well as the loss of actor chadwick boseman. A close friend of the nba who appeared in iconic movies, such as the jackie robinson, biopic, 42 and black panther. Please join us in observing a moment of silence in honor of cliff robinson, luke, olsen and chadwick boseman. Thank you so in matthews, with middleton, atheragumbo and brook lopez, the teams have not played since monday. That was game. Four, the third straight victory for the milwaukee bucks and remember in game four. They were only down three going into the fourth and then just got overwhelmed down the stretch: rich who’s averaging just under 30, a game in this series milwaukee. What has been the key for them after that opening loss as lopez, gets it down low and draws the foul and one what’s been the key for their turnaround and boards. A game in this series grabs that fournier stripped by matthews matthews has played some terrific defense on fournier in this series. Antenna kumbal with a quick burst unit. Middleton has struggled shooting the ball a bit, although he did play very well in game. Four bledsoe they go under the screen and bledsoe makes him pay like they know their teams, but it’s hard to gauge, where the attentions and focus is with all the stuff that’s going on and the intensity yes gets a second shot and lays it in.

I think, when you’re off that long, mike coaches believe in their team’s approach as innis throws up a runner, but i i think until you get out here on the court and forces mistakes that you don’t normally make they go inside an easy entry pass and a Beautiful one from bledsoe right on target it’s a five point: bucks lead and it’s poked away and stolen by middleton. So many turnovers early middleton nice crossover chris time gets delayed, middleton last spot in the eastern conference three and five in the bubble and then again shocked. Everybody with that game, one victory buchevich was brilliant, that night flips it up and in that’s a difficult shot and gordon, no all bomba good ball movement. Here, marvin williams lines it up nails another three pointer with this high powered milwaukee bucks team. Dj augustine also comes in for the first time, divincenzo catches, fires and connects that’s, the fourth three pointer for the bucks, remember um the sacramento kings. They had their bench mob. Other teams have used that as well, but it is a terrific bench, a nice second. Ever there for a birch, to put it in teams, had a chance to practice first quarter since that time, Applause birch is hit, count it and the foul they just don’t have enough, either with all of their injuries and opt outs without lillard ross finds some room And nails the three pointer three carrots wrong: pez went over there at the end of the timeout and was kidding with clifford Applause.

Augustine nice little move back shot is good that’s. What mike boonholzer was talking about augustine a crafty one of the smaller point guards in the league, but a veteran he’s got some good offensive skills and the magic of tied the game with his three pointer his first and his skill and size you can’t take away Both while pass finds its way to ross ross again that quick release that’s a three he’s got eight points. Bledsoe finds middleton middleton inside for an easy slam and the foul step back elbow jumpers. Good 16 points already the lead back up to eight. Sometimes you forget, as time goes on, who actually drafted somebody as middleton backs in for the bucket it’s. The same way with steph curry in golden state never know that a player is going to turn into somebody. This special, but you just try and scout and guess the potential and boy did did he hit a home run. Fournier layup shot is good for the magic to have a chance to make a a move in the off season. It’S going to have to become at the offensive end where they improve Applause steps into a three that’s good bledsoe and the lead is 14 largest of the first half and their shooting percentage that plummeted down to about 38 percent. Earlier now, up to 50 percent fultz. For three three point: game minute and a half to play second quarter: middleton throws it up just so difficult when he gets position, they’re going to try to get a two for one here, middleton three pointer count it and the foul middleton, with a chance for a Four point: play bledsoe, shot clock winding down.

Middleton gets a good baseline, look and it’s up to 19. and signed a second 10 day. Then remainder of the season and now finds himself with the injuries in the starting lineup in the playoffs nice feed inside and lopez puts it in that’s, now 17 assists for the milwaukee bucks. You know this is in. We talked about this early in the playoffs, as matthews finds middleton middleton just standing there waiting knocks down to three that motivation in these type of elimination games when you’re facing elimination, that’s a challenge well, especially as lopez, gets the offensive rebound point just one of six. It has been a rough series for fournier, but you do have to give a lot of that credit to wes matthews that time, fournier terracupo misses the three middleton the rebound, and then you saw the the sports world all coming together. I want to know how old tyler ford is, because for such he looks young to be in the playoffs is a great accomplishment for him Music. It is and it’s a terrific accomplishment. Last year in the conference finals, toronto had an excellent game plan defensively at times. They frustrated me certainly helped that they had kawhi leonard but i’m. Sure buchevich puts that and he punctures your defense to create great shots for others, as he hits the corner three. With seven of 19 from the field ball batted away, good defense there fultz, leading the break for the magic goes right at ilya.

Silva left handed lays it up and in nice move from markelle fultz. Oh nurse on ilya silva doug, divincenzo chris middleton and marvin williams. In there ilya silva, they had some really nice young talent, so that streak might end soon, although in the western conference right now, it’s so hard, terence ross rattles in a high arcing three ross, trying to find an opening runs into to kim burch corner three awondo With a three pointer, but if magic want to make a run, now would be a good time to do it augustine the floater goes in in augustine now with nine points, scrapping to try and get to a game. Six you’d love to see that, unfortunately, that defense, not very good there and he’ll get a layup ross to augustine, knocks down the three and it’s a 10 point game. I know we haven’t worked with malika a lot, but so she doesn’t know about your ego. Don’T call you the other mike i got ta reel it back in i i really i i did a like a second like as george hill, really second time in a row, getting around not a little bit better a lot better than that good play by hill Buchovich tries a three that’s good muchovich from downtown second half the magic 8 for 14 from downtown after really struggling in the first half ross, shooting over ilya sullivan it’s good parents ross from down from inside he’s about to check back in, but he’s not out there Fournier for three that’s good fournier knocks it down.

I thought for the most part, it had been eradicated, but it is seeping back in little by little. Middleton hits that matthew’s in the corner now off the dribble, a three pointer, that’s, good, marvin williams, four for four from downtown two big threes and the lead back up to 11.. That with such disdain, because i can’t believe you as announcers don’t understand that it’s true. As vutovich knocks in another three now some breathing room from milwaukee, as we have three minutes remaining at tedekumpo against fournier well defended, then he gets a pass speed from the tedecumbo and bledsoe the finish, and that puts it back up to 13. williams, hill attenua, three Pointer puts it in there’s the finishing touches that makes it a 14 point, lead they hold off uh a run in the second half and clinch this series, four games to one there’s, your final score: milwaukee 118, orlando 104. They moved to the second round. Officially.