First, playoff game. I think this should be an easy sweep for the bucks. You know what i’m saying since uh i mean they are the top in the east. Magic is in the trash, can they’re not trash, but i just don’t see them being that competition for the bucks man, so let’s go ahead and get into this and see how they do it’s always exciting. To watch you on this play man, because that boy be catching bodies, and i like seeing people catch bodies, i like seeing people get sauced with that big big, big big. You know what i’m saying i like them, seeing it that big. You know what i’m saying, but at the end of the day i like seeing somebody catch their body, bro ain’t, nothing on any given night of beating anybody in the nba let’s see if they are up to the challenge. Chris middleton is gets the first bucket of the game, 30 and 14, a game the only player in the nba being the top five in both points and rebounds. His first look is a three and a half. Okay. Let me get this out of the way from his chest. Bounce his first look is a three and if you look at that, that’s the magic i’ll tell you what i’d like to see more of that in this game. Great. Take the big guard markel fulfills 20 game last year was only 11 to the playoffs, though against toronto, nick on the run out and the mid range game.

Yeah with gibbon go off the pick, it’ll be annis, he’s got the triple and they were a clean team for the most part during the regular season at that kumbho in the spin and the hammer sparked damn boy during the regular season, a dadakumbo in the spin And the hammer – oh, my goodness, yes, and both teams shooting lights out for the most part, orlando right now, five of six make it six of seven. The mid range game of muchovich island creates another takeaway and all those turnovers that’s, four out of the last five possessions nick and that’s. Again, you have to find things like that if you’re the imaginable you’re not going to have talent for milwaukee diva, sharing it with george hill and it pays off it’s because of the impact of giannis, but you’ve seen it with the second unit. They do a great job of matters is holding they own against the against the bucks right now i ain’t gon na lie to you: hey hold they on they. Actually they up right now, this shit crazy. I mean this first quarter allowing their offense to create offense. Not just got to have that ability to knock them down consistently poor. The five starters still out there like markel full to the mid range game and you’re right, the confidence mark showing he was no bust. You know what i’m saying scrolling picked up and going. The other way is wesley, a wounded, good wing for them very athletic young man.

He got contact and he’s going to the line Music and on the shot clock final minute of a real good start for orlando terrence ross. The veteran the 32 year old, dj augustine had a good drive and kick for nick he’s got it. But again with you a different lineup, different dynamic and throw you off kilter if you’re the bucks and i think, that’s what we’ve seen so far early in this game. They were 24th and scoring before the restart, and you saw the significant improvement chris middleton and now in the second year of a big deal with the milwaukee box, o undo, taking advantage of kyle korver with the damn boy. Did they catch these niggas off guard or something anything they gon na come out and hoop like this, like these were hooping them bro, where the bucks, what the bus goes? Shooting 55 horny hit half his threes against them this past year. Annis importantly, their defense has really stepped up double figures. Take him to 14 with that that was a slick move with the left hand. Last year, an 11 2 run now in a shocking 18 point game, making 16. it’s, not his game. At this point of his career god, damn i just seen the score niggas up about damn near 20 points, bro the run boy. They walled off, giannis didn’t they, but he made the right but that’s, two straight turnovers too. So after doing such a good job early on they’re gon na get a blob, you got it had their struggles here.

The last few minutes offensively giannis, will get there and follow his own that’s padmasana is the gm of orlando now had been in milwaukee and drafted. The man with the ball giannis is dead as he gets. The three will track it down, trying to find terence ross and a good spin on the baseline. What an athlete terence ross! Not for the guys that fear, the deer struggled in the first round, as did last season and obviously in that match, to be the aggressor here in the second half wasn’t pleased how the magic took it to him in the first half and then the other part Of it here, you know left buchevich the hot hand of the first half and it’s a bank bro that’s. The fourth three point: i’ve seen yana’s hit this game that’s. The fourth three point: i’ve seen this nigga hit this game bro. I don’t know about percentage of it. I don’t know that hey bro, let me find out yana’s, got him a shot now that’s gon na be trouble, i mean a buck still i mean i didn’t, leave it to myself and he did not call glass. Did he to get their rhythm now dadakumbo on the spin and got what he wanted? One season giannis has had gary clark’s got a dozen dennis, has nine above their season averages bledsoe going to the line it beat bolts out front and battle eight from the magic yeah kind of a role reversal.

If you will kept alive good work by folks staying engaged and how can you lose with dadakumbo, they did Applause kind of hit him in the mouth a little bit and had him reeling, but they seem to have recovered a little bit but they’re great, the average 14 3 is a game that’s fourth best in the nba left hand, nick kuchevich, showing everything right now. The magic partnership is hooping right now, bro all right. I ain’t saying nothing about it, but because it’s not like it’s, not like um it’s like spectacular stuff but it’s dude, hooping bro, you might be he’s, go i’m thinking, he’s going the most right now to be real with you. I seen him score the most damn magic. The whole time these boys still up to his third quarter, got it now boy with the frc has been conducting a voter registration campaign with the theme over the top uchevitch they’ve pronounced him. He gets the best of them that versatility with booch can also score with his back to the basket and nice dj augustine Music using birch and ken burch, who only averages two points: a game, a wounded in for the first time in the second half they’re. Trying to get terence ross on the run and he gets it former university of washington husky terence ross, pretty dominant performance over the course of the season. Final minute of a productive third augustine going to the rack dj, augustine isaac was out after the first of the year with a knee injury uh before the injury is sustained here.

What a pass middleton he’s got 15 points and now four of nine from beyond the arc conicent pre on the ark pat connington’s got it. I thought he was going to use the hammer there. He tried to roll it under it’ll, be augustine and he gets the role as long as he has. You know how tough he is. You know they say a lot of times the shooter who’s not, but he is huge chris middleton good rebound by ross they’re attacking that defensive backboard hillary ross. He got away with the hammer damn difference maker when he gets it going bucks now, 12 of 36. on there they’re crazy, milwaukee up and really it’s been middleton. Who is struggling to contain movement and he’s, going to get an m1 made on his triple crazy bro. 14 point game and a shocker gon na be george hill and it was yeah he’s. What news exactly like his established position there fournier. Can he get one? Finally, yes, first bucket of the game: hey the magic. Are they want it bro the magic want it bro. They want they want to win bro they showing it. I like that they’re not trying to get swept they hey bro. They want it. Bro they’ve been up all game. Hey man, where’s middleton, at by the way where the hell is he at he’s supposed to be the second scorer yonder’s down there doing everything by his damn self. So i i don’t get it.

Let me i might have to check the stats after this game. Bro, an impressive performance by the mavs as well. That was a good game to watch last night. Now it’s fournier big one. He got it spacing. I thought on that possession by the bucks, boltz, didn’t, call glass but it’s a second chance fournier a triple guy, see the dominance of the season series, so nobody could have anticipated this today for one in this series of one against eight step through george hill goes To the line august, great off the bench like ross and balance across the board, marvin williams hits it and that will give us our final score of a 12 point win for the orlando. Damn boy, damn boy i expected, i expected the magic to get swept bro. They won by 12. that’s crazy, bro, hey man. This is this is gon na, be the most exciting playoff series that i’ve seen in a long time, there’s no home there’s, no home court, advantage no way team there’s. None of that. None of that stuff is going on right now, bro. This is playing they playing on the same court. They got sound effects, they got fans on their damn webcams and stuff bro they bro this hey. This is going to be a very, very exciting, playoffs man. I i did not expect this whatsoever man, so look hey milwaukee. I better come with it man or johnny’s, going to the lakers next year.

Yes, sir, hey man remember the world.