They got into the ball made it. You know harder for us to execute our stuff, but i still think you know we had good looks uh. You know, i think there were times where we had good looks, but maybe we could have, you know, moved about a little more and gotten better looks uh. But again i mean still, you know with all the good looks we have. You know we missed a lot. We went three four twenty something in the first quarter and it’s harder to know to beat a team like milwaukee on the score 13 or 15 points in the first quarter. So uh. You know they definitely got into us more, but i thought we still. You know we’re able to generate good, looks for ourselves dan, savage, orlando,, vouch to start the third quarter. Both you and the team got in much more of a rhythm offensively. What did you see in the six second half and you know, how can you use that heading into game? Three, i think in the second half we play with more composure, offensively uh. You know we didn’t kind of rush into things, we’re wearing just taking the first good look, we’re getting we’re kind of making them work, and we also get a lot of very good, looks and uh we’re shooting a little better, but we didn’t get stops on the Other end uh, but you know they played a very good game tonight.

You know they came out ready, which we expected, and i know they deserve – to win so it’s on us to respawn. Now i know it’s. 1, 1, so it’s a it’s, a good start for us. Anyways adam shout out: fox35, hey rouch. How would you describe the the feelings and the the mental state of the guys in the locker room, we’re feeling uh good uh? You know we would, and if this was you know, regular uh way and uh, we played two against milwaukee. We tied 1 1. That would be going home very happy uh. So you know we’re in a good spot. Uh, you know we’re gon na. Have we have home court advantage? You know the virtual fans gon na go crazy, we’re gon na take advantage of that. Now i mean uh no, but i think we we we show that we can play. You know very well with them. You know we made a lot of mistakes tonight and uh. We still had a chance in the fourth uh, but you know. Obviously, we have to take care of those uh they’re, a great team they’re going to get better as the series goes on and you know we have to do the same and match up with intensity in their play. But i think that you know this. First, two games gave us you know more believe than we had. I think to begin this year’s anyway. What occurred with the offense in the first half was that a product more of adjustments, milwaukee made or simply a product of missing shots that your team made last game.

I would say: combination of both i thought they were really good um. We took a lot of quick shots early in the game, it wasn’t the first half. It was the first quarter. We scored 30 in the second quarter and i thought in the second and third quarters our offense was really good, so um, you know we’ve got to against them. You’Ve got to get the ball moving. We didn’t do that early. We did miss some shots, but definitely their ball pressure. They were into us more and it definitely impacted the way that we played offense dan, savage orlando If you you identified rebounding as being a you know, key for this game in particular. How did you feel your team did on the glass and and what? What are you looking for in that area? Well, i thought we got crushed, i think that’s, the biggest you know the first quarter, offense and the rebounding. Overall i mean they had uh. We were minus 15 uh. You know they had 17. Second chance points for where there’s no way we can. We have a chance in the series, if we’re not going to start hitting people running down loose balls, i mean we had a stretch in the third quarter. It was 12. loose ball. We try to dribble, it ends up getting knocked away. I’M. Sorry, it was 14 because we had just blown a set. We had it at 12 blew a set uh, they miss we get.

We should have had the rebound instead of grabbing it. We try to dribble, it gets knocked away. Connington hits a three back to 17 and those are the things against a team like this. You can’t do dan savage cliff, especially in the first half. How did you feel your team did defending the pick and roll? I know you know they’re gon na knock down some shots, but but what did you see? Um yeah? I got to watch the film because i told i told the guys at halftime we’re all over the place off the ball too uh. They heard us. We were much better in the later the end of the third quarter and the fourth. I thought our pick and roll defense was better, but we got to be able to get into the ball and not let him drive away and have a chance of controlling the ball and uh. You know, if not is going to be hard. We were better as the game went on in the second quarter. In particular, it was a real struggle, josh robbins, the athletic on initial uh, just watching the game. The first time through it seemed like the wall was a little less effective. This game was that your initial impression too, oh we met we, i looked, i mean we still had a chance there in the fourth quarter. We blew two uh, we blew two coverages and one of them was, you know, broken play giannis at the top and we got to be there so uh, you know, look, they were terrific and we made a lie.

I told our guys. I thought we were very uncharacteristic: we’re uh, even on our bad nights, we’re very disciplined defensively, and we were not tonight at all adam shadow fox, 35, hey coach. How do you guard against this kind of a loss being demoralizing and having kind of a letdown from this point on yeah? I don’t think so i mean the guys were. I thought they were great during the game. Um it’s hard, when you play a team of this caliber and you dig yourself a hole early um. You have to put so much effort into working your way back into the game, and yet the the guys on the bench uh were terrific, uh, positive and even even uh. You know after in the locker room, i i don’t i’m, not really worried about that. Mike bianchi, orlando sentinel yeah coach, is there any encouragement at all? As you mentioned, i mean you guys, shot so badly there in the first half in the first quarter, but you did hang around in the fourth quarter. I mean you, i think you were within eight or nine. There were five or six minutes left. Oh, we had chances uh, you know that’s, where again uh we made, i mean just like defensively. We gave up six points just running around on stuff that we don’t do and guys. You know gambles and stuff like that, and you know that’s not part of what we’re doing so we’ll see all that tomorrow.

Uh. The one thing i thought in the first half was our struggles to score. Uh impacted us at the defensive end. We got a little bit antsy we weren’t as disciplined um and again they were very, very good. So i mean uh. You know i mean look their their championship, caliber team. They played like it tonight, uh and we’ll watch the film and we’re gon na have to do better in certain areas. Josh robbins the devin athletic finish with 12 points, but it did seem at times especially early in the game that he was lacking, at least, if not rhythm, then maybe some confidence. What are you seeing from him right now and and uh how he’s playing? I think he’ll i mean the other night. I thought he played really well. He didn’t shoot the ball well until late uh and i think he will again. I i mean i think people have to remember. He just went like a week without playing and he wasn’t like he was even able to work out. He was sick uh. He would come to practice and sit and watch so uh. This is in my in, in my opinion, somewhat predictable. He won’t say anything because that’s not how he’s building he’s i’m not making excuses for him either, but we’re not gon na win without him and uh. You know it makes sense to me and he’s still, he’s still played well he’s, not shooting the ball ball, but he played the other night he created outside of bush.

He created our most offense If, in the third quarter, there, especially, you know how big was vooch in in keeping you guys in the game, um, you know, especially with his playmate, oh he’s, i mean look, he was again 13 for 23 uh, 32 and 10, and he put so much pressure On the defense, you know whether he’s in the post, where you know they were coming quick to double team him or whether he’s playing out in space so yeah, you know again. He’S played obviously but he’s really played well the whole a whole time down here. He put a lot into preparing, i think, he’s, in a really good place mentally in the shows. Okay. Last couple questions eric wilson, 1070., hey coach, um, i was just wondering: could you speak to just it seems like milwaukee’s game plan was to disrupt you guys from the beginning? Did you just speak to the transition ball and then uh? More importantly, just the spacing when it came to you know getting the ball just in between players. Yeah, i mean, i think you know that’s their game. Uh denial, uh physical, on dribble handoffs. They go under a lot on on the pick and rolls and that’s how they slow you down and uh what you just talked about to me that’s, the key for us. The whole series is: can we play with flow and pace and be stress free in the half court and handle those things i thought in the first quarter.

It was partly that and just you know, we took a lot of really quick shots. So um, you know again: we’ll watch the film and uh. I think we’ll do a lot better. On saturday, okay last one aaron goldstone, orlando pinstripe, post, uh, coach, we’re, getting kind of into the the meat and heart of a series heading into game. Three, where you start to see some some adjustments um, do you anticipate milwaukee? Switching up, you know the way that they have attacked vooch defensively and then what can your team do to try to create some easy offense and not lean so heavily on on booch? Well, i mean they’re doing the same thing: mba, basketball, they’re doing the same thing. We’Re doing you go to your best player in the places where uh you know where they can score from. They have a lot of ways to play, pick and roll that are hard to guard. They have ways to iso, and then they have movement, and we have the same thing with him being the focal point. So there’s no way for our team to play very well efficiently, especially against a team like them without him being in the middle of it, and you know they have. They have a lot of different ways. They can attack us.