There were several times in this game where the milwaukee bucks cut into the lead had a chance to punch the punch, the orlando magic in the mouth and take control of this game, but they’ll handle magic with the team going to punch him. Giannis cannot let that happen in game two. What do you think q what’s next for uh for giannis in the bucks in the the next 48 hours as they prepare for game two on thursday, my opinion, man giannis, continues to be giannis. He he’s gon na. Do what he does he’s a he’s, a freak of nature, he’s, uh, he’s gon na score points in the paint he’s gon na get dunks and he’s gon na get inside the paint point. So my thing is that he struggled in the fourth quarter because he had no help if nobody’s making outside shots – and nobody else has really really got it going. Then that gives the opposite team a chance to focus in and double and triple giannis and make things that much more difficult that’s why he needs his supporting cast to step up. He needs brook lopez chris middleton eric bledsoe kyle. He needs those guys facing the floor. So that when he goes inside he’s, not spinning and counter moving and he’s still facing one two, three guys that’s difficult for any superstar, whether you can shoot the ball or not. So he needs his support and cash to come up to show up and show up.

Big for him yeah again, his teammates were just 11 of 35 from three point range, and this is for a bucks team that was fourth in the nba in made threes during the regular season. This was a complete turnaround from the four meetings in the regular season when the bucks not only swept all four against orlando, but beat them by an average of 17 points per game, completely different results in the bubble, thanks in large part to nikola buchevich, who recorded A season high and postseason career high 35., hey, given how uh very few people gave your team a chance to win. How gratifying is this game? One victory? We don’t care what other people don’t have to say. You know we focus on ourselves and uh. You know we came out and played a great game on both both ends of the floor. Uh, you know defensively. I thought we did a very good job uh. You know on every lot of stuff they did, but you know, obviously our main focus was try to make it hard on giannis to um to protect the paint, and i know we did that as a team. You know, you know gary did a great job. You know fighting him and we were able to help and then also you know you have to get out of shooters after that. So a lot of times we had to scramble and it wasn’t always perfect, but we figured it out and uh.

You know offensively. I thought we know played one of our best games. I think, all year long, you know just moving the ball executing being patient. You know playing off what the defense gives you and we’re able to make a lot of no big shots, also throughout the whole game. At the end, and came up with a huge victory, but again it’s just one game – and i know we got to move on from this one game: savage, hooch. How pleased were you with the team’s ability to seemingly extinguish uh milwaukee’s runs? It seemed like you know, each time they started, calling back you guys, you know, had an answer tonight. Yeah i mean you know, it’s, a game of runs and uh. You know they’re a great team. They were number one team in league for a reason and we knew that they weren’t just gon na. You know quit once we you know get up, you know a little bit and they keep making runs, but no, we stayed with it. Uh we’re able to respond to those runs, and you have to be able to do that, especially in the playoffs uh. So i thought you know tonight. We were we’re very good at staying poised and uh it’s, something that you know. We had issues in the past. So it was good to see you know today in a big game like this mike bianchi, orlando yeah. She said that you said yesterday, you learned a lot from last year’s white house.

Uh coach clifford just said that uh, your preparation for these playoffs seemingly was unmatched. You must have watched a lot of film um. Can you just talk about how serious and how prepared you are for these playoffs me personally, or the team uh uh personally well, the playoffs is very different than uh the regular season. You know you play one opponent uh, you know a couple times in a short amount of time and you have to really be ready for what they do and especially us against a team like milwaukee. We really have to make sure we know their stuff and we prepared for everything, and i thought that tonight you know we definitely were on top of that and we did a good job. You know uh executing the game plan, also a lot of credit to the coaches. You know for putting out a game, a great game plan and uh. We were able to go out and do that, but i think that i know from every experience you have. You know in life in general, you learn from you know last year. Obviously, for me personally, the playoffs were a little bit of a struggle. I didn’t adjust well to you, know, it’s, a different style of play and uh. You know today was better for me, but again we’re going to expect you know a great response for them. You know they’re they’re here to try to win it all. So you know they’re not just going to lay down they’re going to come out and be ready and we have to take it a whole other level as well.

Josh robbins the athletic. What what was the adjustment playoff adjustment you made today compared to last year’s series? Was there a specific adjustment you made? I just thought. Last year i was overthinking stuff a little bit. You know once uh you know i struggled in the first. You know game one and two. I kind of started overthinking stuff a little bit and i wasn’t really. You know playing my game wasn’t really. You know i got out of kind of my uh. What i do and uh i just you know realized that i have to stick with that and obviously there’s gon na be adjustments. I’M gon na make stuff they’re gon na. Try to take away but there’s still many ways for me to be effective and uh. You know just tonight i came out with an aggressive mindset. Uh, you know coach wanted me to to be aggressive and uh. You know take on that role and i want to do that and i got going early on and so i stuck with it. But honestly, a lot of my looks were just from us playing. You know great great uh, you know team basketball and i was getting a lot of open, looks and i was able to knock them down and uh when we played that way. You know a lot of guys are going to be able to be efficient, but you know i was glad i’m glad. I was able to start a series off well and i was just going to move on from this game and be ready for the next game and then fitzgerald class 35.

Hey butch did you. It started building out what you just said. Um did you feel like especially down some guys today? Was it extra important, especially offensively for you to sort of lead the way here today, knowing that uh, you know, especially with a guy like a.g, not available that maybe you needed to have a big game to sort of get things off yeah i mean my mindset Was to be aggressive, and i think that when i am aggressive you know whether it is you know, uh shooting a ball or trying to make plays. You know, i think that a lot of good things happen for our team. You know when i put down the ball on the floor on my post. Ops on you know spacing the floor whatever it is. When i get the ball and i try to and i stay aggressive, i think that you know i attract now the defense to me and then i’m able to make plays to other people and uh so yeah. I think you know my mindset. It has to be to be aggressive. I have to take on their role and i’m gon na try to keep doing that. Diane todo cafe delgardo hi nicola. Congratulations on the great game, guidance from brazil. You guys not only defeat the best team, the nba, but did it with authority. What the king can repeat this play level four or three times are we gon na you know have to take it to a whole other level uh.

You know they’re gon na respond. After after the game, one for sure they’re gon na come out ready and we’re gon na have to be you know, uh ready for that and uh we’re gon na have to you know, prepare be ready for the adjustments and uh. You know, as the game goes on in game two, you know adjusted those as well uh but yeah. I think you know he just came into playoffs it’s a whole new game and we have to you know, forget about this. One put it behind us. Uh learn from what worked and what didn’t and uh you know be prepared for. Second, one uh and obviously they’re a great team. We know that we expect a great response and we have to pay for that. Josh robinson athletic, uc kind of anticipated. My next question uh, but you guys have been here before after the game one win last year, uh were there any lessons your team learned from that victory and going into game two that your team can apply now. Well, hopefully you know we learned that you know uh, one game is just you know one game and you have to put it behind yourself and uh. You know get ready for game two and uh against a great team. Like milwaukee. You know they they’re going to be able to respond and they’re going to come out and aggressive and uh they’re going to try to take it to us right away.

So i mean we just you know: we’re gon na watch film see you know what we did well see. What worked for us and uh. You know prepare for game two and also no one’s. Like i said once the game starts. You know i’m sure they’re gon na make certain adjustments and they’re gon na you know do certain different things that you know we hurt them with tonight, and we’re gon na have to be ready for that and uh make adjustments as well as the game goes on, But you know, like i said: playoffs are you know, it’s very specific. You have to prepare for each game, you know, as if it’s you know a whole different. You know game and um don’t come already so no like i said i mean i keep doing the same thing but it’s. You know it’s true, put it this one behind us and move on okay. Last question: uh david chinolato, lagazetta, dello, sport, okay, bush um, you just said you have to prepare for a gaming feel like it’s a new game. But what what can you learn personally from this game? One that you can replicate in game two? Well, you know when we watch the film uh tonight and tomorrow, just you know see what worked for us. You know see the plays that we ran that work for us see where we were able to attack them uh, we were able to hurt them.

You know every team obviously has their weaknesses and you have to try to exploit those and uh we’re able to do that tonight and also on defense events. You know what we’re able to do to limit some of those guys uh. You know and stick with that. You know the things that you did well try to take a whole level and things i know we didn’t do well try to work on those, but i think one thing that really did help us was our preparation. You know we were very well prepared. You know we knew a lot of their stuff and we’re on top of those, and that helps a lot in the playoffs and especially for us. You know as underdogs we have to be, you know, ready, and our margin for error is very little so tonight we did that very well, and hopefully we you know we can repeat that even better next game. Thank you.