I believe a 110 a 12 point lead. Orlando was the better team in the entire game that got off to a good start. They was able to continue to keep it going. The bucks continued to make runs, they continued to come at them, and orlando had the answers. They had confidence, they had bravado, they had swagger and they really felt like they can compete and beat this team and they they went out there. They didn’t show it they did it because they actually did beat the bucks and, if you’re, a bugs fan. This is, this is a game that you should be disappointed in because orlando just looked better all around in that whole 48 minutes, even when the bucks made a run. I never felt like orlando was about to lose the game and you shouldn’t be saying that about a team that’s. The number one team in the nba number one defense and all these stats – that people continue to bring up. None of that mattered because orlando was able to put that to rest. So when i look at the bucks, i thought they was going to make a statement. I thought they was going to go out there and show why they the number one seed, why they should be the favorites to win it all, and instead they proved everybody right and honestly it sound bogus but it’s true. They they prove the doubters right. They prove why everybody picks the lakers.

They prove why everybody has been placing the clippers to beat them in the finals if they get there and now people trying to go with toronto over milwaukee, they lack urgency they’re a little bit too predictable. Offensively giannis has been able to be contained by orlando, which i would have never thought. I thought they had nobody, they could stop her. Guardianis jan is looking tentative. He settled a lot, he passed up a lot and if the others are not going to make shots, if they’re not going to make plays, then a lot of is going to be 101 giannis and middleton, and you will live with that. Just because you have to pick your poison and you rather see giannis go 101. You just rather see middleton go 101, then having everybody shooting wide, open shots and dunks, layups and threes and that’s. What orlando did steve clifford is an excellent coach. I liked him when they picked him up. I liked him as a defensive mind for multiple years so i’m, not really surprised about that, but the bucks never really felt like when i was watching the game. This is how i personally felt i never seen the bucks even just just have a little anger towards them. It seemed like they were just playing the course of the game. It seemed like they were just playing the game just going through it, and they they just never had that that push. They never had that urgency.

They just never had that fight in them, they’ll go on a run, then they’ll be relaxed and then they’ll be comfortable, and you just can’t do that when you go against teams in the playoffs just because you’re going against the best teams in the league, and it Only gets harder, the further you get down the road and the further you get as you continue to win your series and, if you’re going to come out like this and you’re, going to play this type of basketball, it’s going to be tough to win the title And that’s, why i’m saying that they’re proving a lot of people right with the type of way they’re playing and the books? It seemed like teams, starting to figure them out. You get 82 games to play against the team. The bucks rested people, they added people, they traded people, and now it seems like the nba is starting to figure out how to guard how to defend and how to approach going against the bucks, and it feels like the bucks haven’t made enough counters throughout. To be honest, the last five months they really just looked like the same team that they was ending the season with they looked like the same team that they was playing like in the season games. They don’t look like they care about being the best team. They don’t look like they care about making a statement. They just look like another team going out there playing basketball and that’s, not what you want to hear and that’s, not what you want to see if you’re, a milwaukee bucks fan and i’m, not saying that they’re going to lose the series i’m, not saying that they’re Going to get put out in the first round or the second round i’m, just saying that this bucks team doesn’t look like they really care about being the nba champions.

They don’t have that championship blood in them because they haven’t even got to the finals. They don’t have that championship dna because they never have won one. They have to earn these things. They got to do these things and, if they’re going to go out and play like they did today, they’re not going to get it done this year either and people have been saying. Jonas, his team isn’t good enough middleton isn’t good enough as a sidekick, but giannis is a part of the problem. I told you guys that last year, when i look at them being up 2 0 against the toronto raptors and then they up in game three with a chance to go up 3 0. Then they lose game three. Then they lose the next three that’s. Just unacceptable and giannis is a part of that, because he is the defensive player to hear the people. He is the mvp to people and if that’s the case, he shouldn’t be having these problems, but he continually have him and he’s a part of the problem that the books have. We gave him a lot of love. We gave him a lot of credit. He’S been an all star voter and everything, but you still have to get the job done: you’re the franchise guy. This is your team you’re, the most valuable you’re, the best defender. You have to go out there and win a title in milwaukee and if you don’t i’m, not saying that he’s going to be a coward for leaving i’m, not going to call him out for leaving and joining the super team.

But we don’t forget about this. We don’t fans, don’t forget his haters, not gon na forget, especially – and this is just gon na – be a part of his legacy if he can’t get it done in milwaukee and he does leave people not gon na. Forget that and that’s something that’s gon na be on the back of his mind if they do get eliminated before they get to the nba finals and if they do get to the finals and lose that’s gon na be in something in the back of his mind And that’s gon na play a part of his decision, but once you’re in the nba, your videotape you’re, you’re, you’re recorded and your career is documented, and this right now will be a blemish if you can’t get it done, and this was a team that people felt That they was better, they felt that they made the right decision. Let broaden go. They felt like this was a better team than last year and now they’re not even playing to how they was playing in the beginning of this year and that’s just unacceptable. If you want to be known as a champion in a league contender – and i wonder if this loss will wake them up – i wonder how they’re going to play the whole series, because i had them sweep in orlando. I had them trying to go out there and just make a name and and just show them that we’re here and they did the complete opposite.

They laid a head and they was getting beat pretty bad in the second quarter and when they did make they run. Orlando just felt that there was another team they didn’t get sphere. They didn’t make a lot of mistakes, they just went back to executing their offense making plays and they was able to pick the defense of the bucks apart and it just wasn’t a good look for the bucks on the offensive or defensive end. They just looked like a fourth seed. They don’t look like the best team in the nba. They just looked like a great team and that’s, not honestly good enough to be a championship team, so we’re going to see how this series play out i’m already wrong. I’M. Already a little shocked to see the bucks come out like that i’m shocked that they lost by double figures and i’m shocked. The fact that orlando, without aaron, gordon without jonathan isaac and a lot of people, they just went out there and just played a game. And it was able to beat it pretty decisively and honestly, they look like the better team, the whole entire 48 minutes, which i would have never thought, was possible until i seen it today, they outplayed the books on both sides of the court throughout the whole entire Game – and nobody would have guessed that coming into this game, but it ended up happening, so the bucks got to get it together and mike budenhozzer.

This is this: is his job to rally all the guys to get them, motivated to figure out what he has to do to get this team to go back to how they was playing in the beginning in the middle of the season. They ended the season wrong. They came in to see them games wrong and they went into the playoffs the same way. This is not a good look for the bucks and honestly, i didn’t have a win in the title anyway, but i put a lot of pressure on giannis because of everything he received this year when it comes to accolades and praise. But if he don’t get to the finals i’m going to jump i’m going to lose a lot of respect for honest, like he – and i told this to people before the season started – is no reason why yana shouldn’t make it to the nba finals this year. In the eastern conference, when i look at the raptors, when i look at the celtics philly indiana, when i look at this team, i look at the coach. I look at the best player in the conference as giannis and, if that’s the case and he’s the best defensive player on the best defensive team is no way that they should be losing the game to orlando, like they did today and if they don’t figure it Out they won’t be making it to the finals and if that happens, i’m gon na look at giannis a lot different i’m.

Just him and it’s only gon na get tougher, because a lot of teams in the east are catching up to the bucks. They don’t fear. The bucks and orlando proved that today and if that’s the case giannis may never get to the finals. This is his best chance. No kd, no kweilinger, no lebron, nobody in the east, but giannis, and this is what we’re seeing from giannis in the books. So to me is devastating. I only can imagine how the milwaukee bucks fans feel about this loss. It was a pretty decisive loss at that, not a good look but i’m going in the video right there check out my website. Analysisprayon.Com link will be in the description comment section below check out my facebook page analysisplayground.com link in the description comment section below like on facebook to show support like this video and share that’s, a small thing you guys can do to help support the channel. The more people that see it, the more people it can reach the better it’s going to be for me and if you enjoy the videos and you love them, continue to watch continue to subscribe and if you’re new to the channel, i got over a thousand videos Whether it’s season preview playoff predictions discussions, top 10 lists, nba breakdowns of players, legends and rookies and summer league breakdown in summerlin coverage, plus draft coverage, and i do it every single day. So if you love basketball, you can’t live without it.

This is the channel for you other than that, queen way, basketball analysis, i’m, going and i’m looking at the books and i’m.