First and it’s been down to eight in this series: that’s a big part of their offense. They need to get out running and they need to give giannis a chance to attack before this defense can get back and set and load up to him 48 to miss three and then eric bledsoe. The quick answer, at the other end, to give the bucks their first lead. Well, he’s got seven points, let’s think about it. He hit a three. He hit a mid range jumper and he’s gone into the post and score. Vuchevich is a complete that chip on our shoulder because nobody believed in us, despite the fact that we were the number one seed and this year according to the outside world, were favorites. He had to move his feet, he’s going to get a great effort. All the time we see him running the floor, there, janus back the other way for milwaukee kicks out. This is kyle korver, the marksman sticking one from deep defense, which has been very good here, these last few possessions, terence ross, injecting some offense quickly. Six points in four minutes off the bench to shorten their rotation for the second time. In this series they played 11 guys in the first quarter, really been any different against him. You know they’ve gotten up and contested on both of those he hasn’t gotten anything open or easy, nice looking stroke by dj augustine and then added a coach against kyle korver teams.

Every time he missed, i was shocked and i had a sigh of relief yet he’s. Turning back bert’s rim and take his layup a lot of guys, won’t it’s, one of the reasons ross is so hard to guard and what a pass by augustine as yetis just keeps on coming. It’S so difficult against this team and right now, they’re just unable to keep milwaukee away from the rim plus milwaukee’s defense is stepping up it’s been the best defense in the league for two for the magic they lead. Bledsoe slithers into the paint will shoot the floater off over the top of clark janni’s inside offensive rebound back up and he’ll shoot free throws in game two. Where does the series go from here ennis? Is it gon na get a much better look than that? Orlando’S still down 11. middleton builds on that different. The bucks are eight for 15 from three point range sizes up gary clark outside connorton, that’s, good connorton, just a couple of coaches talking shop on top a lot on his plate right now, as they try to figure things out shorthanded. In meantime, the bucks just keep on coming. I thought they might try to double team him. Mike budenholzer went a couple of steps further. They decided to quadruple team him on that last post up yanny’s done at three kavuchovich; first magic into double figures: he’s got 11. and with 48 seconds left and a half, it is all books gundy in the second quarter, when this game started to turn what kind Of fight does orlando, have this has been such a gritty team shorthanded for much of the year, but until this point they’ve just been outclassed by the bucks chris middleton.

By far his best first two games, we actually competed, we tried, we were out there challenging milwaukee. If we don’t get in this game, if we don’t start competing it’s going to be a really long in the paint we’re going to not foul you and we’re going to take away free throws and you’re going to have to make a lot of threes to beat Us and that’s your only chance really to have a good offensive night against the bucks, is to take and make a lot of three games, and if giannis is gon na, be your guy with the ball in his hands all the time in a close game. He’S going to end up at the free throw line and he’s shooting in the 60s during the regular season in the seating games and already here prepared so far in their opening round series miami up 2 0 in their series, but again toronto right, i mean, and They have played very well and i give them a lot of credit for not having a letdown but they’re playing. Also, we know they’re very tough to stop in transition it’s not going to be easy to beat them. I know that, but it’s not going to be easy to beat toronto or boston either so and creating a turnover on his pass out. 48 dangerous pass, broken up. Bledsoe the steal middleton ahead of the peck yetis, extends to the wreck, have trouble getting the ball into the paint and getting baskets you’re gon na have to make jumpers like fultz just shot and it’s tough on a nightly basis to make that many jump shots mike.

So a 19 point game. Orlando i’ll give him some credit. They fought back here in the last couple of minutes. It’S still, a 22 7 run a deadly. This third quarter milwaukee trying to take a two games to one lead in this best of seven series. That is kyle korver from deep on this orlando roster, unable to complete the four point play final eight seconds: either the goomba full head of steam down the paint that is a scary, say vertebrate to the bucks defense on this, and i like this lineup that the Bucks go to some where giannis is essentially your hey. You don’t see too many guys cut away from the ball avery bradley, a great cutter in la dante, divincinzo one of the best cutters in age, and he gets an easy bucket on the one we showed terence ross firing the threes at the hot hand, not that Time so coach, you want efficiency. How about this? For yanis, today, 11 of 12 shooting two of three from deep one: inch off the ground, spiro that the chance of a major injury is slim it’s, it’s. One of the advantages right i mean there has to be it’s amazing what the magic have done here, totally undermanned getting blown out and stay in the fight right here. Boy, vuchevich 21 points: seven of ten shooting off the bench here comes adetokunbo into the corner. Ford lopez that’s a three has mill with milwaukee now, starting to take the guard and fear back and when we say veerback we’re talking about a late switch, the guard comes off.

The big gets laid back in the paint now takes the guard going to the rim and bledsoe veers back to take away that three pointer that vuchevich had been getting in the first two games in early tonight 13. augustine around a pick it’s a tough off balance.