The word. Defense is something that you needed to improve on coach bud. Today was talking about aggressiveness. What do you feel like? It needs to be pinpointed and adjusted going into game two? I was just gon na play: play harder, um just make them feel uncomfortable. You know they were doing it at times, but we got to do it for longer uh stretches of the game. Um yeah, i think you know. Sometimes they come off the pick and roll throw it back. They just feel they feel comfortable uh. So you know we got ta, learn from it um. Hopefully we can come out in a game. Two and just you know be more aggressive. Getting passing lanes use our hands be a little bit more physical and uh just get them off their uh, the rhythm, matt velazquez uh. How how much does it hurt or how frustrating is it that we’re talking about having to play harder or be more aggressive? After a game, a playoff game in which you know your opponent was much more aggressive and played harder than you guys did. It was played harder than us uh. They played better than us, but we played hard, obviously um, but they made they made shots um. They had the momentum, they got uh when we were coming close, uh back to the game. We set them to the free, throw line, um yeah they just played better. I didn’t i don’t need to play harder.

We got to play harder, so even if they play a better game uh, we can still win the game to put ourselves in a position to uh win the game. Lori nickel, hi giannis. I wonder i don’t know if you were looking at stats and shaking your head, but when you are reviewing film for a game like this, are there certain things? Do you look for first? I don’t know that you can tell effort and energy on game film. So what are you looking for when you replay this and study it uh? You know when i go back and um, you know, look at the clips and uh look at the way we played uh. First of all, did we play the hard defensively? Were we aggressive defensively? Did we move the ball enough uh? Did we make the right pass? Did we make the right play um? Why did we lose um? Did we did not made enough shots? Did we make enough shots to defend well just trying to figure out things that uh you know can help us can help me uh, be better for the next game. Malika andrews, be honest. Bud pointed out that for the first three ish minutes, you guys played pretty well and then it just started to slip. What do you think you need to do in the first quarter, specifically to help set the tone for the rest of the game? Um just play play good basketball, just gon na keep playing good basketball, you know, play hard set, its own come out, aggressive, make the right play and the hope hopefully can carry over.

You know we understand that it’s it’s difficult because, like you know, there’s no crowd. There’S, no fans, you know to cheer you on and uh give you that extra juice that extra energy, so you got to do it by yourself right. So we just got to do what we did. You know uh, hopefully, next time we can just carry over for you know, we can do it for longer. You know longer stretch, you know we did it for the first three minutes in the first quarter or in the third quarter uh. We got to be able to you know, do it in the fourth quarter. We’Ve got to be able to do it in the end of the game, so that’s pretty much it steve mcgargey guess. How did you think the team’s energy level was and how’d that compare to maybe your energy level at a typical, typical playoff game last year? So um? I think our energy level was good. Uh, we came ready, we came to play guys from the bench was uh. Cheering on sharing us on the court uh, but we just wasn’t enough tonight it just wasn’t enough uh, they played better than us, and you know they got the win. Yeah eric name, yeah, honest: it felt like it. It didn’t matter. If you were guarding brucevich, if brook was garden vucevic, they were going to put you in that action and make the choice: tough, whether that was switching, whether that was getting a layup, whether that was getting him a three.

What was it about vucevic and the way you guys are trying to cover them that that made it so tough tonight was just playing out of his mind: um he’s, making threes. He was making twos, he was uh. You know palm faking taking all the dribble going to the post it’s hard it’s uh it’s hard it’s hard to pardon the guy. That cannot shoot the three because um you don’t know you do not want to switch right. You don’t want to um let the uh the guard fight him in the post, but you know at the end of the day, you got ta figure out ways how to slow him down and um. You know we thought his third quarter in the fourth quarter by switching and setting him to the post. You know uh, we can slow him down, but we did. You know we didn’t so played a great game. Um just got to do a better job. You know. Take that individual pride and guard him, stephen watson, be honest: george had kind of described um. The situation is being stressful in the bubble right now, just being away from family being in the hotel rooms, um a different style of basketball, with the environment of no fans. I’M just curious: how would you describe your emotions about the experience now you’ve gotten used to it for a few weeks and has it played a factor in you guys struggling a little bit in the early goings of this restart uh? For me, um one thing i’ll say is that you know we play a game or we have a practice and um.

Obviously, in the bible we don’t get to go home, we don’t get to go. You know be away from basketball, even for a few hours uh. You know if things were normal back home playing in a home court and after the game we go home and go and spend time with our families. Watch a movie eat your. You know: favorite food sleep in your own bed, you just you’re just comfortable. You know uh, but now it just feels like we’re, always at work. Uh you can, you cannot escape basketball, but at the end of the day personally, you know it is what it is. Uh everybody’s going through this it’s, not just us uh. This is 16 right. Now, in about going through the same uh things that we’re going through they’re, not able to see their families uh their customer in the bible that is it’s always about basketball, but uh. We just just got ta, do our job. You know we got ta man up and um let’s go out. There have fun, don’t think about nothing else. Just play play basketball and uh. Try to get a win. A few more of vincent goodwill, giannis uh george said that you guys have to do some soul. Searching after this after this loss, do you think it’s that deep that you have to do soul searching or do you think that you guys haven’t been playing as well as you wanted to play leading into this situation? You lean into the playoff setting uh.

You know. I think for everybody individually, it’s uh, it’s different. You know everybody feel the uh different type of way after atlas. You know uh some people, you know getting the feelings um other people when we get in the gym. Other people try to figure out. You know it’s it’s different for everybody. For me, just just got ta, you know get in the gym uh. We have a game in two days: uh figure out what we can do to win game two and uh just come on and play play better. Like i’m, not i’m, not trying to think about, you know, figure out myself and find myself i’m just trying to come on in game two and just um do whatever it takes to help my team win. You know that’s what i’ve been doing since day one since i came in the league and that’s what i’m going to keep doing. You know obviously there’s going to be bad nights, it’s going to be good nights, but uh as long as you know, the mindset is get on the floor and help your team win. Uh everything will take care of itself uh last two eric woodyard giannis. How do you uh, you know, i know you’ve been a leader by example. You know a lot of your teammates describe you as that as a guy that works hard to show, but would you ever be willing to address your leadership style in these situations? Just like you know, does it take more than just leading by example.

How do you approach your leadership in this time right now, where guys might be mentally not in it because of the bubble or anything how’s. Your approach to leadership right now, uh play play harder, be more vocal, uh lead by example like at the end of the day. You know we’re in a situation i like, i can i can’t change. You know who i am and know what i do and what i do, as i said earlier, is that you know get on the court and do whatever it takes to win. You know there’s gon na be days that uh i got ta guard the guy there’s gon na be other days. I got ta read about the ball better. This is gon na be other days. I got ta find my teammates for open shots like um that’s that’s. My mindset and uh, obviously like you know, we have no, we have no fans um. I think you know this is not the time to be, you know, be quiet, you know you got to be more vocal. You got to cheer on your teammate, you got to talk, talk on the bench you got to make sure everybody you know is they feel good. They feel good about themselves.