. Are you kidding me? The milwaukee bucks are struggling versus the eighth place. Team milwaukee had the best record in the nba. Oh yeah, the greek freak bledsoe, the lopez brothers chris middleton. How do you struggle in verse, orlando or eight place team? This is embarrassing. Are you kidding me orlando magic they’re, not supposed to win one game? I had a sweep. This is really sad. The greek freak has 30 points that’s. The problem, the rest of the team is not doing that and middleton is like 15.. Nobody else on the team is really scoring. They have 10 15 points. The bench they’re only getting production out of the greek freak with 30 points. How do you lose it by 13 points to orlando? Orlando don’t really have that many great plays uh nakia valvic that’s. All they have is valvic. They don’t really have other great plays orlando they’re eight plays for a reason, so this is embarrassing who’s into orlando magic. How do you lose to orlando magic? How do you lose to orlando magic that’s, embarrassing that greek freak better step up in the game too cause right? Because right now the lakers are playing the trailblazers at nine o’clock at night, so that’s gon na be that game could be an upset. Maybe portland trailblazers will beat uh the lakers lebron and anthony davis. Lakers haven’t been playing good in the bubble, so trailblazers get maybe upset, but remember it’s. Only the first game i’m not going to go crazy.

I milwaukee, i still think it’s going to win this series. Maybe milwaukee will win in six games. I thought they were going to sweep orlando, maybe maybe orlando will get at least two games. This game is over they’ll, who’s it by 13 and game one. This is pretty sad. I can’t believe it i’m in shock. These games are so early in the afternoon, but i can’t believe it they’re struggling orlando, unbelievable and another good game to watch is indiana pacers and miami heat. That should be a good game. I’M gon na watch that game. I got miami heat and then you got the dunder and the rockets. The rockets are without westbrook, so maybe okc uh, you know, can give houston a challenge. Chris paul alexander, stephen adams. They could give houston a chance without westworld. So maybe i got okc to win tonight at miami heat jimmy butler and they got the young players hiro and bam on ido. I think they’re gon na be good. I think miami and the dunder could win tonight and then trailblazers can surprise the lakers. Who knows the trailblazers can beat the lakers, maybe with damian linen on fire, so we’ll see unbelievable breaking news. Milwaukee bucks getting embarrassed struggling versus eighth place, orlando magic team in the first game in the first round, they’re gon na lose the first game unbelievable, i can’t believe they’re not getting production out of middleton. The lopez brothers bledsoe 10 15 points.

Greek freak is the only one scoring 30 points, so that’s a tough loss. It was a first game to a bad team. I still have milwaukee winning the series, but i thought it was going to be a sweep. So pretty sad, so guys thank you for watching. If i need more updates, breaking news, i’ll keep everyone updated, but pretty bad to be losing to a place d. A number one seed like milwaukee in the first game already losing to our team like orlando, that is pretty pathetic and we’ll, see what happens. The rest of the nba tonight you got a good games, uh miami and you got indiana and then houston, okc and then trailblazers and the lakers tonight, maybe there’ll, be more upsets. We’Ll see so guys. Thank you for watching subscribe, get the likes of the public sports, guys subscribe and i’ll talk to you later. Maybe we’ll be more uh. Uh upsets we’ll, see yeah, i know, but you don’t lose to our team. Like orlando that’s, embarrassing, it’s pathetic, you don’t lose to our last place.