Today we got magic and buck to start off the day. Man, bucks buck’s got this bro the fuck it’s a magic bro y’all got the mvp of the league, probably like y’all should win. This come on. Just let’s see what happened: i’m, probably going to get bored in the middle of the game, and just like. Stick to that night of beating anybody let’s see if they are up to the challenge. Chris middleton is get the first bucket of the game, 30 and 14 a game the only player in the nba to be in the top five, at both points and rebounds. His first look is a three and it didn’t look bad i’ll. Tell you what i’d like to see in the words of flight accomplished and my words make it six of seven. The mid range game of mucho bitch creates another takeaway and all those turnovers that’s, four out of the last five possessions magic jumping out to a lead, sharing it with george hill and it pays off it’s because of the impact of giannis. But you’ve seen it with this second unit. They do a great job of allowing their offense to create offense. Not just got ta have that ability to knock them down consistently poor. The five starters still out there like markel full to the mid range game and you’re right. The confidence is going. The other way is wesley. Won’T do a good wing for them very athletic young man.

He got contact and he’s going after the shot final minute of a real goal for orlando and i think that’s, what we’ve seen so far earlier in this game. They were 24th on the league in scoring before the restart. You saw the significant improvement chris middleton. Now, the second year of a big deal with the milwaukee bucks, oh yo, why the magic got such a good lead, stepped up, mucho, bitch, Laughter on the run or they’re walled off giannis didn’t they, but he made the right well, that’s, two straight turnovers too. So after doing such a good job early on they’re gon na get up, carry your team to the lead, because, right now they looking good. I don’t know how y’all losing to the magi. I don’t know i don’t know i better fix it and she gets the three yeah trying to find terence ross and a good spin on the baseline, the reverse, what an athlete terence ross, not for the guys that fear the deer him to him. In the first half and then the other part of it here, yep left buchevich the hot hand of the first half and it’s a bank, and he did not go blast. Did he get more now identical on the spin and got what he wanted? One season giannis has had a better season. Gary clark’s got a dozen dennis, has nine above their season, averages bledsoe going to the line if they, the magic’s partnership with the frc, has been conducting a voter registration campaign over the top they’ve promoted him.

He gets the best of them that versatility with boots can also score with his back to the basket nice dj augustine using birch. Why are the magic wheels trying to get terence ross on the road and he gets it former university of washington husky terence ross, pretty dominant performance over the course of the season. Final minute of a productive third augustine going to the rack tj augustine now brought, must be a genius before the injury is sustained here. What a pass middleton he’s got 15 points. You know how tough he is. You know they say a lot of times. The shooter who’s not, but he is that’s huge chris middleton yeah he’s the comeback. This is the comeback i don’t bro there ain’t no way gon na be ross with the hammers milwaukee up and really it’s been middleton. Who is struggling to contain that movement and he’s? Going to get first bucket of the game hill on the run this folks who’s back in there great look, george hill got the triple an impressive performance. By the way oh fucking y’all expect to win a championship losing to the magic. This is your chance. Wow that’s crazy step through george hill goes to the line. Look at augustine right off the bench and balance across the board: marvin williams, magic bro – that is insane that’s. He got champs that’s your champs, that’s fucking, tough, that niggas lost to the magic, the fucking magic bro, oh hell, nah bro.

If my team lost to the magic i’ll be tight, especially in the playoffs bro that’s a game day, damn robux y’all sad right now, man, you’re, honest i’m, pretty sure no, i don’t think jonas did bad. Jonah seems like he did. He played a good game. He tried to carry you honest. You got ta, get the fuck up out of there. Money, wow, that’s, crazy, but y’all, know the drill bro.