The bucks have beaten the magic now three straight games by 14 points by 14 points and now by 15 points after a dominant fourth quarter. Uh. What have we learned uh about this milwaukee team over the last couple of games gary? Well, you know just what what uh, what they were saying on the afternoon game they’re focused now they caught them by surprise in game one, and then they made shots and did things now. Milwaukee is more focused and that’s. What they’re gon na do, that’s what they’re gon na be uh, focused to to keep their game together and just be who they are just like what he said. He said we’re worried about us, nobody else. We want to make our team better and that’s what they’re doing they’re playing within their sales they’re, making they’re making adjustments so they’ll get everybody’s shots. Giannis is doing a great job if he’s getting double he’s kicking it and all the other guys are doing what they’re supposed to do make shots when they, when he he attracts attention and he kicks it to you, make shots and make plays sam thoughts on the Step the bucks took today. Well, i just think it was important that chris middleton played the way he did in the fourth quarter, it’s, not that they really needed it. Giannis and those guys have played well enough to win this basketball game, but they’re gon na need. Chris middleton going forward – and it reminds me of fred van fleet in that third game against the milwaukee bucks in the eastern conference finals.

He had been struggling, couldn’t make a shot leo round, and i looked at each other and said all freddie needs to do is make one shot after that the rest was history. This could be that quarter. That gets chris melton back on track, because they’re gon na need him as they advance the competition’s gon na get tougher. Miami heat may be looming. You know how they play defense, so it’s a good sign for the milwaukee bucks that chris middleton woke up in that. Fourth quarter he’s an important cog in this milwaukee machine and they’ve, been playing like the last couple of games shot nearly 50 percent in this one dominated in the paint 42 20 in terms of points in the paint for milwaukee, and they take a 3 1 lead. Let’S, take you back to the bubble head coach, steve clifford of the orlando magic now facing elimination, okay, Music, okay, questions for coach clifford and savage cliff through three quarters, guys put yourself in the position to win. What did you see as uh the deciding factors to start the fourth and down the stretch of game? Four i mean you know number one they were great, their execution was great. It was better than ours um. You know we made some mistakes, we had a baseline out of bounds, a guy didn’t know we had a side out of bounds, a guy didn’t know. We had two sets that a guy didn’t know and against a team like that.

It just can’t happen. Uh you got to be good, organizationally and then execute and when you’re blowing sets and everything like that in the game of this magnitude, you’re not going to be able to win. So our effort was like i just told the guys, our effort, just our effort was not good, was phenomenal uh, but our our execution and then you know the biggest difference was the shot making uh they shut the ball well and and uh. You know a lot of times like they say: it’s a make or miss league go ahead. Dan cliff markell seemed to to rebound from a tough game. Three and you know, seemed to find his way through the the ball pressure of blood. So what did you see from him tonight and and his improvement? I thought he was. I mean again, a great bounce back um. You know this is a great experience for him. I thought he was played really well in game one. I thought his effort in game. Two, he didn’t shoot the ball, but he played with phenomenal effort, like you said, game three, he wasn’t as good and tonight now he was. He was terrific out there uh in all facets of the game. Thank you, elena sentinel yeah coach. Obviously, you want to win these games, but can you just talk about boots and what he’s meant to this team and what the series he said? Well, look 31, 11 and seven um they’re keying on him on every catch we’re going to him constantly, because you know he puts so much pressure on anybody’s defense and the fact that he can score inside.

He can drive the ball and make plays off the dribble, and then he can play out in space is uh. You know, he’s a he’s, a very gifted offensive player with great iq and decision making and uh. You know this started for him way back when they allowed us to start coming into amway. We had a number of guys who made a great commitment to get in there and work and he’s at the top of that list. So uh you know this is i mean the better players in this league. If you look at it, they get better every year and he got better uh. I mean you know, look back 12 months ago, we’re not 12 months but last year in the playoffs he wasn’t as good, and he was hungry to prove that he was better than that and obviously he’s played four terrific games, josh robinson athletic. And how tough was it to generate uh quality shots early in the fourth quarter, um when they started to step up their defense, and you had booch off the floor hard? It was hard and uh i mean they were look their defense. I think their ball pressure, their passing lane pressure uh their physicality off the ball, it’s, a challenge for the whole game and uh. You know look they’re they’re super hard to play against and uh. You know, like i said, for three quarters. We were good, you just can’t, give away those possessions it’s hard enough to get good shots.

You can’t give away possessions where you know you blow a set it’s just not this time of year and not against a team like that. You guys are obviously the baxter against the wall heading into the next game. Now, how confident are you you’re going to get that same energy and that same effort that you got out there tonight because, as you said, it was really phenomenal. Yeah i mean we’ve played of the four games we played with terrific effort in three of them game. Three, we weren’t as good and uh. You know we have a day to regroup and get together. Our guys have really good character. Um. It was a disappointing locker room. Obviously we had put put ourselves in position and uh you know. Listen i mean these games are the tough ones down 3. 1, but i’d be surprised if we didn’t come out with a great approach and play good again. Any final questions for coach clifford. Thank you, steve clifford said it. The effort was quote phenomenal. In his words, orlando played really hard. This was a pretty intense game, but for a team that really relies on its defense to keep themselves in games the last couple gp. They just haven’t been able to stop the bucks 56 in the last game, uh up close to 50 in this one, and if they’re not going to get more stops, they’re just not going to have many chances well matt.

The problem is, is that there are playing good defense and hustling, but with the way they got out of this game and got down 19 is that they were playing d. But then, when they come down, they shot jump shots and couldn’t, make the jump shots and then all of a sudden milwaukee got on fire with middleton having that that big run and then they get behind and then they exert so much energy trying to get back And they don’t have the personnel for that and that’s just the case of here, and this is what happens because they are playing good defense, but they have to punish milwaukee to meet. They keep they’re, making shots and make milwaukee be on their toes too sam. Where are they, where the magic falling short in terms of getting consistent, stops against uh? This bucks attack and look they’re, not the first to fall victim to this group there’s a reason. The bucks have the best record in the nba this season well, matt and gp. Think about this you got two guys that’s, not playing for the magic and gordon and and what’s the other yeah jonathan you’re, talking about 2, 6, 10, 6, eleven guys with lynn, athleticism and then gordon. He have just about 18 points a game and isaac. He would have been a good matchup, not that he would have stopped giannis, but it would have been another body to make giannis work and gp knows this when, when you have two teams that both play hard, the most talented team is going to win.

Not most of the time, all the time, the only time less counter teams win is in a regular season and they catch a good team off balance. They’Re not playing hard it’s, just the dog days of the nba, but come playoff time when those talented teams lock in and focus and they execute their offensive defense you’re not going to beat them because all things being equal, they just have more talent. Look. Orlando has nothing to hang their head about they’re representing themselves. Well, they just don’t have enough players right now and they’re important, and unless some of the other shooters start making shots, they can’t win yeah. They don’t have the horses. There were enormous underdogs coming in and milwaukee has a 3 1 lead here’s head coach mike budenholzer live from the bubble, just how he was kind of able to carry you guys there yeah. You know, i think he was really big for us that you know there was like. I don’t know what it was a three four minute stretch where you know we were able to get some separation from him and felt like he had. You know a ton of buckets in there and and play making and um. You know we we’ve we’ve, been saying it before each game and between games. I think it’s just a matter of time for him. So um, you know for his stick to itiveness. You know for him to just stay the course and keep playing keep competing.

His mindset’s been good um, you know, so it was great to see him get a couple big baskets and kind of sent us on a run. As you see him struggle through the first three quarters, is you know that confidence that you happen to back him out like oh chris will get going is? Is that are you starting to wonder at some point like? Oh, maybe is he not going to get going? Are they doing just such a good job and defensively don’t know i mean you know we’ve it’s, i guess it’s only been two years, but you know being around him and just knowing how good a player is and there’s some there’s some things that just aren’t quite Going his way – and you know i think you know he gets a few more of those and um – you know i think he’ll feel better and everything will just you know, i think, trend in a good direction. So there’s, no doubt and and the thing i keep saying is you know, he’s competing he’s guarding he’s rebounding his his mindset, his energy everything um is in a good place, he’s, not letting you know something um, offense or shots, or anything like that. Take away his focus from his teammates and what we’re trying to accomplish and do, and so i think you know you get rewarded that with a little stretch like you had not the last guess. I think this, but i think this game felt a little bit in some ways like game one where they were.

You know time for the magic words just getting a lot of shots, shooting really well playing really hard, but you guys were able to weather that just how much do you think your team has grown from game one to now to be able to? You know, win this game and winning going away. Yeah i mean, i think, pretty significantly. You know, i think game one uh, none of us. You know i think, we’re pleased with our effort. You got you give. You know, orlando credit.