Here we go. We begin actually in the third quarter, with the bucks up by three giannis, throwing down the contested one handed dunk, pretty little euro step there and then a big time play is giannis dennis had some words for the magic afterwards after he throws it down right over Nikola buchevich still in the third magical down by two they kept this game. Close markelle fultz is wide open. He hits the a three different from when we saw markelle fultz just a year or two ago in philadelphia. Magic up by one giannis then nails three of his own. His first points outside the paint in the game team just lab, but chris middleton he’s extending this thing. He did not make the free throw there. Steve clifford couldn’t believe the n1 on the three pointer finding middleton again in the corner, who joins the three, take that they’re up by 19. middleton 18 of his 21 in the fourth quarter. Ciana says you know what i’m going to sit this out i’m, going to take a little bit of a break magic trying to climb back into it, and buchevich is right there to help him. Do it draining the three there and then he does it again. Buchich finishing with 31 points, 11 rebounds and seven assists the honest, says: okay, fine i’ll come back. Let me put this thing to bed drive spins float or count. It 31 points. 15. Boards eight assists the bucks win 121 to 106.

they’re up 3 1. In this series giannis, i think we found out identity again, which is play defense. You know no matter if we call the ball or not we’re just going to keep defending you know. Obviously they made a run. They made a lot of race, but uh. We just tried we tried to make it as tough as possible for them and we never lost our composure. It’S playoff basketball, anytime you’re in that it’s good for you and, if you’re fortunate enough to move on you’re, going to be better and more prepared for the next round – and you know certainly that’s the case with this orlando team. But we got a lot of work. Still to do all right, the greek freak continues to produce at an historic level. According to elias sports bureau. Giannis is the first player in nba history to begin a postseason with four straight games of at least 25 points. 10 rebounds and 5 assists as the mvp picking up his play. Big time come post season. Tim legler joins us back, live on sportszone with moore and tim the bucks they pull away in that fourth quarter. To take that 3 1 series lead how about chris middleton? Really getting it done for them, every win has value, of course, but what makes this one for the top seed in the east a little bit different, especially considering what happened in game? One yeah something really important happened today: sage for the milwaukee bucks, and that is their two best offensive players answered the bell in a very precarious situation.

If this thing gets to 2 2 and magic we’re right there within striking distance. Now a lot of pressure shifts to milwaukee so to see yana santa tecumpo and chris middleton close the deal, the way that they did giannis with the late three at the end of the third quarter and then the variety of ways in which he scored. Turning the corner getting to the rim, you know a little bit of touch here with the fadeaway jumper in the middle of the lane, and then it was chris middleton’s show, after that, really taking over this game, creating the separation that allowed them to hold. On the reason i say this was so important. If you go back to a year ago, yona santa tecubo got bottled up in that toronto series. He didn’t really have an answer offensively when his team needed some big buckets and chris middleton has had moments in the past in the playoffs where he might disappear offensively on a night they’re gon na have to come through in situations like this as they move forward. That’S, why? I think it was such an important game for both of those guys to separate with the orlando magic at a key time, and it was really just the two of them carrying them. Offensively they’re the two all stars, one of them’s, an mvp that’s – how they have to play as the competition gets stiffer heading into the eastern conference. Playoffs yeah.

This team certainly feels different than it did a year ago in the postseason. They can wrap things up wednesday. Four o’clock eastern time in game, five tim coming back to tell us how the blazers can even things up against the lakers tonight see all of you guys together on nfl, live. Finally, we’ve got a game fresh out of the oven. How about game four rockets thunder james harden russell west for both wearing gear, honoring, kobe bryant, on 8 24 honoring, his daughter as well, and chris paul. He was the star in overtime in game, three harden with the steal against his former teammate. He had four steals: he’ll go the distance harden in the first half scorder, assisted on 36 of the 48 rockets points, while on the floor, that’s 75 we’re tied at 60, now early in the third tied at 66 hardin little freedom there with the real estate. He had six triples rockets up by that triple. He also had 15 dimes finding eric gordon who had 23 points holding form rockets up by six. They attempted ready for this 58 threes, another playoff record. They keep pushing that mark paul missing, getting the rebound. He had 26 points thunder within four final seconds of the quarter dennis schroeder, on the break after the miss from hardin paul to schroeder got the distance. He had 30 points, four threes thunder within one. How about thunder’s bench 43 points at all, led by schroeder for 30.

rockets down by one now in the fourth and hart driving? He finished this game with 32 points pushing the rockets up by one, but the bench they had only 13 points in this one. Final. 318 left thunder up one nice drive here, harden top bucket and the lead later on, chris paul answering back little one on one off glass against hardin back and forth. We go harden to jeff green. He had 10 points off the bench green inside nice touch. Next, possession cp3 working harden love. This 101 match up, got it thunder up by one later 40 seconds left schroeder, driving past green. This is such a tough shot. Yeah high off the glass the thunder go on to win by three and the reaction afterwards, it’s the sanitizer’s fault. Pardon not, please the series tied it to a piece, all right, tim legler back with us. I know you were watching that game closely. You look at what shooter did you look at chris paul did still know russell westbrook. What, in your mind, was the key for the thunder evening up this series? Well, the guard play was sensational today. You know you watched them all season long. They were one of the great stories in the league with what they got out of chris paul alexander and, of course, dennis shooter. They got 74 points out of those guys today and nobody was more important than dennis schruter just the way he played throughout, but then in particular the way he played late.

The ball was in his hands. He had the biggest shot to go a head shot that put them up one of the entire game and for houston. You know you had a situation where they had a late game, inexplicable turnover by james harden, trying to throw the ball ahead from the back court. Um, when, in a situation where they didn’t even have an advantage down, one that was really costly, followed by the shooter conversion, to put him down three. The other aspect of this and kevin mentioned on the 58 attempted threes. They made 23, which is great but think about this. They missed 35. Three point shots. You know you missed nine threes, a quarter for an entire game. It is very difficult to overcome that, particularly when you look at the ratio to get into the foul line. Only 10 free throw attempts so normally they’re, going to take a ton of threes, but they’re normally also getting to the line 20 to 25 times that wasn’t the case. The oklahoma city thunder did a great job, keeping them off the foul line and they didn’t make enough shots to ultimately win this game, and now oklahoma city has the momentum they have life and now it’s. A matter of is russell westbrook going to make an appearance here anytime soon. You know he’s chomping at the bit now that it’s 2 2 tim again at least 53s shot by the rockets in all four games of this series.

So if you’re mike dan tony obviously hope you get russell westbrook back what’s your number one key going into game five, i think they’ve got to do a better job of not just settling for those quick threes all the time i know that’s part of their identity. Sage, but when you only get to the line 10 times, you’re, not giving yourself a chance at easy points and that’s something they’re going to look at that’s. The very first number that mike d’antoni is going to have jump out at him when he gets that stat sheet they’re going to do a better job of attacking and and not settling for those long early ones that ended up leading to oklahoma city outlets, game. Five rockets thunder wednesday at 6 30.. We can’t wait tim.