You hadn’t missed a shot just what did you kind of see as a difference as you were able to finish more effectively around the rim? I know bud was like well, you know he just kind of missed a couple shots that he normally makes. Did you feel any difference today, as you were getting to the rim uh? No, i didn’t feel no difference. I was just trying to be more focused. Obviously um i felt like in game two. I missed like a lot of easy one that i usually like finish and uh. You know and that’s part of the game so going into this game. I was you know telling myself when i get close to the game or uh. When i get my uh, you know my balance right or when i go by my guy. You know just try to finish uh finish strong by the day uh and i wasn’t thinking. If i had the perfect game i don’t know, i was just trying to um focus on my balance. Try to finish strong in the room. I know in the past playoff series we’ve talked about kind of getting a feel for the series like where your shots are. Gon na come how they’re going to come. Did you start to feel that a little bit more today, where you kind of have a better feel like okay? This is what it’s going to look like if i’m rolling to the rim – or this is where the opening is going to be.

You know obviously playing the same team for like the third time you kind of know where your shots gon na come from uh. You know how they’re gon na guard, you uh, you know uh what to do when you roll. You know what to do when you post up. You know what to do. When you come down the floor, you know where the hell is coming from it’s. Just like you get, you know not more comfortable, you just get more aware out there um and you know i was ready. I knew when the help going to come. I knew where they’re gon na move. I was just trying to make the right play. Uh there was time that wasn’t coming, i just tried to go downhill uh, but yeah. That was my mindset. Matt. The last guess. You’Ve always talked about trying to lead by example. Um today it just seemed like you were a little bit more emotional or passionate. You were kind of yelling after after dunks a little bit more cheering on your teammates even on the court. Pumping your fists is that the kind of stuff you’re talking about that you want to kind of set a tone to help. Have your teammates feed off of yeah, i was just trying. I was just trying to play hard man um. Obviously it was early game. Today we played at 1 pm um, usually we’re, not as focused we just uh when the game starts, we’re kind of a little bit lazy tend to be lazy, so i was just trying to you know, set the tone play hard.

You know uh guard my guide and take that individually. You know um challenge with my guy try to be active, i was just trying to you know just be all over the place. I knew that this game was big uh for us uh and we had to do what we did in game. Two you know play great defense: do not send them to the free, throw line and just make it tough uh as possible for them. So you know that’s what you know when the came to the game. That was my mindset and obviously i want as a team, you know to keep getting better every day, keep playing defense and i just keep getting comfortable out there as a team stevenson. At one point in the game, it was you dante pack, kyle george, so a smaller lineup means that you matched up with vucevic. What did you like about that assignment and that group in the game together, great it’s, it’s, great group? Obviously, george pat carl dante, the old can shoot the ball. You know we can create a shot. We could get up with shots, you know we can make plays for one another, uh, obviously defensively now i got ta guard the big fella wuss of agenda. You know i wanted that challenge um, you know obviously it’s a great play. He got great moves, he’s playing unbelievable so far, but you know um, you know i’ll do whatever to help my team win.

You know if coach wants me to call the five and uh calm down in the office and uh be the point guard. You know i can do that. I’Ve been doing that um a couple years now, but i just love that lineup i feel like we can create for one another. As i said, we can go downhill, we can back and get open shots. Kyle can get open shot. J hill can get open, shot. Dante get caught, drive the lanes and get his own shot. So i think it looked good out there, gary washburn yeah, you guys are playing so well before the pandemic and then obviously you got ta. Take this break and come back. Where are you guys at and are you one of the harder critics on this team in terms of how you guys are playing? No, i think you all like hard on ourselves. Uh but like basketball, is not what you did in the past uh or what you’re going to do in the future it’s about what you’re doing right now and that’s my you know my whole mindset my whole my whole life and uh. You know right now. We played good, you know and that’s what i’m going to leave it to uh. Hopefully we can carry this on to the next game. Play good defense. Keep playing together, keep playing good basketball um. Obviously it was amazing what we did before the uh. You know the break and we that gave us the number one seat in the east, but you know that’s not in the past and uh got ta move on now in the playoffs just got to take the challenge.

Um keep going out. There keep having fun, keep playing together, keep playing hard and hopefully we can win some games. Steven watson, hey giannis, i know earlier. You spoke about kind of that extra energy and enthusiasm that you felt today in this afternoon game. Maybe one of the most excited moments that you had on your face was when chris had that and one uh turnaround at the free throw line early in the game just to see him have a bounce back performance after only two points in game two, just what Did you see from him today the energy and effort, and how important is he to this team as you guys move forward? Oh, this is really important. There’S going to be times that i’m not going to play well and uh chris is going to carry the team um there’s going to be times that we’re, both not going to play well and brooke and blake will carry the team right. So chris is really poor for this team. Obviously you know this. I can say you know coach can save the team, everybody everybody knows that um. You know. Obviously, in the previous game he had. He had two points, but he played the unbelievable game. He made the right play, you know. Sometimes the game is not only about points or um about you know scoring getting yours. You know he made the right pass. They were double teaming every time when he got in the pick and roll, so he was passing the ball to the corner.

He was passing the ball to me on the roll, so he was making the right play that like that’s, what the leader does right so going to this game, everybody wanted him to be aggressive, even the double teaming, maybe the triple team. We wanted him to be aggressive. He wanted him to get back in his rhythm and i think that they played amazing that amazing he got his threes. He got his twos, he made his moves and you know it’s happy to see chris out there playing like that. You know so we’re gon na need him. We need him now. We’Re gon na need him in the future uh and he’s an unbelievable player. Nobody can deny that lori, nichol, hey giannis, pat the other day, pat connison, said something interesting. He said, rather than play, like your favorites, to win the whole thing play with the chip on your shoulder: that’s, usually a cliche in sports. It doesn’t mean anything, but when you see brooke and marvin play with feistiness and emotion like today, does that show that you guys are playing with something to prove, and maybe it helps you that you don’t have to carry the emotional load. You know. Obviously, you know we have high confidence about ourselves. We believe in ourselves we believe in our team, we believe in our game plan we believe in our coach, but at the end of the day, um we’re, not a champion um. You know there’s gon na, be you know a lot of people out there saying that uh.

You know we might go until then, but if we don’t go out there and take it or if you don’t go out there and uh play with the chimney achievement, shoulder and uh, you know play hard every second, every position of the game: it’s not going to Happen, you know that’s that’s life like there’s. No other there’s no way to work around this. So for me and for the team is that we’re going to go out there and play hard we’re not going to play like the favorite. We will play like the underdogs and uh. We decided to do that. You know um and beat us from the second game we played against orlando and from now on that’s what we’re going to be until the end. You know if we make it to till then great if we don’t it doesn’t, really matter we’re going to be ourselves. Thank you all right. Last two derrick woodyard and steve mcgarney eric go ahead. Hey what’s up guys good game tonight. Man, obviously you you know. You spoke about chris, that lincoln your teammates that supported cavs. You know, obviously we know what you can do as the leader. You know, we see how you take to the next level, but from you being in the foxhole, with your teammates for so long. What gives you the confidence that guys can really step up your supporting cash and help? You know, obviously they get a lot of criticism, good and bad.

You know, but just what do you? What do you see in your teammates that really can help you? You know guys taking to the next level, even when they’re you know hired, you know like we, we help one another. We talk to one another, you know we. We try to pick one another up. You know we spend time with one another. We’Re friends, you know on the court with teammates, but all the corporate friends we, you know uh. You know there’s a lot of teams out there that their teammates, but you know when uh you go off the court. Everybody has, you know their own lives, and you know they do their own thing in this team, like the unbelievable guys, i believe, with teammates unbelievable players and it’s fun. You know it’s fun, no matter what’s, going on in the game if i’m not playing well somebody’s, going to talk to me somebody’s going to try to pick me up. You know if somebody else is not playing well we’re going to talk to him. We’Ll, try to pick him up we’re going to help one another, because at the end of the day the ultimate goal is to you know, win that game. You know win that game and uh it’s, a habit that we’ve created from the you know game one um and it’s, not gon na change; it’s, not gon na change we nor lose we’re gon na, do it together, uh and um.

So far this you know last three games: we’ve played we’ve done together. Hopefully we can, you know, keep doing it. You know game game, four, yeah game, four game, five game, six, whatever the last one to see. Mcgardy i’m just wondering the deal with marvin williams and jane zannis that caused them to both get ejected. It happened right when y’all were on a 13 to nothing run, and i think that continued afterward did that provide any kind of spark for it. Just the emotions of that whole situation, it seemed i’ll, really put the game away right, afterward yeah, you know, marvin is a leader. You know he always plays hard. You know um, he does. He does everything for the team. You know um. Obviously it was uh. You know tough situation, you know i i didn’t see the play. I was in the bands that pushed my another. I haven’t seen the clip, but at the end of the day you know a guy sacrificed himself uh for the team and uh. As we said. As i said previously, we got ta. You know pick it up for him. You know uh what he did. They got to meet something for the team right, so you know we were even more liked in and we were playing it even uh harder uh, because you know that’s that’s.–ySm68