Your host chris miles brendan haywood, joins me now as well and it’s the orlando magic taking care of the milwaukee bucks taking care of business going up two to one in this series brendan from the very start of this game. It seemed as if the milwaukee bucks wanted to set the tone and they sure did listen. The pre game show. We talked about intensity and energy and that’s what the bucks had right from the jump. The bucks are one of the better defensive teams in this league and as long as they have the right type of mindset, orlando cannot play with them orlando’s down two of their uh starting forwards. We talk about jonathan isaac and uh and aaron gordon, so like this shouldn’t even that game, one shouldn’t have happened. The bucks allowed that to happen. They gave the magic confidence very uh, very early in the game and that didn’t happen tonight tonight. You know you looked at milwaukee, they said: listen, we’re gon na go out there and show fiona magic. The difference between a one seed and agency. Well, the orlando magic typically go to nicola vuchevich, who had 20 points and five rebounds, but the bucks did a good job at making sure that didn’t escalate to 30 or more making sure that their defensive game plan was intact. You listen, vucevic is the only guy on the magic outside of uh, maybe terence ross off the bench that can really create his own shot at will and milwaukee did a good job of showing him the proper respect.

You see giannis right there with the hand reaching around our defense brook lopez with the great closeout right there, and and even when, even when it did seem like bruce, did have a chance. You saw wesley mattress come from the other side of the court to get the steal. It just seemed like the bucks were more aware of boosted fish tonight. Uh i’m sure coach bud talked about it in his scouting report in the game playing like listen. If we don’t stop anybody else on uh on the magic, we have to stop booster fish. We have to make life tougher on him and boost fish. Didn’T play a bad game. They just didn’t, allow him to have the excellent games that he had the first two. The milwaukee bucks got a good first half from chris middleton who, as you documented before, struggled in the first two games. Finally, how did he get into his rhythm? And you know he was one for eight last time out. He had 10 points in the first half. He just wasn’t scared to continue to take shots, the shots that he was that he had been missing uh this in the first couple of games. He just continued to take him and and that’s what they’re gon na need him to do. He’S got to find his conference. The best thing for him is that he got his confidence going. There was, there was no magic play called for him.

There was no moment where i was no aha moment. Chris middleton just got back into playing his game. He saw a couple of shots going early after missing a few, but then he saw a couple going in a row and then he got his confidence. He got back in his groove and they need that this, this bucks team they can beat orlando without chris middleton. They have no shot at beating a team like possibly the miami heat in the second round. If chris middleton doesn’t come to play, they need him to get started early and often well. Giannis followed his 2020 and five game with a in 30, 11 7 game. Chris middleton for his efforts, joined giannis in the post game interview the orlando competed there late, you guys had a 34 point lead they cut it to 12.. What was the talk amongst you guys at that point, to make sure you close this thing out. Just keep playing defense uh. We allow them to get a lot of easy ones. A lot of easy threes. You know, keep playing defense, keep our composure on offense, keep moving the ball and make it the right play for you tonight. You were nearly flawless, but what i want to know is this: how much easier was your game, because this guy was hitting shots tonight? You know it was a lot easier, but it was easier because we played defense. Once we played defense we’re able to run in transition, it makes the game easier for everybody.

We could get early threes. We could get uh open, threes, wide, open threes, uh driving lanes for me at blade in uh transition. So when we play defense, it makes the game a lot easier for everybody and chris, i know for you, you do everything for this team, but to see the ball go through the basket today. How did that feel? I felt good, i mean um, even though i might add two points. The other night, i still felt. I played a great game i made the right plays, played with energy like he said defensively. I think that’s all where we start how we’re going to win ball. Games how we’re going to keep going deep in this playoffs congrats chris thanks, so the bucs had 12 fast break points in the first half they had 11 steals at the end of the game. Brennan, it seemed as if that game plan is turning some defense into some offense really worked well for them to jump out to that 30. Well, chris, you know i love it when good defense turns into off. So i was the defensive guy myself. I couldn’t score to save my life, but defense. I could block some shots and i could play some defenses. So i like, when teams use their defense to jump, start their offense right here. You see the, but you see the great block by d. Vincenzo get that out of here, i see you a little big man.

It leads to giannis driving the ball now. Giannis takes two guys to stop giannis three and a half actually leads to kyle korver, getting a wide open, three point shot. Once again, you see the good defense dj augustine comes into the lane. Giannis with the swipe gets back out, gets into the passing lane. Easy dunk might have been a travel. I don’t know who cares we’re talking about the great defense leaving the offense. Fournier comes around the screen. Look at the wall that the bucks have. The bucks defense is guaranteed geared up to stop. Layups they’ll give up some threes, but they really want to stop layups wesley matthews now sees the open three takes. It makes it can’t, leave him open from right there, and now we see brucevich handing it handing it off, and now you see a couple of bucks charging out hard and once again, look at wesley masters coming from the opposite side of the lane. Eric bledsoe gets a hand in there too, and they’re able to get the steal and it leads to giannis getting out in transition. The bucks thrive off their defense. I know i was talking about chris middleton being missing in action. The first couple of games, but this team’s identity, is giannis and their defense and when they play great defense, it allows them to get out in transition and it makes life easier on them as a whole because they can steal a couple of layups and threes.

But they’re not working against the other team’s uh uh starter starting line of defense. There was one look for the bucks that’s non traditional in the sense that we know the lopez brothers man, the middle uh at center, but there was a point where giannis was playing center and they had four shooters around him. How dangerous is that particular lana? I think it’s a dangerous lineup because you know giannis is still 611. So, even though you’re going small you’re still not small it’s, not like you’re playing it’s, not like you’re, acting like uh the houston rockets or anything, i think it’s just one of those things that they they have to continue to try and experiment with and see. If it works because um, if teams do want to load up on giannis, this is a way to take a lot of pressure off of that put four shooters around him. Allow him to get downhill and then, when you build that wall to try to stop him, he kicks out and he has shooters all over the court. So i think that’s a smart game plan by coach bud and this adjustment that will be needed later on and defensively the tone that giannis set – we just saw a lot of those plays. But how are you, how is the team more capable of making those plays when you have giannis patrolling well yanis? Does everything defensively, i honestly think he’s going to be the mvp and defensive player of the year because he allows you to do so much he he brings versatility to defense.

He can switch the screen and stay with your point guards. At the same time, he can guard his man one on one on the block he gives you weak side help all right mike boonholzer.