It felt like he was the one that kind of set the tone that first play he’s out at half court in fulton’s shorts. Just do you think he was a big part of the defense changing tonight or kind of? How do you guys do that uh? Obviously it was a big part like um. He was speaking false um. You know full court. He was like you know, making making him feel uncomfortable uh. He was like mixing up under his overs in him, and you know we watched tape and uh that that’s. What was our goal? You know from uh the job you’re gon na make them feel uncomfortable in a game one i think um everybody just felt really comfortable and uh. You know bled was able to set the tone, then g healed and west and brooke. Then me then, chris everybody, the whole team was playing hard and uh. You know when we played hard defensively. You know we’re hard to uh, you know get bit so he did amazing job. At the last case, yeah, it seemed like every time you guys needed a big play, pat showed up doing something either on the defensive end or on offense. Just what do you think about his contributions? Um? He came. You know he he made shots, but he’s. Not just the shot is the energy he brings. You know he plays hard, he gets in driving lanes, he makes he makes the right play.

He may he uh try to go downhill. He just brings out the energy and uh today you know. Obviously, when we needed a big place, he was knocking down shots. He made five threes off the bench for us, that was big. That gave the whole team a spark. So you know a benchmark got to keep it up. They got to do that every every night and it was great just seeing pat out there just making plays and making shots and just make that energy. We need that from him. Lance allen, yeah does that play at the end of the first half i mean a lot of guys would have dribbled that out, but pat saw you found you and you dumped it with four tenths of a second left. How do you guys have that type of chemistry you just keep pushing it until literally the clock says: zero: zero, zero uh. You know that was a great read by pat. You know he looked at the clock. I looked at the clip. He was like four seconds when he got the ball, so i was like okay, he might shoot it, so i got ta just sprint. All the way try to get a tip in, but you know he did a great job, just throwing the ball ahead and i was wide open and we were able to get uh easy too. So it was a great read by pat um and, as as i said, the whole game he was making that i played would make the right pass.

It was knight down shots, he was, he was amazing. Tonight, kane pitman, hey honest uh, just back to the defensive side of the ball. You guys for the last sort of week, or so i’ve been talking about trying to get back to the standards you set on that end of the floor. When you lose a game like game one and the defense isn’t, where you expect it to be, do you guys, as a team, take it personally, because it looked like from the opening tip tonight that you were adamant of playing this game on your terms, yeah? I think the whole team was ready for this game. You know you understand, like you know, you don’t want to be down to zero. You know uh, you can still get back, but you don’t put yourself in that position, especially early in the playoffs um. You know we knew that we got to come out and just play a hard shot to get a win and uh as a team. We knew that for us to get it, we got to play hard. You know we cannot talk about it. We got to play about it, so we came out. Um got in passing lanes, blade was on top guarding the point guards i was trying to leave out. The ball i was trying to be active, brooke was blocking shots. Chris was all over the place. You know um getting passing lanes making it out of play, so we knew as a team that we have to do that tonight to win you know and i’m.

You know i’m happy that our team was able to do that and uh we just got ta just got ta uh, you know, keep doing this, keep doing game three game photo and keep getting better every game. You know that’s what we’ve been doing all season and that’s what we’re gon na start doing from from the day that velazquez happy birthday by the way it’s coming up, i know it’s coming up kane. I guess i’ll wish kane happy birthday too, but uh you honestly. You mentioned chris and how active he was on defense, the other end of the court. These first two games haven’t been his best. He hasn’t gotten into a rhythm. What can you guys do to help kind of get him on track? Just don’t don’t bother him don’t. Just you know: he’s he’s, a great scorer um. You know, i think, as a team. We keep talking to him. Obviously we’re gon na encourage him at the time, but we’re not gon na. You know over talk. You know go over step. He knows what he got to do: he’s gon na you know, figure out he’s gon na find himself and he’s gon na be ready for game three. You know i’ve seen chris uh come out from a bad game and the next game is called thirty. Thirty. Five. Forty i’ve seen that uh haven’t before so personally, i know he’s going he’s gon na be ready. He’S gon na be ready for game three and um he’s a big time player.

We need him, we need to keep making plays, but even though you know he didn’t make shots tonight, he was, it was everywhere. You know defensively, he was talking on the bench. He was talking to me the whole game. He was starting to broke the whole game. You know and that’s what a leader does and that’s what we need chris to do, and obviously in game three he’s going he’s gon na be late. He’S gon na come on he’s gon na be aggressive, he’s gon na make plays and uh going to do what he’s been doing all year, steve mcgargey. Just what do you think was the difference in the y’all’s defense today? Was it the execution level? Was the intensity level, the energy? Why were you all so much more effective defensively today than the other day uh? It was just uh. I think we were you know we just we’re just ready. You know. Obviously we down one, no uh coming to this game. You don’t want to be down too low, so there’s a agency, obviously i’m, not going to say there’s a fear factor being down. But, like you know, you don’t have to be urgent, there’s, an injury and as a team we knew we knew that we came out. We played hard, i think, uh coach set the tone in the film session we had. We had a really good film session. Then we had a really good practice and he told us that you know if we want to win and if we want to go far and uh.

If you want to be us, we got to play defense and that’s wh. We didn’t do that in the first game, so you know, i think everybody took that personally. Nobody like that, nobody, you know likes to be. You know nobody wants to hear that he’s not playing hard enough. So i think the whole team came on playing hard blade. Everybody everybody was playing hard uh last one to eric name, yes, i’m curious about the defense you’ve seen from the magic, thus far, because they’ve done a lot of the things that we saw. The raptors do last year, where it’s a guy on top two guys on the elbows two guys on the block below as you’re trying to attack just what have you seen from them thus far, and it does feel like you’re having to go through that wall and I’M, not really sure i was prepared to see that in the first round i’ve been seeing that the whole, you know the whole regular season. I know i’m going to sit in the in the first round and every run moving forward, but you know what you got to do. What you got to do you got to keep making plays you got to keep making plays um. You know guys they’re going to try to put that wall on you got to make the right pass. You know in the wing guys going to be wide open today pad was wide open.

There was uh times that the car was wide open. It was at times mine was wide open, so you know obviously uh. I don’t like seeing that wall um. I like playing one on one, everybody any player in this league like playing 101, but at the end of the day you got to play with what the team the defense gives you and uh. I think that you know my teammates has been have been ready for game one that was ready in game. Two to you know if i swing it, they’re gon na knock down the shot or they’re going to make. You know that i play hey. Thank you guys.