, and an unbelievable record against sub 500 teams and let’s watch early on activity and physicality from the magic they had it in that. First game and they were able to keep milwaukee out of transition, and i tell you what, even though, on this first possession, i like it, don’t get the offensive rebound there, but they do a good job of forcing to begin things off a guy. That was seven of 17 last game, so at least he got 17 points because he struggled over the first two luchovich coming up short and cleared away by well about muchovich. Obviously giannis has been the most dominant player in this series, but he’s been the second best without a doubt and boy has he been great for the magic it’s going to need another solid performance here in game four and john q? Can he get the triple? Not even t of the first game, the drive and the kick and bledsoe they want to get this guy going and middleton has missed his first two and now in series without middleton playing at his best, but i don’t think they have a chance to win the East, if he’s not playing at a level it’s going to be something we want to keep an eye on. As this game moves forward, smart play, jimbar bledsoe to just let the big guy go up and get it so. The first two points of the game belonging to the guy that averages 31 and 16 a contest and six assists coming in at a high percentage, just like he did during the regular season fultz he was harassed well, but eric bledsoe is a nuisance at the defensive End first team, all day last year, Applause, i really felt like he was in that category again this year as well.

I voted for him on the first team, boltz good effort to drop george clock only seven for giannis and bledsoe as they clear it out, and they stay with a double that means wesley matthews has to take it and cold clap early on defensively. I think that this team the magic playing the way they need to to have a chance in this game on the tank boltz, he was leaving it for vuchevich smacked away by middleton and off middleton’s, but sparkle folds into the shot clock. Won’T get it off in time, in fact, the turnover right to a adenkumbo floors space they don’t build a wall and it’s often that it looks there with the deflection to force the turnover now. Can they get folds going early gain his confidence up against lopez? Once again, here comes the double and bledsoe sneaks in from behind. Well, if he points off the turnover, matthews didn’t take the corner. Three bledsoe will, though, a little bit defensively. The bucks have been really engaged here. Early on, i have there’s not been one shin ball off ball as well. This is why the bucks had the best record in the nba yeah they’re fortunate they’re. Only down five going over six and fultz, read it perfectly markelle fultz. He knows he’s behind him. Ends of the floor led to that 56 field goal percentage in game. Three, joel ga also worth noting Music Applause, Music Applause clark. He had 15 in the first you’ve, seen the magic be able to get a field goal, attempt where they didn’t have a hand in their face.

Applause uh dadakumbo helped defensively, but it frees up the perimeter and lopez gets it now, emphasize him on the perimeter and he’s a guy that a guard can rotate to as when his hits get on the on the ground, middleton on the drive and kick by kubo. He was two or two easy win now folks and he created the contact. They said as bledsoe the lot for giannis if they can do that, i think they can have some success and they got to get this guy right here. Evan fournier going field goal the temp here early on. He has got to find a way to impact this game, and that was you know what it’s like for his shooter greg bledsoe hard off the heel picked up by bucha he’s, not their issue, though it’s the other sources, good bounce entry, a beautiful layout and a Huge production, and especially with borne struggling right now, kev burch, is into the game. They forgot about middleton and a break good coverage inside, but a breakdown and now a great look corner. Three marvin williams, even bucks, to get that trip overplay as fornia gets the best of matthews, but can he convert? Instead? Bolts stands still three. Yes, oh and that’s. A good job of being aggressive by horny doesn’t get the shot, but he creates the opportunity in the half court middleton still having his problems from the outside chris middleton. Now, for four with that miss one of our keys going in though fournier, and can he be the x factor, terence ross is going to be coming in off the bench and he’ll get my offense it’ll, be the corner three of venice, coming up short right back To james ennis, but can’t tightening up the rotation he goes.

You know our bench has given us burst all year, he’s going to stay the same way as they bring in george hill divacenzo. Also uh. They call the foul giannis averaged 30 minutes a game this season. So that that tells you that they’re getting great production from that second unit go to the bench and they give that lead up. That means you got to come right back, but the fact that they’re able to maintain or either increase the lead is parted and there you came back his second tour of duty with milwaukee mid range game, good wrap around entry, kim burch blows the opportunity, and it Should have been a dime that’s, a nice nice seal here should have been a dunk. You don’t have any shot blocking out there. No rim protection for the bucks. If you’re kim burst you just go up and hammer that one home middleton coming up short and it’s. Look too easy emphasis on defending the three point line that sometimes you get caught looking for terence ross, just inside for the milwaukee bucks d, vicenzo, the drive of the kick Applause. Milwaukee wants you to shoot threes, they will pack the paint well. The mismatch good pass inside burch finishes this time and goes to switching out on the perimeter. Mvp back in the game, with the basketball uh dadakuma played the first six minutes with six points set it up for george hill, who led the league in three point percentage.

A little tall even for pat cotton, we did game one. We saw it as it’s out of bounds last touch by divacenza working, a matching up of them after winning a national championship and having a sensational title game now, a little more than two to play in the opening 12. Applause and the buck’s the highest growing team. In the nba and it’s nice, when you’re not only the highest scoring team, but you lead the league in field goal percentage. Defense number one holding opponents to 41 of the season; Applause that was textbook defense there on how to help her recover the rotations, the anticipation as well and boy how about the degree of difficulty on that shot from tears corner three george hill Applause, manchester united in The early going and it’s gon na be an turtle too many turnovers too soon for orlando. In a close start, only down two awundu gets his second foul carver a little bit scored 18. You struggle, but your defense has kept you in this game. Giannis got it before they say it hit the window and enough clean things up: six turnovers early in this game for orlando identicumbo, over birch and flat jump, shooter it’ll be terence ross. Applause. I’M: two partners: sorry you’re down two of you’re the magic, but this is like a win in the first quarter, because you want to keep it close to keep your confidence and there’s a breakdown there. The health just not coming augustine’s off and that’ll do before.