They were only down three going into the fourth and then just got overwhelmed and the magic get on the board. First, meanwhile, milwaukee what has been the key for them after that opening loss as lopez, gets it down low and draws the foul and one ennis with the rebound dennison clark. Two in season acquisitions, who now in the starting lineup fournier, misses clark. The rebound back inside fournier using his left hand, and the second shot is also averaging ten boards, a game in this series grabs that fournier strip by matthews matthews has played some terrific defense on fournier in the series antenna kumbal with a quick burst. Middleton has struggled shooting the ball a bit, although he did play very well in game. Four bledsoe they go under the screen and bledsoe makes him pay eric bledsoe and when you talk about milwaukee and their long term, plans of winning a championship they’ll need eric bledsoe to play at a high level, as fultz misses clark, garron guarding athena goomba again, a Little crossover dribble kicks it out. Bledsoe and fultz got a little over aggressive today that that’s not easy. They they feel like. They know their teams but it’s hard to to gauge where the attentions and focus is with all the stuff that’s going on and the intensity. Yes gets a second shot and lays it in. I think, when you’re off that long mic and your mind is concentrating on other things.

You can have a subconscious drop in intensity and i think both coaches believe in their team’s approach, as innis throws up a runner. But i i think until you get out here on the court, you don’t exactly know. Middleton drives little double clutch. Won’T go rebound goes to clark, steve clifford, telling us that this is really as challenging as anything he’s been a part of in terms of readiness to play that it can be tough to get a handle of what you talked about air ball there by clark, and Here comes middleton, the other way middleton on the drive passes up Applause. Everybody on the bucks on the floor touched it in this possession middleton can’t finish: matthews tries to keep it alive. Middleton’S got to look at the rim on that initial drive, though bad pass that stakes that you don’t normally make they go inside an easy entry pass and a beautiful one from bledsoe right on target it’s. A five point: bucks lead Applause, Music, six early points for the defensive player of the year in the nba fournier gets in the paint, but the difference is dunks at one end, floaters at the other lopez, a long three Music and is poked away and stolen by Middleton so many turnovers early middleton nice crossover, christine, gets delayed, middleton and they’ve now doubled them up. 14: 7 five turnovers this year, 33 and 40., as they get in as the last spot in the eastern conference three and five in the bubble and then again shocked everybody with that game.

One victory: vuchevich was brilliant, that night flips it up and in that’s a difficult shot, and he gets it to go for a second field goal, and that was from deeper than most of his jump. Hooks beautiful shot by buchevich matthews connects on a three second three pointer of the game for the bucks. Matthew Applause see orlando there, oh for four, from downtown all poked away. Buchevich goes in the backcourt let’s, so trying to harass enes leans in gets rid of the defender that can hit Applause let’s so back from matthews matthews about a foot short a decision not to play the game five on wednesday, and this could be the most limited Offensive team on the floor in the playoffs that you’d ever see from a shooting standpoint again: orlando short handed no jonathan isaac, no michael michael williams, no aaron, gordon, no, all bamba, good ball movement. Here, marvin williams lines it up nails another three pointer in rebounding and he’s – also eighth and assists just against staggering numbers that he continues to put up terence ross. For the first time, a board of the magic need that ross knocks it down. Yeah he’s gon na have to play big and play big minutes for them to have enough offense to compete with this high powered milwaukee bucks team dj augustine also comes in for the first time d, vincenzo catches, fires and connects that’s, the fourth three pointer for the Bucks Applause and they usually don’t – try to play an all bench.

Lineup like they’re playing here, but mike budenholzer has been happy with how his all bench lineups have played. Usually they like to have middleton or giannis on the floor. Steven chinzo finds ilya silva, but he stepped out of bounds. Third tournament they’ve been instrumental this week likes to talk about is benchmob, do your job, and last year they actually made t shirts. That said, the slogan and this year, pat conaton, is contemplating making masks with the same phrase thanks malika benchmob’s been used over them. I remember the sacramento kings, they had their bench mob. Other teams have used that as well, but it is a terrific bench, a nice. Second, ever there for a birch to put it in and the magic back within eight there’s, some other benches in the league. That should be known as the bench slobs because they stink – i i don’t suppose you’re gon na give us any specifics. They know who they are here comes ross ross steps back, three pointer butcher, bitch battling for the rebound taken away, george hill and his buck’s teammates love that they’re stepping out of bounds, but the two minutes remaining again the teams didn’t play haven’t played since monday. Both teams had a chance to practice first quarter since that time, birch’s hit count it and the foul connaughton Applause there does seem to be a little bit of get the cobwebs out feeling out process. Oh nice, euro step ross, but he can’t finish and it’s a goomba that was a beautiful move.

Neither team shooting well both under 40 percent. As dj augustine, this jumper won’t go mike boonholz. It was tedecumbo they’re. Now four of 11 from downtown augustine finds birch birch kicks it out. Clark shock won’t, go rebound, bucks that’s, a great play by birch. The centers in our league have improved as passers so much and a blocking foul called on birch seems to won and, of course, portland without damien lillard, who left the bubble after injuring his knee yeah there’s. That one know the blazers have done a great job to get to where they are. They just don’t have enough, either with all of their injuries and opt outs without lillard ross finds some room and nails. The three pointer three carrots wrong ross, who does he’ll most games, take some shots very difficult, but again once again, a needed three pointer for orlando to try and stay in it now down by four shot. Clock is turned off. Magic. Do not have a foul to give that a cumball with his euro step and they’re going to wave it off a foul before shot attempt not gon na play him with a small guy when he handles it out. There final seconds, first quarter, dj augustine looking for an opening, he’s got attenua and does not get it off in time, and that ends the first quarter.