What do you need to do to take care of the ball? We got to be more. We got to be better, which is one of our big strengths and, and this series has been up a lot to their defense, but we can’t have six turnovers a quarter. Thank you for dealing with the social distance mike back to you all right, you’re, never gon na find a better person to to coach your team. I i just. I think he stands for everything that’s right about nba coaching well, in addition to obviously knowing the game. There’S, a foul on the pack coaches would often say, as augustine’s foul on a three at the end of the timeout and was kidding with clifford Music augustine nice little move back shot is good that’s. What mike boonholz was talking about augustine a crafty one of the smaller point guards in the league, but a veteran he’s got some good offensive skills and the magic of tied the game with his three pointer, his first three and basically no matter who he plays against He’S gon na shoot uncontested threes when he wants it, because with him and his skill and size you can’t take away both while pass finds its way to ross ross again that quick release that’s a three three and magic tie the game. Again, they trail by as many as 10. kyle korver quick release as well rebound clark, and this comeback has been without buchevich, very impressive by this bench.

Grouping of the magic pathetico grabs his eighth rebound already, as we mentioned he’s averaging almost 16 and came in these. In this series, double team offensive fact ross has taken seven shots in seven minutes. He’S got eight points. Bledsoe finds middleton middleton inside for an easy slam on the side got some babies in the crowd. I love that what happened to all the animals people were bringing though earlier, as lopez, makes a three. Well, there were more night games. I saw animals at night games, the babies come for the for the day games that’s, my that’s, my speculation, augustine nice drive. Can’T finish, perhaps a little distracted at the rim by lopez as bledsoe comes the other way. Music Applause step back elbow jumpers, good 16 points already the lead back up to eight we’re talking about. I was just mentioning john hammond. Sometimes you forget, as time goes on, who actually drafted somebody as middleton backs in for the bucket it’s. The same way with steph curry, middleton muchovich comes up short hammond was the the bucks gm back in 2013 when they drafted him. Another three pointer, bledsoe jeff, weltman, that a player is going to turn into somebody this special, but you just try and scout and guess the potential and boy did did he hit a home run. Fournier layup shot is good. The other thing he said when he was at that practice and again, first time he seen that he said his whole family was at practice.

The gym was their home and that’s. What struck him, how close they were the family and always wanted to be together. His mother, his father, his brothers misfires in the shooting they’re now at 31 and three for 16 from three, but it is a very limited offensive team and that’s gon na be as middleton great split of the pick and roll the magic to have a chance to Make a a move in the off season: it’s going to have to become at the offensive end where they improve steps into a three that’s good, three, his first three pointer and, as you mentioned before, they’re just now, four of 17 from downtown 17 of the 38 Shots have come from three point range: marvin williams, i’m, a three they’ve taken now: 38 shots the milwaukee bucks. I know every day what should have done, what could have done differently? You, coaches, all of a sudden, there’s that length that john hammond saw in that practice. In athens middleton another three, nine three pointers for milwaukee, middleton and middleton, with his first he’s got seven points they’re back up now, a dozen largest lead has been 13. boy, difficult, shot there with fultz and a whistle down. He worked hard in the rehab. He has found a really nice place here in orlando raves about steve clifford and the patient. She showed him nice feet inside fournier to buchumich. The full story’s been one of the nice stories this year in the nba.

The way he’s been able to return connorton and that time the magic help defense flat, footed great cut by pat connaughton, as middleton, backed in under three to play. Bucks have been up by double figures, much of this first half but the match to keep fighting back. Lucha bitch, though, comes up short at that time. Bledsoe lot alyum and the lead is 14 largest of the first half from bledsoe that’s, their 13 assists and their shooting percentage that had plummeted down to about 38 percent earlier now, up to 50 percent false for three three and like most of the magic players. If they’re to improve individually and improve as a team, it’s gon na be because they either improve their shooting or they get more shooters to add to their roster Music, threw it away. Uh travel call before lake whistle on the travel, but i turn over guy. He also has a 20 point: half fournier drives and can’t finish. Buchovich draws the foul on the final got the offensive rebound and plays second quarter. Music middleton throws it up just so difficult when he gets position was a great read by middleton. He popped to the strong side corner saw the switch, knew that giannis had a small on him and just threw it up. Fultz gets into the paint nice drive. Can’T finish, the tip is up. Oh rolls off the rim knocked out of bounds. They say last touch by milwaukee, it’s gon na be a struggle they overturn the out of bounds.

Call so bucks bring it up. The other way, Music pass back out. Corber a quick release from korver gets. The bounce goes through and that’s 10. Three pointers here in the first half for milwaukee. This is the largest lead of the game, thus far Applause. Well after that slow start, he’s starting to come alive 14 points. Eight rebounds they’re gon na try to get a two for one here: middleton three pointer count it and the foul middleton, with a chance for a four point, play here’s 10.6 rebounds four assists doing a little bit of everything. He’S. Also, a terrific defender and the lead is now ballooned to 17. muchovich cutting across surrounded by bucks players, somehow tips into ennis and his flat footed decided to take a shot had it blocked back at him. I don’t think i’ve ever seen that before shot clock turned off middleton rebound ennis and that will end the first half the buck says they can do finish with a flourish.